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yaD sdrawkcaB – Backwards Day

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Something strange has been going on at camp today – everything is backwards!

We all awoke to the sound of Taps this morning, and Jason announcing that it was, “yaD sdrawkcaB.”  Our counselors had all got their staff shirts on backwards and some had gone to extremes and were wearing everything backwards!  If that wasn’t enough to confuse us, we then had Taps and Night Bites before having evening activity.  Junior girls were playing Panic which is great to play any time of day, but even the division leaders had switched around so it all just felt a little peculiar. 

We were then called to the dining hall for dinner – some people were even walking backwards to get there.  Straight after we had flag lowering which was very odd as we were pretty sure we had lowered it the night before.  The bunk of the day skipped backwards round the flagpole and the campers all lined up the wrong way round.  We then got to sign up for Super Sixth and then the activities for the day started in reverse order.

Polar Bear Club ran at 5pm, just before shower hour and breakfast and then something happened and everything went back to normal again.  Well, kind of.  We went to sleep to the sound of reveille……….

JayZ Blog #21 – WCCA Sports Results

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Boys Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.30 Tennis 8 H Wayne 5 0 Win
07.30 Lacrosse <7 H Wayne 8 7 Win
07.31 Tennis 6 H Tioga 5 0 Win


July 30th 2011

Boys 8th Grade Tennis (H)

Starlight 5 – Wayne 0

The 8th grade boys tennis team captured the Wayne County Championship in a great series of matches against Camp Wayne.  Everyone played very well throughout the line-up.  Danny S came back from being 5-3 down to win his match.  Noah H had a match point against him and came back to win the match.  This was this group’s second Wayne County Championship title in two years – amazing result boys!

Boys 7th Grade and Under Lacrosse (H)

Starlight 8 – Wayne 7

Starlight came up with an amazing victory from being behind to capture the 7th grade and younger Wayne County Championship.  After going down 3-0 in the first quarter, the boys battled back to make it 4-3 at the half and 8-7 at the final.  Noah G and Jared B led the scoring with two goals each.  Sam S led the defense with twelve saves.  A great match and a superb result.  Well done boys!

July 31st 2011

Boys 6th Grade Tennis (H)

Starlight 5 – Tioga 0

The 6thgrade tennis team advanced to the Wayne County Championship.  The team played extremely well and was never really challenged.  Sam S, Greg K and Ethan E all won their singles matches.  In addition, the doubles team also won easily.  The team played with a lot of focus and energy and did not allow Tioga to come back in any of the matches.  Good job boys.

Photo of the day 07.31.11

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

This amazing close up shot of a basket was taken in super sixth today.  Look how the photographer has used depth of field to focus on such a small area and the effect this has produced.

High Lights Part Three – The Answers

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Here are the answers to yesterday’s cryptic quiz.  How did you do?

Q – What three days can you name but they can’t be days, years, months, holidays or weekends?

A – Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Q – Imagine you are inside a locked metal box and you have nothing inside it with you.  How do you get out?

A – Stop imagining!

Q – If there are five sons and each son has a sister plus a mother and father, how many people are in the family?

A – Eight – five sons, one daughter and mom and dad.

Photo of the day 07.30.11

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Today’s photo of the day has been taken by Oscar O from boys bunk 11.  The Rec Hall is his favorite part of all of camp, and here it is being prepared for tonight’s seniors production of Oklahoma.  Great picture Oscar!

JayZ Blog #20 – WCCA Sports Results

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.27 Basketball 9 H Wayne 25 16 Win
07.30 Lacrosse 7 H Blue Ridge 18 10 Win
07.30 Basketball 6 H Tioga 32 5 Win


July 27th 2011

Girls 9th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 25 – Wayne 16

The Starlight 9th Grade girls basketball team won the Wayne County Championship against Camp Wayne by nine points.  Sara S led the team with twelve points and ten rebounds, while Brandi R chipped in seven points and five assists.  The team played well together, especially defensively, in which they allowed only four points in the whole first half using a staunch 2-3 zone.  Sydney M, Carly K and Olivia S also scored two points.  Other members of the Championship team are Megan B, Hayley C, CJ B, Melissa S, Hannah R, Carli G, Molly F and Devin B.  Brilliant game and a well-deserved win ladies!

July 30th 2011

Girls 7th Grade Lacrosse (H)

Starlight 18 – Blue Ridge 10

The girls looked great in a very solid victory this morning.  Olivia R scored seven goals while Andie S scored six.  Sammy B scored three with six assists.  Meredith B and Lindsay F each had one.  Brooke H had five saves in goal and showed toughness the whole game.  The girls are now looking forward to the finals!

Girls 6th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 32 – Tioga 5

Starlight ran out to a 10-2 lead and never looked back.  Ava S had eight points, twelve rebounds and five steals.  Caroline M, Dani S, Olivia A and Haley S all had four points while Julia K, Madelyn F, Maya S and Jesse F each tossed in a basket.  The entire team played phenomenal defense and rebounded well.  Great job girls!

Let’s Go on a Trip!

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

With all of the amazing offerings within camp, it’s hard to believe that anyone would want to leave.  But some of the greatest fun children have at summer camp is actually away from camp on one of the many out of camp trips that are arranged throughout the summer.  Some are small, an evening or afternoon, while others are overnight camping or hiking expeditions.  For many campers, the culmination of their camp experience each year is the multi-day trips that take place toward the end of the summer.  Regardless whether it’s one night or many, some of the unforgettable summer camp memories made away from camp include…

Day/Evening Trips
From evenings spent eating hot dogs while cheering on the local pro or semi pro sports team at the ballpark to friendly competition on the bowling lanes, lacing up the skates at a local rink or catching a movie at the cinema, campers enjoy a “night out” a few times during the summer. .  Sometimes instead of nights its days spent relaxing in inner tubes as they float lazily down a river, enjoying the adrenaline rush that comes from riding the water slides at a local waterpark, or braving the roller coasters of an amusement park.  Enjoying some of the most breathtaking scenery in the northeast is always a pleasure on an out of camp hike or nature walk as well.

Overnight Trips
One of the best parts of camp is the overnight camping program….spending a night or two at a campsite in a tent with all of your camp friends!    It’s no secret that campers love to camp!  Tents, campfires, s’mores, hikes, canoes, and a night dedicated exclusively to spending time exclusively with other campers within their own age group are all reasons why overnight camping trips are some of the most eagerly anticipated out of camp trips.

Multi-Day Trips

Campers don’t merely look forward to these trips all summer, they look forward to them from the very first day they step foot into camp as second and third graders.  As campers grow older, the trips get bigger, and each one is a rite of passage that campers anxiously await.  Amusement parks, national parks, and major cities are just some of the places that campers visit on multi-day overnight trips.  Sometimes they travel no further than a few hours from camp.  Older campers venture across the country to places like California or even over international borders into Canada.  Even with such exciting destinations, for many senior campers, it’s the journey with their camp friends and not the place that make multi-day out of camp trips the pinnacle of their camp experiences.

Whether it’s one day or several, some of the most exciting summer camp offerings aren’t in camp at all.  But they’re still very special parts of camp because they’re shared with people who can only be found at camp—camp friends!

High Lights – Part Three

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Today’s “High Lights” are a short cryptic quiz to get your brains working – the answers will be given tomorrow.  Thanks to Jake, Aidan, Jonah and Ben for the third part of their wonderful serialization.

i)  What three days can you name but they can’t be days, years, months, holidays or weekends?

ii)  Imagine you are inside a locked metal box and you have nothing inside it with you.  How do you get out?

iii)  If there are five sons and each son has a sister plus a mother and father, how many people are in the family?

Diary of a first time camper #4

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Brooke E from girls bunk one went tubing for the first time ever while at camp this summer and used her blogging option class to tell us all about it.  She even went out and took the photos to illustrate it.  Thanks Brooke!

One hot sunny day, me and my friend Maddie S were going tubing – it was my first time.  So when it is your first time tubing you will go down to the water front and listen to directions.  You must always remember or know the signs for going:





The next thing you do is partner up.  I was with Maddie.  Then you get on the tube.  The boat starts out slow in the first lake so you can get used to it.  Then you get into the second lake and they ask you if you want to go fast or slow.  Me and Maddie said fast.  We kept holding up our thumb which is the sign for fast so we went really fast.  In a couple of minutes we flipped on a really sharp turn.  It was fun but our turn was over.  We got to swim to the boat.  At the end when all of our friends finished tubing, we got to jump off the boat into the second lake.  We had to swim back to the boat again and then the boat driver gave us a very fast boat ride to the docks for more kids to go.  I loved tubing.

JayZ Blog #19 – WCCA Sports Results

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.26 Softball 9 A Wayne 18 0 Win
07.29 Softball 5 H Bryn Mawr 6 5 Win


July 26th 2011

Girls 9th Grade Softball (A)

Starlight 18 – Wayne 0

In an amazing 18-0 victory, Camp Starlight literally shut down Camp Wayne.  CJ B had the hottest bat with two singles and a double.  Sydney M had a single and a screaming triple!  Jenna K contributed with two hits.  Starlight had a great eye at the plate and 23 batters reached base.

Defensively Starlight only allowed three base runners and none of these got past second base.  Sara S was scooping every ball hit at her.  Jenna K and Hayley C did a great job up middle keeping every ball in front.  Great job ladies – let’s win the Championship!

July 29th 2011

Girls 5th Grade Softball (H)

Starlight 6 – Bryn Mawr 5

In a close 6th inning nail-biter, Camp Starlight defeated a very strong Bryn Mawr team 6-5 for the Wayne County Championship!  Bailee P and Samantha B combined together on the mound to throw ten strikeouts and only give up two hits.  Defense was tough behind her with Skylar R, Julia G and Francesca G making ground balls look easy.  Emily T and Abby S held up behind the plate and made great catches to keep the other team from scoring.  Jamie C and Bailee P both snagged fly balls hit at them.  Offensively, Starlight had seven hits.  Samantha B led the hitting with three singles.  Julia G, Ashley R and Abby S hit a single and smashing a double was Lily S.  Congratulations ladies – a great job by all and you should rightly be very proud of yourselves!