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10 for 2

Monday, September 14th, 2020

The leaves start to change color as the temperature drops.

The school year is here. Campers, please get your laptops.

They get their pens ready, notebooks all in a line,

“I don’t want to go to school,” they all seem to whine.


As the bus rolls up to school, it is clear summer is now done.

Campers are anxious now that school has begun.

Sports, homework, and music lessons they all have in store.

Hanging with friends, Hebrew school, and so much more.


Grab your winter coat. Winter is just around the bend.

The warmth goes away, but summer memories never end.

Group chats and hangouts with camp friends keep the spirit alive.

All anticipating next June when the buses arrive.


The distance between camp friends may grow this winter.

But the bonds they made this summer, the cold can’t hinder.

The summer is over. They miss their camp friends

But one thing we know is friendship never ends.


So, the time is now for school and extracurriculars, whether they like it or not.

To our campers, we say “We’ll see you in a few.”

The separation is only temporary…Because we all live 10 for 2.


Photo of the Day at Camp Starlight

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015



The Anatomy of a S’mores

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

At Camp Starlight, everyone looks forward to getting in on the action and making s’mores. But what is it about s’mores that gets us asking for – you guessed it – some more?

The sticky, ooey, gooey, utterly delicious ingredients, that’s what!

People say there is a National S’mores Day celebrated on August 10 every year, but you don’t have to wait until then to eat s’mores. To make s’mores, you start when the sun goes down. Everyone gathers around the roaring camp fire hungry for an after dinner sweet treat. Bring along chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows. It doesn’t matter if the chocolate is milk chocolate or dark chocolate – you pick. And don’t forget the skewers, unless you are planning to use twigs like the old days.

Very carefully, break the graham crackers and chocolate into squares. A half of a regular sized chocolate bar and two attached graham crackers will do nicely. Remember, you are kind of making a chocolate and marshmallow sandwich, so you will need two squares of graham crackers.

Now for the best part. Stick your skewer, or twig, right through the center of the marshmallow so it doesn’t fall off. Then roast the marshmallow over the fire until the outside is brown, not burnt, and the inside is really, really gooey. If the marshmallow does fall off into the fire, don’t worry! Just take another one and start over.

When the marshmallow is done, it is time to put together your s’mores. Use one piece of graham cracker as the base, then place the chocolate on top, and then put the hot marshmallow on top of that. Be careful not to burn your fingers! Then add the last layer, the other piece of graham cracker.

But the s’mores is not ready for eating yet!

Just wait a minute or two so the hot marshmallow melts the chocolate just a little bit. Now, take a bite and enjoy your sticky, ooey, gooey, oh so good chocolate marshmallow graham cracker treat!

Learning from the Starlight Program

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Each summer the Starlight program gives campers the chance to be individuals, build confidence, as well as promote teamwork. By providing a well-rounded experience and offering so many activities, campers are able to learn in different environments.

Our staff members encourage campers to push themselves to try new things. From climbing the rock wall to zipping down the zip line to hosting their own radio show and calling play by play for an inter-camp game, campers are gaining self-confidence in many ways. Starlight Athletics allows campers to increase their skill-set through great instruction, practice, and drills. Campers also get swim lessons, boating lessons, and have the chance to waterski all throughout the summer. Seeing their kids grow and get better throughout the summer is one of the most rewarding memories a staff member can tell you about camp.

One of the greatest aspects about being at camp is the ability to perform at the Starlight Playhouse. This is something campers may or may not pursue at home, but each and every camper is involved with a show. Everyone has the chance to get up on stage and perform in front of the entire camp audience.

All campers have different and individual experiences, some love playing the guitar, directing movies, while others enjoy creating new moves at dance, building a model rocket or conquering a fear of riding a mountain bike around the lake. Even if it is as simple as shooting an arrow for the first time at archery, trying new things at camp is always a great thing.

Not only do we want our campers to have fun and enjoy activities, but we hope that they learn from the well-rounded program Starlight offers. There is truly nothing better than seeing campers grow throughout the summer and then transfer those skills to their daily lives once they leave.

-Patrick Francis

Pining for a Good Ol’ Starlight Cookout

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Let’s be honest… who does not find themselves on a random Wednesday evening pining for a good ol’ Camp Starlight cookout? Is there any better way to enjoy a nice, juicy burger or hot dog with a side of delicious knishes and a fresh slice of watermelon? Top it off with your favorite soda, lemonade, or refreshing iced tea and what more could you ask for? You find yourself drifting off to an evening of great Pennsylvania summer weather, shooting the breeze with your camp friends on the plush lawn of the golf course hill. It’s a fond memory for some and a daydream of cookouts to come for many of us.

During the summer, we enjoy those S days with a late reveille and fun filled days spending time together with our divisions. Once the bugle call resounds through camp, you know the meal we all look forward to from week to week has finally come! You make your way across camp with a little more pep in your step than usual. When you are greeted with the smiles and expert spatula skills of Scotty B. and his crew of male division leaders, you can almost taste the delicious meal. You line up and tap your foot or maybe sing along to the latest tunes Jason has pumping through the speakers, then take your spot across from the Upper Seniors, who are no doubt having a blast piling food on plates with a smile and a joke for everyone.

Once you have your plate’s fill of whatever combination meets your fancy, you direct your attention to the spread of campers and counselors relaxing on the grass. Making your way through the groups, big and small, of Starlighters congregating together while they enjoy their dinner, you finally find your spot of perfect grass with your friends. And the rest is history! Cookouts on the hill are always an evening of laughter, music, and quality hang out time with your friends, camp family, and staff. It has become a very special time of the week for everyone to get together and talk about the wonderful memories and adventures they’ve experienced as well as the adventures still to come. So the next time you find yourself lost in the memory or anticipation of a Camp Starlight cookout, close your eyes.  We just bet you’ll be greeted with the gorgeous panorama of the mountains and the mouth watering aroma of a burger flipped by Scott and company, prepared just for you!


Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Now that our campers are back in the swing of things at home, the excitement of being back at school wears off and the inevitable post camp blues begin. How can we not look back and pine for the days that start with morning line up instead of homeroom? Daydream of six periods of sports and activities instead of writing and mathematics? Suddenly, after a first summer at camp, the school year seems to take even longer to pass before those glorious summer days in the sun.

Some of the things our Junior boy campers said they would be missing most were pool parties, tubing, and laser tag! Our Junior Girls are longing for Panic, MTV Night, and the Week in Review. They also really enjoyed getting to try new things in their activity periods like robotics, rocketry and guitar and can’t wait to try more new activities this summer. All the juniors agreed the best part of being at Camp Starlight is the new friends they made, and they can’t wait to be reunited. Across the board, our juniors can’t wait to be back at Camp Starlight next summer, because they “love Starlight”, “can’t wait to see their friends again”, and “Starlight is their summer home!”

Lindsay Jennings

Photo of the Day!

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Another great photo from Zach!

Girls Dance Competition 2010!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Dancing in Camp Starlight is very popular mostly amongst the girl’s side of camp. We have very confident dance teachers and there skills vary in many styles of dancing ranging from Hip Hop to Contemporary Dance. Camp Starlight again hosted the Girls Dancing Competition, Camps included Chen-a-Wanda, Tioga, Lohikan, Lake Byrn Mawr, Blue Ridge, Poyntelle, Island Lake, Chestnut Lake Camp and of course Camp Starlight. The dancing was situated in our very own pavilion by the waterfront. The standard of dancing in the Solo, Duo and Group dancing very much impressed the four Judges, one of which was are very own head of dance, Carly.

Powder Puff Football

Friday, August 20th, 2010

By Sami (Upper Senior Girl)

As an annual tradition, the Senior Girls participate in Powder Puff Football. This event gives these girls a chance to play a friendly yet intense game of flag football. The Upper Seniors usually play the full game because it’s their final year, while the Lower Seniors cheer for their team. This year we were split into four teams; blue, black, pink and purple. This is one of my favorite activities to play during the summer because it gives all the girls a chance to be competitive while still having a great time.


Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

My favorite sport is basketball. I am on the Wayne County basketball team. This summer I have learned to do better lay-ups. I played one game and I scored seven baskets. I am very good at basketball. My favorite coaches are Chad and J.D.

By Evan Y.