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JayZ Blog #21 – WCCA Sports Results

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Boys Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.30 Tennis 8 H Wayne 5 0 Win
07.30 Lacrosse <7 H Wayne 8 7 Win
07.31 Tennis 6 H Tioga 5 0 Win


July 30th 2011

Boys 8th Grade Tennis (H)

Starlight 5 – Wayne 0

The 8th grade boys tennis team captured the Wayne County Championship in a great series of matches against Camp Wayne.  Everyone played very well throughout the line-up.  Danny S came back from being 5-3 down to win his match.  Noah H had a match point against him and came back to win the match.  This was this group’s second Wayne County Championship title in two years – amazing result boys!

Boys 7th Grade and Under Lacrosse (H)

Starlight 8 – Wayne 7

Starlight came up with an amazing victory from being behind to capture the 7th grade and younger Wayne County Championship.  After going down 3-0 in the first quarter, the boys battled back to make it 4-3 at the half and 8-7 at the final.  Noah G and Jared B led the scoring with two goals each.  Sam S led the defense with twelve saves.  A great match and a superb result.  Well done boys!

July 31st 2011

Boys 6th Grade Tennis (H)

Starlight 5 – Tioga 0

The 6thgrade tennis team advanced to the Wayne County Championship.  The team played extremely well and was never really challenged.  Sam S, Greg K and Ethan E all won their singles matches.  In addition, the doubles team also won easily.  The team played with a lot of focus and energy and did not allow Tioga to come back in any of the matches.  Good job boys.

JayZ Blog #20 – WCCA Sports Results

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.27 Basketball 9 H Wayne 25 16 Win
07.30 Lacrosse 7 H Blue Ridge 18 10 Win
07.30 Basketball 6 H Tioga 32 5 Win


July 27th 2011

Girls 9th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 25 – Wayne 16

The Starlight 9th Grade girls basketball team won the Wayne County Championship against Camp Wayne by nine points.  Sara S led the team with twelve points and ten rebounds, while Brandi R chipped in seven points and five assists.  The team played well together, especially defensively, in which they allowed only four points in the whole first half using a staunch 2-3 zone.  Sydney M, Carly K and Olivia S also scored two points.  Other members of the Championship team are Megan B, Hayley C, CJ B, Melissa S, Hannah R, Carli G, Molly F and Devin B.  Brilliant game and a well-deserved win ladies!

July 30th 2011

Girls 7th Grade Lacrosse (H)

Starlight 18 – Blue Ridge 10

The girls looked great in a very solid victory this morning.  Olivia R scored seven goals while Andie S scored six.  Sammy B scored three with six assists.  Meredith B and Lindsay F each had one.  Brooke H had five saves in goal and showed toughness the whole game.  The girls are now looking forward to the finals!

Girls 6th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 32 – Tioga 5

Starlight ran out to a 10-2 lead and never looked back.  Ava S had eight points, twelve rebounds and five steals.  Caroline M, Dani S, Olivia A and Haley S all had four points while Julia K, Madelyn F, Maya S and Jesse F each tossed in a basket.  The entire team played phenomenal defense and rebounded well.  Great job girls!

JayZ Blog #19 – WCCA Sports Results

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.26 Softball 9 A Wayne 18 0 Win
07.29 Softball 5 H Bryn Mawr 6 5 Win


July 26th 2011

Girls 9th Grade Softball (A)

Starlight 18 – Wayne 0

In an amazing 18-0 victory, Camp Starlight literally shut down Camp Wayne.  CJ B had the hottest bat with two singles and a double.  Sydney M had a single and a screaming triple!  Jenna K contributed with two hits.  Starlight had a great eye at the plate and 23 batters reached base.

Defensively Starlight only allowed three base runners and none of these got past second base.  Sara S was scooping every ball hit at her.  Jenna K and Hayley C did a great job up middle keeping every ball in front.  Great job ladies – let’s win the Championship!

July 29th 2011

Girls 5th Grade Softball (H)

Starlight 6 – Bryn Mawr 5

In a close 6th inning nail-biter, Camp Starlight defeated a very strong Bryn Mawr team 6-5 for the Wayne County Championship!  Bailee P and Samantha B combined together on the mound to throw ten strikeouts and only give up two hits.  Defense was tough behind her with Skylar R, Julia G and Francesca G making ground balls look easy.  Emily T and Abby S held up behind the plate and made great catches to keep the other team from scoring.  Jamie C and Bailee P both snagged fly balls hit at them.  Offensively, Starlight had seven hits.  Samantha B led the hitting with three singles.  Julia G, Ashley R and Abby S hit a single and smashing a double was Lily S.  Congratulations ladies – a great job by all and you should rightly be very proud of yourselves!

JayZ Blog #18 – WCCA Sports Results

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.26 Basketball 7 A Blue Ridge 28 18 Win
07.26 Basketball 9 H Nesher 32 29 Win


Girls 7th Grade Basketball (A)

Starlight 28 – Blue Ridge 18

Sammy B had twelve points and played the game well on both sides of the court.  Molly B and Erica L split the point guard responsibilities.  Lindsey F had six points and double digit rebounds.  Lauren, Andie and Brooke played great defense and Jodie rebounded well pulling down three bounds.  Jessica R had a basket and Jessica E played great defense.  Great final score ladies!

Girls 9th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 32 – Nesher 29

Brandi R started off the game with a three and played well from the point.  Molly, Sydney, Sara and Melissa played a great game in the point, playing excellent help-side defense and rebounding.  Sara had two, Melissa and Molly had four while Sydney threw in six.  Hayley and Olivia each defended the best player on the opposing team and shut her down in the second half.  Olivia had eight, Hayley had two.  CJ and Megan played well in the stretch, helping control the ball and pull out the win.  Devin hustled after loose balls and played great defense.  Hanna had a steal while Carly and Carli each had a rebound.  A great team effort on defense got the win.

JayZ Blog #17 – WCCA Sports Results

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.25 Gymnastics < 6 A Various     2nd
07.26 Softball 7 H Poyntelle 6 3 Win
07.26 Softball 9 H Lavi 16 1 Win


July 25th 2011

Girls 6th Grade and Under Gymnastics Invitational

Starlight – 2nd team overall

The 6th grade and under gymnastics invitational was this year held at Camp Wayne.  Twenty three Starlight girls fought off some fantastic competition from ten other teams to finish second team overall.  Individual highlights included Skylar R 2nd on vault and 5th all around, Elle B 5th on floor and 9th all around and Rachel N who placed 15th all around.  This team has a lot of very talented members and coach John believes next summer Starlight will do even better.  Amazing result ladies!

July 26th 2011

Girls 7th Grade Softball (H)

Starlight 6 – Poyntelle 3

Camp Starlight played a brilliant game to defeat Poyntelle 6 – 3.  In the win, Starlight had a total of eleven hits.  Jessica E hit a triple!  Also with base hits in the game were Andie S, Alison E, Halle H, Lindsey F, Samantha B, Brooke L and Hannah C.  On the mound for Starlight were Jessica E and Lindsey F – together they combined for eleven strikeouts.  Defense held strong and shut down Poyntelle.  Great job ladies!

 Girls 9th Grade Softball (H)

Starlight 16 – Lavi 1

The 9th grade softball team dominated Camp Lavi with a final score of 16 -1.  Sydney M’s bat was on fire with two doubles and a single.  Sydney T also had a double.  Contributing to the hot offense with two hits each were Hayley C, Sara S, Carly K and Molly F.  Defensively Sydney M kept them on their toes at the plate and only allowed one run to score.  Starlight defense was solid behind her.  Superb game girls!

JayZ Blog #16 – WCCA Sports Results

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Boys Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.20 Lacrosse 8/9 H Trails End 17 9 Win


Boys 8/9th Grade Lacrosse (H)

Starlight 17 – Trails End 9

The boys played an excellent game against Trails End, securing a great win.  Gallant, Saltzman and Askensal each scored four goals, with Feldman and Laurie scoring two apiece.  Key to their success was their superb teamwork – fantastic job boys, you should be proud!

JayZ Blog #15 – WCCA Sports Results

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Boys Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.18 Tennis 9 A Lohikan 4 1 Win


Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.23 Softball 5 H Blue Ridge 16 15 Win
07.19 Lacrosse 7 H Towanda 11 4 Win

July 18th 2011

Boys 9th Grade Tennis (A)

Starlight 4 – Lohikan 1

Starlight 9th Grade boys tennis team put in a fantastic effort to claim a 4-1 win.  Kyle G lost a tough singles match but only by 9-8 on tie-break number one.  His determination and concentration were evident throughout and the marginal score-lie reflects a great game.  In doubles, Harry S and Bruce L were down 6-3 but made a terrific comeback to win 8-6.

July 19th 2011

Girls 7th Grade Lacrosse (H)

Starlight 11 – Towanda 4

The girls played brilliantly as a team, working together as a unit as opposed to a group of individuals.  Brooke had some very nice saves in her first game as a goalie.  Olivia R and Sammy B had four goals, with Lindsay F scoring three.  Brooke made four great saves.  Defense also played extremely well to secure a great win for Starlight. 

July 23rd 2011

Girls 5th Grade Softball (H)

Starlight 16 – Blue Ridge 15

In a very close game against Blue Ridge, Starlight was down by one run in the bottom of the 4th with two outs, when Bailee P stepped up to the plate and smashed a two run double to win the game.  Helping her on the offense was Samantha B with a triple, Francesca G with a double and Garielle B with a single.  Jamie C, Katie L and Emily T each had two hits in the win.  Defensively Katie L, Samantha B and Bailee P combined for seven strike outs.  Great job ladies!

JayZ Blog #14 – WCCA Sports Results

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Boys Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.18 Baseball 4 A Tyler Hill 1 2 Lost
07.19 Baseball 8 A Poyntelle 17 1 Win


Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.15 Softball 5 A Invitational See below    
07.19 Basketball 6 H Lohikan 38 8 Win
07.22 Gymnastics All H Invitational     1st


July 15th 2011

Girls 5th Grade Softball Invitational (A)

Starlight 10 – Trails End 2

Starlight 0 – Tyler Hill 10

Starlight 2 – Bryn Mawr 7

The 5thgrade softball team won one of their three games at the Trails End Invitational meet.  In the lone win, Starlight defeated Trails End 10 to 2.  Each member of the team touched home in the victory with 17 hits in total.  Spencer J had three hits in the game and Shira M, Sydney P, Lauren B and Morgan S each had two hits.  Lauren B had the defensive gem of the day in the game against Bryn Mawr with a diving catch and throwing a runner out at home.  All girls played with great team spirit and should be really proud of themselves.

July 18th 2011

Boys 4th Grade Baseball (A)

Starlight 1 – Tyler Hill 2

In another closely contested matchup, Starlight fell 2-1 to Tyler Hill.  Starlight’s lone run came when Weinhoff doubled home Kahn in the 4thinning.  Kahn and Barad combined to throw all four innings, striking out six Tyler Hill hitters.  Great job boys!

July 19th 2011

Boys 8th Grade Baseball (A)

Starlight 17 – Poyntelle 1

The 8thgrade Starlight baseball team beat Poyntelle 17-1 after four innings of play.  Starlight put up 10 runs in the first innings which was highlighted by Jordan K’s two run home run.  Jordan K led the team with three hits followed by Justin B, Jacob R and Nick Z who had two hits apiece.  Justin B was also the winning pitcher, allowing one run on one hit while striking out five.  This team is now in the Wayne County Championship!

Girls 6th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 38 – Trails End 8

Ava S led the team in both scoring and assists, tallying twelve points and over ten assists.  Caroline M was second in scoring with ten points.  Olivia R had six points, Brooke H and Sani S had four apiece while Hailey threw in two.  Overall the team played great defense in what is a superb result.

July 22nd 2011

Tropical Twist Gymnastics Meet (H)

Recreational meet – Starlight Blue 1st, Starlight White 3rd

Competitive meet – Starlight 1st

July 22nd saw the first ever Tropical Twist gymnastics meet held here at Camp Starlight.  The weather meant it certainly felt tropical, but being inside meant that the competition could go ahead despite the heat-wave.

The morning session saw teams from Blue Ridge and Indian Head joining 40 Starlight campers in a recreational meet.  This gave every gymnast the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment and exhibit the routines they had all been practicing so hard.  Starlight entered a blue and white team and some impressive results were recorded.  Starlight Blue won the overall team competition with 164.1 points with Shelby P and Marni K sharing joint 2ndand Maddi S taking fourth in the all-arounder competition.  Marni also came 1st in the Junior Beam competition with a superb score of 9.5.

The afternoon session was a competitive meet with Starlight taking on an excellent team from Blue Ridge.  The standard was very high but Starlight won the overall team first place award by a slim margin.  Starlight campers Hannah C, MacKenzie A and Lauren P took 1st, 2nd and 3rdrespectively in the senior division all-arounder competition.  Their junior counterparts – Elle B, Skylar R and Amanda S also did extremely well with each girl taking a minimum of third place on at least one piece of apparatus.  Well done to all three Starlight teams for making it such an enjoyable day.


JayZ Blog #13 – WCCA Sports Results

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.18 Basketball 7 A Trails End 48 15 Win

 Girls 7th Grade Basketball (A)

Starlight 48 – Trails End 15

Sammy B and Molli B both had amazing performances as they led their team into Trails End and walked away with a victory.  Sammy led the scorers with a massive 22 points and 12 steals, and Molly added 10 points and 6 rebounds.  Starlight came out of the gates in a full court press and took a commanding 22-1 lead and never looked back.  They used amazing teamwork allowing every single player to score and their team defense was impenetrable.  They now eagerly await their next opponent in the Wayne County Championship.  Fantastic performance ladies!

JayZ Blog #12 – WCCA Sports Results

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Boys Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.17 Basketball 6 H Chenawanda 35 16 Win
07.17 Basketball 10/11 H Wayne 57 68 Lost

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.17 Lacrosse 8/9 A Tyler Hill 19 12 Win


Boys 6th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 35 – Chenawanda 16

Once again Camp Starlight proved to be just a little bit too much for the competition.  The team was led to victory with a big double-double from Zach R who tallied up 12 points and 12 rebounds.  Right alongside him was Ethan E who added his 9 points and 5 assists.  Noah R, Oscar O and Sam K each scored four points and Max K scored the most enthusiastic two points of the game.  Starlight never trailed in this game and seemed to cruise to victory – they now await their next challenge.

Boys 10th/11th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 57 – Wayne 68

Corey H led the way in scoring with 18 points.  Derek K added 15 points and Sam B was also in double figures with 11.  Ben A and Jake S added 4 points apiece, with Justin B chipping in 3.  David G scored 2 points and Eric S led the way on defense with 3 blocks.  Starlight fought extremely hard to the very end in this high scoring game, but unfortunately could not turn things to their favor.  Well played boys.

Girls 8th/9th Grade Lacrosse (A)

Starlight 19 – Tyler Hill 12

Girls’ lacrosse won an impressive match against Tyler Hill.  Caroline W scored 4 goals with Megan B, Dana G and Brandi R all scoring 3 each.  Megan B also contributed 3 assists.  Carli G, Devin B and Liv S all played outstanding defense throughout.  Great game girls!