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Sleeping in Bunks Transforms Friendships

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

An iconic element of summer camp is the experience of sleeping in a bunk every night of the summer. Cozy wooden cabins house the campers for the entire summer and these bunks often times host the best memories a camper makes. What makes sleeping in a bunk one of the most fun aspects at Camp Starlight is that every night is a giant sleepover with your best friends. After all the evening activities are over, campers still have enough energy to get excited to return to their bunks. They know they get to slip into pajamas, climb into their beds and still have fun with their friends, whether they are just talking about the day or laughing and joking around with each other. It’s like every night is a pajama party and the fun doesn’t stop until you have to leave camp. In the bunk, no moment is ever dull. The campers get to share their thoughts from the day with each other and take the time to decompress as an entire bunk. The bunk helps these campers transform into a family, spending quality time with each other at the very start and the end of each day. As a family, they learn how to take care of each other, clean the bunk and work as a single unit to enjoy every single night of summer. Sleeping in a bunk every night is how the friendships these campers form throughout the summer are so strong because living together all summer encourages them to care for one another, support one another and love one another as a family.

Camp Starlight Olympics: Final Scores

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Camp Starlight Olympics: Day 3 Scores

Monday, August 6th, 2018

Starnight at Camp Starlight

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Starnight was a night to remember. Future Starlighters were accompanied by current Starlighters and Starlight staff for the full Starlight experience. In an atmosphere of “Rahoos” and “H-O-T-T-O-G-O” the Starnighters blended right in and joined in the fun. Junior campers adopted their Starnighters with open bunk doors and open arms as future campers got to see what it’s really like to be a true Starlight camper. The Starlight experience is truly like no other and it showed for future campers and Starlighters alike. In an evening activity full of spirit, tradition, pure joy, and excitement, future Starlighters felt the energy within the building. Starnighters and their families left with special treats, smiles on their faces, and memories to last all summer. With a successfully completed Starnight experience under the Starlight sky, campers and Starnighters already can’t wait for the next one!

Friday Night Speech: Appreciation

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Written by Elizabeth E.

Good Evening…

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Elizabeth E. and I am an upper senior. Thank you for allowing me to come up to talk about the theme of the summer, appreciation, tonight. I would like to start out by saying that 2 of my biggest role models in my life are my older sisters. One is a counselor here this summer. There is 7 year age gap between my oldest sister Sarah and I. So, when I was a lower junior, Sarah was an upper senior. I distinctly remember a time after my lower junior summer when my sister and I were talking about camp and how much we missed it. Sarah turned, looked at me and said, “Elizabeth, you have so many summer left there as a camper. I would do anything to be a junior again and have 8 more summers left at camp. Appreciate it.” Many leagues games, divisional shows, sing-a-longs, and Friday night services later I am now where she once was as an upper senior. I too would do anything to be a lower junior again with so much time as camper left ahead of me. But I would like to think that I took her advice, that I truly appreciated every moment spent here. I now know the importance of stepping back and appreciating every stunning sunset over the lake, every memory made and every one of the 35 girls in my division that I now call family but were once strangers when I was a junior. I don’t know what I would do without them. It’s important to take notice to how much Starlight helps us grow and mature. To appreciate that camp changes us all for the better.

I am now going to give you all the same advice that my sister once gave me. Though you don’t need to be a junior to hear it. Whether you have many years left here or just a few weeks, appreciate every moment spent here. Appreciate the laughs, the smiles and especially all of the people that make this place so amazing. The friendships you make with these people, they will last much longer than the summers spent here. I truly believe that Starlight is a special and one of kind place and that is something to be appreciated.

I, for one, appreciate the opportunity for being asked to speak in front of you all this evening. Thank you again and have a great Friday night. Thank you.


10 From 10: The Top Ten Favorite Things from the First 10 days at Starlight

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Today marks the tenth day at our beautiful summer home. To celebrate, some of our Junior campers were happy to share their favorite part about Camp Starlight so far! Here’s our top ten list:

  1.  Meeting new people

Abby F. from Bunk 4 is enjoying her very first summer at camp and is so happy to be meeting all the new, wonderful people here. She has already made so many new friends and loves all her counselors!

  1. Rock Garage

This creative space in The Starlight Studios hits the top spot for Isaac O. from Bunk 1. He loves learning to play guitar and is getting better with each visit!

  1. Sports

Hudson S. and Mason G. from Bunk 6 both especially love golf. It’s their favorite sport to play at home with their family, and they love it even more when they get to play at camp with their best friends.The boys are getting lots of practice with their swings and our Golf Specialists are helping them improve their skills. Brandon M. from Bunk 6 prefers hockey. He loves rollerblading and thinks it’s the best sport in the world!

  1. Evening Activities

Emily M. from Bunk 6 said her favorite part of camp so far has been the fun things she gets to do as the sun sets for the day. She thinks it’s great to spend time with her bunk at the awesome evening activities.

  1. Bunk friends

Belle S. from Bunk 4 said it’s the best feeling to have turned her whole bunk into sisters already. She’s so excited for rest of summer with her new family!

  1. Trying new activities

Abby P. and Jordyn L. from Bunk 2 both agree all the new activities they are trying at camp are the coolest. From Outdoor Adventure and the swimming toys in the lake, to Polar Bear Club and Basketball, these girls are trying it all.

  1. The lake

Emma S. from Bunk 4 loves cooling off in the lake each day! She loves to cheer and sing songs with her friends and counselors while she swims. Caden S. and Teddy S. love tubing the most. They love getting splashed by the water on a hot day and think it is fun when the staff drive the boat really fast.

  1. Camp siblings

Lila W. from Bunk 6 thinks her camp sisters are the best! She loves spending time with them and the sibling sundae lunch was a highlight. Eve F. from Bunk 4 said her older camp siblings are her new role models!

  1. Free play time

Ari B. from Boy’s Bunk 6 picks free time after dinner as his favorite part of the day. He loves having the opportunity to explore different areas of camp with all his friends from the other bunks!


Ethan S. from Bunk 1 thinks it’s too difficult to pick the best part about camp so far because EVERYTHING is simply amazing!

At Camp Starlight, we have something to engage everyone’s interests making this the very best place to spend a summer!

Friendships Growing Between New Campers As The Days Go By

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Many things inevitably grow over the course of the summer: the grass, your height, and of course, everyone’s love for Camp Starlight skyrockets to new levels. As the days roll by, the most noticeable growth and developments are the prospering friendships between new campers.

First introductions are made by playing games where campers can discover and bond over their similarities. As you spend more time together you become comfortable sharing your story with your friends and bunkmates who become (like) family.

Whether you’ve spent the morning on the soccer field or paddling on the lake, you learn to work as a team and it’s clear that respect, appreciation and admiration are forming between friends.

Cheers and chants can be heard around every corner. Over the dinner table the events of the day are retold in perfect detail with the campers laughing all over again like it was really happening for the second time.

Back in the bunk over flashlight time, conversations jump from the serious to the silly within moments leading to the inevitable progression of camp friends becoming forever friends.

A Night of New Friendship and Old Tradition

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

It’s the second night of camp and Girls Side and Boys Side alike were already eager to meet their new camp sisters and brothers. As much as the campers are obsessed with the old friends they’ve waited ten months to hug, they also could not wait to make new ones. Just over 24 hours after arrival the kids stayed up late catching up, passed their swim tests together, and were onto the next new adventure asking left and right about the camp sister and brother reveal. To say that the campers were looking forward to tonight is an understatement. After a jam-packed first day including a pizza lunch, athletic evaluations, the first fruit call, polar bear plunge, and divisional meetings to kick off this season, the campers couldn’t wait to read the message and find out their camp sisters and brothers. Through the commotion of hugging, yelling, and running into each other’s arms, everyone found their siblings.

The Boys Side and Girls Side made it down to their respective campsites hand in hand with their sisters and brothers. Ben S. and Marlie K. with over nine summers at Starlight lit the fires with David and Allison leading in the ceremony. Every camper listened intently as the Upper Senior Boys and Girls shared about what being the oldest campers at Camp Starlight meant to them.

Bringing back amazing campfire traditions for the summer of 2018, the girls sang about a moose named Fred, the flowers and daffodils, and more, in various repeat-after-me campfire sing along favorites. Likewise, the boys cheered and showed off their divisional spirit showcasing one of the loudest HOORAH’s the inter division had ever seen.

Before the end of the night, every camper found a star in the beautiful Starlight sky, closed their eyes, and made a wish. Just as they came, all of the campers left hand in hand after a night of bonding, celebrating, and experiencing Camp Starlight tradition. It was the perfect end to a magical first day at Camp Starlight!


Arrival Day- Camp Starlight 2018

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Arrival day is finally here and every part of the camp is bubbling over with excitement. You can feel it in the air, you can see it in the smiles, you can hear it in the high-pitched voices that people get when they can’t contain this feeling and you can touch it in the warm embraces between friends old and new.

The staff have been preparing for this day for 10 incredibly LOOOONG months. They’ve worked day in and day out as busy beavers to make sure everything is prepared for today. You know their excitement levels are high by the way the talk so passionately about everything that has been and everything that is to come.

As of this time last week, the entire 2018 Camp Starlight staff have been all together preparing, organizing and learning everything needed to be ready for TODAY!! To be ready for RIGHT NOW!!

As the children tumble out of the buses there’s no stopping them. They run in all directions in search of their best friends, arms wide open for the bear hug that they’ve been waiting 10 months to give their fellow campers again. As the music blares, the boys and girls rush to their eagerly awaiting counselors and friends in their bunk for the summer. Cheers and laughter can be heard all around the campus as campers and counselors meet for the very first time and also reunite after months of missing each other. This blanket of happiness is so electrifying and comforting and this is only the beginning of the adventures as the Starlight family of 2018.

The beautiful campus of Camp Starlight paves the way for a new summer, new stories, new friends and new memories, but that same old Starlight feeling that we are once again HOME!

Flexibility as a Way of Life at Summer Camp

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

At summer camp, there are an infinite amount of fun things to do and so there are a lot of things that may not always go as planned. A great lesson that Camp Starlight has taught its campers and staff is flexibility. Camp Starlight goes with the flow and always has creative solutions to any challenge. It’s important to stay flexible at summer camp because that’s what makes a summer memorable and fun. Sometimes when things don’t go as expected, that’s when the most fun occurs because of the way campers and staff treat the situation. Instead of stressing out and seeing the negative, Camp Starlight has taught campers and staff to see the positive side of the new things that can happen when something goes not as planned. Additionally, campers are just as flexible, they are eager to try a new thing and go with the flow of activities. Camp Starlight instills this idea of flexibility because it relates to life outside of summer camp as well, a valuable lesson that is applicable to school, a job, a sport’s team or at home. It’s important to stay flexible and work out solutions because that how positivity is maintained at summer camp and out in the real world, flexibility is just one of the many ways Camp Starlight helps campers to grow and become positive leaders in the world.