JayZ Blog #20 – WCCA Sports Results

Girls Results

Date Sport Grade H/A Opponent Starlight Opponent Result
07.27 Basketball 9 H Wayne 25 16 Win
07.30 Lacrosse 7 H Blue Ridge 18 10 Win
07.30 Basketball 6 H Tioga 32 5 Win


July 27th 2011

Girls 9th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 25 – Wayne 16

The Starlight 9th Grade girls basketball team won the Wayne County Championship against Camp Wayne by nine points.  Sara S led the team with twelve points and ten rebounds, while Brandi R chipped in seven points and five assists.  The team played well together, especially defensively, in which they allowed only four points in the whole first half using a staunch 2-3 zone.  Sydney M, Carly K and Olivia S also scored two points.  Other members of the Championship team are Megan B, Hayley C, CJ B, Melissa S, Hannah R, Carli G, Molly F and Devin B.  Brilliant game and a well-deserved win ladies!

July 30th 2011

Girls 7th Grade Lacrosse (H)

Starlight 18 – Blue Ridge 10

The girls looked great in a very solid victory this morning.  Olivia R scored seven goals while Andie S scored six.  Sammy B scored three with six assists.  Meredith B and Lindsay F each had one.  Brooke H had five saves in goal and showed toughness the whole game.  The girls are now looking forward to the finals!

Girls 6th Grade Basketball (H)

Starlight 32 – Tioga 5

Starlight ran out to a 10-2 lead and never looked back.  Ava S had eight points, twelve rebounds and five steals.  Caroline M, Dani S, Olivia A and Haley S all had four points while Julia K, Madelyn F, Maya S and Jesse F each tossed in a basket.  The entire team played phenomenal defense and rebounded well.  Great job girls!

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