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Girls 3rd/4th Grade Basketball Scores

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.53.21 AMSport: Girls Basketball

Age: 3rd/4th Grade

Date: 7/6/16

Wayne County Update

Basketball vs. Shoshanim

Starlight’s youngest group of girls took to the courts on Wednesday in search of a victory in the opening round of Wayne County basketball competition. Hannah G. had two points and really helped out the team with a pair of steals. Additionally, Harper L. contributed with 4 points and 8 steals. Lily T. played a great game and finished with 4 points. The team as a whole played well together and passed the ball around beautifully. Despite these girl’s short stature, they played like superstars. We are very proud of this group of girls! Final Score 10-6.

9th Grade Boys Basketball Scores

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.48.58 AMSport: Boys Basketball

Age: 9th Grade

Date 7/5/16

Wayne County Update

Basketball vs. Lohikan

The 9th grade Starlight boys basketball team was victorious in its first round game of the Wayne County basketball season. Ben G. was a standout for the 9th grade squad in their victory on Tuesday morning. He completed numerous layups and was a dominant force on defense. Additionally, Abe W. added a staunch defensive presence, coming up with 5 on ball steals. Drew B. was lights out from beyond the arc hitting 4 3-pointers. Lastly, Jaden G. pulled in 10+ rebounds on the defensive glass. Final Score 64-24.

Star Camps

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 8.43.13 AMCamp Starlight was full of excitement as our campers participated in their favorite Starcamps. This special part of our program gives campers the chance to focus on one area of interest for two days. Campers get to work closely with our guest coaches and instructors, as well as our entire Starlight staff, who bring all sorts of skills to the table, from basketball to painting.

This year Camp Starlight had some incredible individuals leading Star Camps. Campers had the opportunity to learn hip-hop from the impressive Larry Albright.. At our sporting sessions, campers were able to learn hockey from hockey pro Bob Markowick, and tennis from Tennis star Mel Purcell. And there were tons of other sports workshops, too! From lacrosse, to golf, to water skiing and Krav Maga, campers had the chance to enjoy all sorts of sports activities. Campers were also able to rock climb, golf, and hike. But it’s not just sports that campers were excited about, campers were also able to enjoy Starcamps in: acting, photographing, arts and crafts, and other creative preforming arts. And for the first time ever students were able to make and mix their own music at our music workshop, which was held in our brand new music recording studio! It was another great year at Starcamps thanks to our amazing kids and great staff.

Catching Up with Tennis Head Craig Cooper

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

The Camp Starlight tennis program is always one of the largest and most popular programs on camp each summer. This year,Craig Cooper, a 25 plus years veteran coach, is at the helm. We recently caught up with Coach Cooper to learn more about him, his background, an coaching philosophy.

Although he hails from Ohio and attended Ohio State University, Coach Cooper has traveled the world coaching tennis. It was during his college years as an elite athlete, however, that he first decided that he wanted to become a coach. “It’s a profound profession,” he says.

He was drawn to camp because he finds the experience of working as a coach at camp  “enlightening, challenging, and fun.” He also appreciates the relationships he has formed as a result of working at camp. Coach Cooper said he chose Camp Starlight because of it’s amazing reputation and because he had a really good feeling about the opportunity after speaking with camp Owner and Director David Miller.

During the winter, Coach Cooper trains athletes throughout the Midwest–including his home state of Ohio–and Florida, though his coaching efforts aren’t confined to tennis. He is also a professional lacrosse coach. He says his favorite things, so far, about his debut summer at Camp Starlight are the new relationships he has formed with both staff and campers. Relationships are very important to Coach Cooper. He believes that a good coach is an overall life coach. In fact,  being a mentor and forming lasting relationships with his athletes as their tennis skills develop are what he loves most about coaching.

When he’s not coaching tennis or lacrosse, Coach Cooper enjoys golfing, fishing, cycling, and watching movies. Those who are familiar with Coach Cooper’s intensity when it comes to sports might be surprised to learn that he’s also a thespian who loves theatre and acting and has “dabbled” (as he says) in the industry.

Here’s to a successful first summer at Camp Starlight for Coach Cooper!

Wayne County Update

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Girls Tennis vs. Chen-A-Wanda, July 26

The 9th grade lower seniors are moving forward towards a finals match-up with a solid 5-0 victory against Chen-A-Wanda. All the singles matches were won handedly by Ella S., Juia K. and Dani S. (8-1)(8-2)(8-1) respectively. Smart decisions led to solid shot making by all three players, with some unnecessary unforced errors mixed in. All in all, three were solid performance from Starlight. At the #1 doubles position the team of Allison M. and Madison L. were tested, but cam through with a 8-6 victory. Communication was key in the victory. Madison L. served great and Allison M. had solid net play. Abby R. and Jesse F. played well together for the first time coming away with an 8-0 victory. Good overall teamwork and solid performances by everyone. Congrats to the 9th grade girls moving toward the finals.

Coach Craig Cooper, Rachel Mills, Gabby Samkova

6th Grade Boys Soccer vs. Chen-A-Wanda

The 6th graders hosted Chen-A-Wanda, a team they last met as 4th graders in 2012.  That game ended with Starlight winning 2-0, and this game was also a close affair.  Chen-A-Wanda nicked a goal against the run of play to take a one-nil lead.  Starlight responded in kind to level the contest before a Chen-A-Wanda goal a minute before half-time saw Starlight head to the break with it all to do in the second half.

A good start saw Starlight level within five minutes, and then with 8 minutes remaining Starlight took the lead for the first time in the game, something they would not relinquish running out winners 3-2.  Aidan C.  made a number of fine saves, especially in the dying minutes with Chen-A-Wanda, trying to send the game into overtime.  Ethan B. and Harrison S. put in fine performances at the back, as did Jack T. in midfield.

Starlight is now headed to the championship game where they will likely face Wayne.

Wayne County Update

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Baseball vs. Camp Chen-A-Wanda, July 20

7th grade Starlight lost a tough game at Chen-A-Wanda at home. Fielding proved to be the most important factor in this game. Camp Starlight committed 7 errors while Chen-A-Wanda only committed 1 error. Starlight had 4 hits while Chen-A-Wanda only had 2 hits, but 8 walks in a 7-1 victory over Starlight. Great efforts by Eric M, Ben G., Cooper G. and Gabriel F. must be noted. Additionally in the 7th grade game, Starlight was not selective at the plate swinging at anything close early in the count. Not waiting for the right pitch definitely proved to be important and detrimental for the Starlight hitter. Also, many players lost focus after being down early and never gained it back. Final score of 14-1. Jacob P. was strong for 5 innings of no hit pitching!

Baseball vs. Camp Lavi, July 21

The 4th grade team pitchers threw 4 innings of no hit ball! Pitcher Jared S. and Charlie G. only walked 2 while the offense scored 6 runs in a 6-1 victory over Camp Lavi! Key batters were Jackson F. and Ryan G., both with 2 hits each.

Boys Tennis vs. Camp Tioga,  July 21

The 5th grade and under boys are moving on to the finals in Wayne County Competition with a convincing win over Camp Tioga 4-1 in the semis. At 1st singles Sloan S. fell 8-6 to a strong player from Italy.  At 2nd singles Jaden Y. maintained his concentration and focus played the big points smart and won 8-5. Jake P. at 3rrd singles had to fight back and then took control of the match winning 8-6. In fine fashion the 1st doubles team of Max G. and Ben M. played solidly and communicated will in a dominating 8-2. At two doubles the new team of Dylan K. and Jonah M. played together in winning their first match 8-3. Congrats to the entire 5th grade team, moving on to the finals. We are excited for great things to come!

Final Score 4-1, W

Coaches Craig Cooper and David Wilford

Girls Tennis vs. Camp Wayne, July 21

The 5th grade and under girls came through gloriously with a sweep 5-0 over Camp Wayne in their second Wayne County match. Emerson P. and Hannah S. were tested in their matches and came through 6-4, 6-3 respectively. Heather G. won going away 6-0. Both doubles teams oh Hannah J. /Hannah W.  and Sklyer C. /Juliette S. dominated by winning (6-0)-(6-0). Everyone is having fun competing and learning more about the game of tennis every day. Congrats moving on Starlight 5th grade girls!

Final Score 5-0, W

Coaches: Craig Cooper, Dani Rubenstein and Amanda Gilberg

Catching Up with Matt Whatley, Camp Starlight’s Head of Soccer

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Recently, the Camp Starlight blog caught up with our very own Head of Soccer Matt Whatley to find out more about him as well as why he chose to work at camp–in particular, Camp Starlight.

Matt (“Whatley”–as he is affectionately known by the Starlight family)has been working in the camp industry for 15 years, 9 of those years at Camp Starlight. He says he was drawn to traditional sports camps like Starlight because, unlike at camps that specialize in soccer, he gets to see the campers in a non-soccer environment. Prior to coming to Camp Starlight, Whatley worked in other camps within Wayne County and decided to come to Starlight because of the excellent facilities and great campers.

Although he has called the United States home for more than 10 years, he is originally from Kent, England. His love of travel is highlighted by his career path as well as his education. In addition to having lived in New Zealand and Canada, he now calls Malaysia home during the winter months. There, he works for the US Sports Academy as a physical education teacher and coach. His education was also an international affair. He attended Manchester Metropolitan University, The University of Greenwich in London  and Rockford College in Illinois.

He has been coaching for more than 20 years and, for 8 of those years, he coached nationally ranked college programs. He has also coached for Charlton Athletic FC and worked with teams at the USL 2 Academy. When asked why he decided to become a coach, he is not without a sense of humor, “Because I don’t like wearing a shirt and tie.” His favorite thing about being a coach is seeing the progression of players as they learn new skills.

His list of Camp Starlight “favorites” is a long one. He has quite the reputation for his love of Canteen and his penchant for putting in “special” birthday party appearances. He also loves visiting the Magic and Tennis programs as well as watching Jason Glick’s dancing on Friday evenings.

Aside for his intense love of soccer, he is a passionate cyclist. In fact, he once cycled from Alaska to New Mexico.  He’s also a bit of prankster and enjoys a good practical joke.

Wayne County Update

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

10th  and 11th grade girls basketball vs. Camp Shoshanim, July 17

Starlight took home a win in their game against Camp Shoshanim. Molly B. scored 17 points and Jessica R. 12 points. The girls played with determination throughout the game. Great job, ladies!

Final Score 40-24, W

Coaches: Janelle Floyd and Kendall Minta

Senior Wayne County Gymnastics Invitational, July 17

Starlight was awarded third place team at the Senior Wayne County Gymnastics Invitational. Elle B. came in 11th overall and Lily K. came in 15th overall. The senior girls are looking forward to the next meet.

Coaches: Victor Randazzo, Maxine Irvine, Sally Hawkridge

Starlight vs. Camp Chen-a-Wanda Boys Tennis, July 17

An all-around great match by the entire team winning 5-0 over their weaker opponent. Sloan S. continued his winning ways over an older play 8-3 with some amazing shot making; his technique and shot selection was impeccable. Jake P. played outstanding in an 8-0 victory. Daniel W sealed the match with a convincing 8-3 victory. Both doubles teams of Aaron K. and Jake G. and Blaze S. and Ryan R., won easily over their less experience opponents (8-0) (8-0). Great job Camp Starlight moving forward towards the finals.

Final Score 5-0, W

Coaches: Craig Cooper Jock Cooney

Starlight vs. Camp Chen-a-Wanda Boys Tennis, July 17

The 10th/11th  grade boys were outmatched by a strong Chen-a-Wanda team. At 1 singles CA Jordan K. fell 0-8 although he had many long points and games. By far the best match of the day was CA Justin G. at 2 singles that went back and forth with his opponent for over an hour before falling 8-6. Great match, great competition. Nathan W. lost 8-0 and both doubles team played strong matches, but fell as well (8-3) (8-5) respectively.

Final Score 0-5,L

Coaches: Craig Cooper  David Willford

8th grade basketball vs. Camp Morasha, July 18

The 8th grade boys had a close game against Camp Morasha winning 44-35. Starlight played outstanding defense. Dylan T. led the team with 15 points. Ryan K. had 14 points and clutch 3-pointer to put the game away in the 4th quarter. Danny S. had 6 points, Zach C. had 5 points and Owen B. had 4 points and played amazing defense the entire game.

Final Score 44-35, W

Coach: Dan Mutz

Staff Catch up with Lacrosse Head Jason Robinson

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Jason Robinson may be new to Camp Starlight, but he has quite effortlessly settled into the camp environment. He says that his favorite thing about his first year at camp is how cheery everyone is. “There are smiles all around.” When the Camp Starlight blog recently caught up with Jason, we learned a lot about him and his background as well as what drew him to Camp Starlight.

Jason found the idea of the camp environment in which he lives and works away from home intriguing and says the impressive facilities and owner David Miller’s enthusiasm and passion for camp made the choice to come to Starlight easy.

Although he lives and coaches in South Florida now, Jason grew up in South Bend, Indiana, attended West Virginia University, and comes from a sports loving family. His father is a football coach whose passion and excitement every day heavily influenced Jason’s decision to become a coach as well. “I also knew that my willingness to help people succeed was crucial,” he says, adding that he knew that’s what he wanted out of life. His favorite thing about coaching is when a kid “gets it after working on a skill and it finally clicks.”

Outside of camp, Jason has a pet Chihuahua named Tiny eagerly awaiting his return home in August. But, for now, Jason is quite content to be here, concluding that he loves camp and loves lacrosse.

Wayne County Score Update

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Starlight Baseball

It’s been quite exciting for all of us this year at Camp Starlight! Baseball students have played hard while picking up some crucial pointers to improve their game at all levels. Our main objective is to keep it fun, do the best we can and teach the students key skills to help in their development as athletes. Our first week has been focused on skilled development and practice games. In our first games, 2 of our 3 teams have been victorious over Camp Poyntelle with outstanding performance from our players. Thank you for your great efforts, Starlight campers!

Coach Bob Gunnarsson

Starlight vs. Camp Tioga Tennis, July 9

Starlight’s 6th grade boys won their first Wayne County away match. Milo K. had a test at first singles in winning 8-6 and Blake S. came back to win 8-6 as well. Aidan C. won 8-0. Both Starlight doubles teams of Spencer B. and Jacob P. and Justin H. and Alex E. won 8-0 and 8-1 respectively. Congrats on their first win and moving forward with confidence!

Coaches Craig Cooper and Ben Tolliday

Final Score 5-0, W

Starlight vs. Bryn-Mawr Tennis, July 10

The Starlight 10th and 11th grade girls were shorthanded without their CA teammates, but fought hard in defeat to a very strong Bryn-Mawr squad. Andie S. won a tight match at #1 singles and Meredith N. played a fine match in defeat and played some great points in losing 8-1. Zoe T. was outmatched and fell 8-0 while the doubles pairs of Lauren R. and Brooke L. along with Emma K and Lauren P. played hard in an 8-2 defeat. Great sportsmanship was on display.

Coach Gabby Samkova

Final Score 4-1, L