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How Summer Camp is as Magical as Disney!

Monday, September 5th, 2016


They say Disney is the most magical place on Earth, but ask any kid who has spent the summer at Camp Starlight, and they’ll beg to differ. They’ll tell you of a place that feels magical, that sparks their imagination, a place they can’t wait to get to and a place they never want to leave. They will tell you about a place where you can spend the entire day going, playing and doing and STILL not do and see everything there is to see. They’ll tell you that camp is a lot like Disney, but better.


There is something about making the journey to Disney that adds to the magic and excitement of the experience. Even if the drive is long or the flight is exhausting, there is something about the journey that adds to the excitement.  The same goes for camp. The build up, the anticipation, the letters in the mail, the newsletters and all of the things that lead up to the initial trip to camp help build the excitement before they even step foot on the grounds.


Camp is made for kids, much like Disney. It is made with growing imaginations in mind. Camp Starlight takes everything that kids love and roll it into one jam-packed summer. And, like Disney, every kid can find something they love at camp. Camp caters to athletes, thespians, crafters, animal lovers, thrill seekers, writers, outdoor enthusiasts, artists, nature lovers and everything in between, just like Disney caters to pirates, princesses, evil villains, talking mice and ducks that dance. Whatever campers are into, camp has something for them.


It goes without saying that a day at Disney is a day filled with fun, but for most families, it is just a day. Some lucky families can spend a few days exploring Disney, but usually no more than a week. The great thing about camp is that is lasts for the summer, and kids have plenty of opportunities to try everything, and then re-try the things they love the most. Camp is a summer of fun and adventure, giving campers plenty of time to bond with new friends, and allowing them to enjoy everything camp has to offer without feeling rushed.

yaD sdrawkcaB – Backwards Day

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Something strange has been going on at camp today – everything is backwards!

We all awoke to the sound of Taps this morning, and Jason announcing that it was, “yaD sdrawkcaB.”  Our counselors had all got their staff shirts on backwards and some had gone to extremes and were wearing everything backwards!  If that wasn’t enough to confuse us, we then had Taps and Night Bites before having evening activity.  Junior girls were playing Panic which is great to play any time of day, but even the division leaders had switched around so it all just felt a little peculiar. 

We were then called to the dining hall for dinner – some people were even walking backwards to get there.  Straight after we had flag lowering which was very odd as we were pretty sure we had lowered it the night before.  The bunk of the day skipped backwards round the flagpole and the campers all lined up the wrong way round.  We then got to sign up for Super Sixth and then the activities for the day started in reverse order.

Polar Bear Club ran at 5pm, just before shower hour and breakfast and then something happened and everything went back to normal again.  Well, kind of.  We went to sleep to the sound of reveille……….