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National Emoji Day at Camp Starlight

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

In the spirit of National Emoji Day, Starlighters wasted no time getting decked out in their emoji gear and gadgets to celebrate. While emojis are a part of Starlight everyday from the bunk junk, sweatshirts, tees, jewelry, blankets, pillows, and towels, campers took their emoji love to a new level. Not only were campers wearing their emoji gear, but they dressed up like emojis too! Running to and from activities, the best part of the day was that the smiles and heart eyes from campers were even bigger and brighter than those on their clothes and accessories. Whether on the court or in arts and crafts, Starlighters are always smiling from all corners of campus. Happy National Emoji Day!

Building Independence at Camp Starlight

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

Living away from your parents for any period of time is a big adjustment. At camp, campers must learn to do things for themselves and it is through this that independence is learned over the course of the summer.

At Camp Starlight, you are repeatedly encouraged to think for yourself and act on this on a daily basis. This independence builds over the seven weeks and by the end of camp, simple things such as making sure your own area in the bunk is tidy, putting all your dirty laundry in the hamper, or ensuring you’re ready with everything you need for your activities become like second nature.

The self-reliance learned at camp is an awesome skill that assists in everyday life. It boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem as you know that you are capable of doing many things for yourself.

Campers are not left to do everything alone. Counselors and staff members are always present to assist and support Starlighters in their growth throughout the summer. Look out parents- when your camper returns home with their newfound independence, you might just find yourself ‘off duty’ every once in a while.

Recent Camp Starlight Sports News

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Basketball Lower Senior Boys vs Camp Perlman

Camp Perlman was no match for the team play of Starlight. After a strong start from all players, Starlight broke away to steal the win with class. Tyler H. and Maxwell S. had the basket clear in their sights and finished with team high scores of 21 and 13 points respectively. David H. also contributed with 11 points and Ozzie F. scored 10 points. Max G., Sam Y. and Sam S. created lots of movement throughout the court and also snatched 4 points each. A great win for our blue and white Lower Senior boys.

Lower Inter Girls Basketball vs Westmont

The Starlight girls came off the bus and onto the court with a high energy that was hard to match for the opposition, Westmont. Multiple scoring contributions were made to give us the lead early, which Starlight maintained for the remainder of the game. Thanks to an outstanding defensive effort from Sarina S., Hannah G. and Miley Y., Westmont was only able to score 6 points throughout the entire game. On the offensive end, Dylan S. scored 13 points, Avery G. put up 4, Claudia C. contributed 2, and Mikayla T. added 2 points and 6 assists, leading to a final victorious score of 21-6. It was an impressive first game for the 5th grade girls and they’re excited to take on their next competitors.

Lower Senior Boys Basketball vs Morasha

Camp Starlight Lower Senior Boys played hard and competitive in their recent basketball game against Morasha, showing a true demonstration of who we are as Starlighters. The game was intense and evenly matched Each Starlight boy played their heart out.Tyler H., Max G., and David H. scored several points during the game. Maxwell S. and Julien A. had some great steals and Blaze L. had many rebounds just to name a few. The campers from Starlight showed passion, teamwork and sportsmanship and coach Jay was extremely proud of the team’s combined effort and sportsmanship. He said our Starlight boys play the sport the right way- with our traditional Starlight spirit!

Upper Inter Boys vs Nesher

Starlight recently picked up a big 49-19 win over Nesher in the Upper Inter Boys division. A solid performance from all team members made for smooth transitions across the court which resulted in baskets. Leading the scoring for our boys was Ben S. who had a game high 9 points. Avi K. poured in 8 points, while Casey B., Reece M. and Caden Z. netted 6 points each. Finn M. had a nice defensive game with 3 steals and also tallied 4 points. Starlight held a 28-4 lead at half-time and did not look back as they continued to dominate and eventually claim the victory.

Camp Starlight Music Production: Gabby Singing Fix You

Monday, July 30th, 2018

The Best Ways to Enjoy the Camp Starlight Lake

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Camp Starlight would not be complete without the picturesque waterfront. Our two lakes are one of the main reasons that many Starlighters call their summer home “the most beautiful place on Earth”. There are countless ways to explore the waterfront and each different experience is special in its own way. Here are our top picks this summer!


Whizzing around the lake behind the speedboat is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy our Starlight waterfront. Riding the sombrero with four of your best friends is a blast and the twists & turns form nothing short of a thrilling experience.


One of the most relaxing ways to experience the lake is paddling around in a kayak. It’s the perfect way to appreciate the serenity of the Starlight lakes and enjoy your afternoon in the sunshine. Seated in the kayak you feel so close the the water and it’s hard not to notice the calmness surrounding you.

Paddle Boarding

Gliding through the water on a paddle board is an incredible and relaxing way to enjoy the picturesque silhouette of the trees over the lake. Campers love to take the opportunity to paddle board as both a way to splash around and also to stop and take it all in while they’re on the water.

The Top of a Water Toy

Whether it’s on top of the slide, rocking on the rock-it, or making a splash on the avalanche and chaos, being on one of these inflatable contraptions feels like being on top of the world! Waving to friends on the dock as campers play and jump on the waterfront toys is a blast and definitely prime time for some of the funniest and best camp memories.


Hiking around the Starlight lake is truly one of the best things our campus has to offer campers. Accomplishing a full hike around the lake is both an achievement and an incredible way to bond with your lifelong friends. Through paths and meadows, the scenery along the lake is often times just as beautiful as the water itself. Don’t miss it!

Starnight at Camp Starlight

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Starnight was a night to remember. Future Starlighters were accompanied by current Starlighters and Starlight staff for the full Starlight experience. In an atmosphere of “Rahoos” and “H-O-T-T-O-G-O” the Starnighters blended right in and joined in the fun. Junior campers adopted their Starnighters with open bunk doors and open arms as future campers got to see what it’s really like to be a true Starlight camper. The Starlight experience is truly like no other and it showed for future campers and Starlighters alike. In an evening activity full of spirit, tradition, pure joy, and excitement, future Starlighters felt the energy within the building. Starnighters and their families left with special treats, smiles on their faces, and memories to last all summer. With a successfully completed Starnight experience under the Starlight sky, campers and Starnighters already can’t wait for the next one!

Friday Night Speech: Appreciation

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Written by Elizabeth E.

Good Evening…

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Elizabeth E. and I am an upper senior. Thank you for allowing me to come up to talk about the theme of the summer, appreciation, tonight. I would like to start out by saying that 2 of my biggest role models in my life are my older sisters. One is a counselor here this summer. There is 7 year age gap between my oldest sister Sarah and I. So, when I was a lower junior, Sarah was an upper senior. I distinctly remember a time after my lower junior summer when my sister and I were talking about camp and how much we missed it. Sarah turned, looked at me and said, “Elizabeth, you have so many summer left there as a camper. I would do anything to be a junior again and have 8 more summers left at camp. Appreciate it.” Many leagues games, divisional shows, sing-a-longs, and Friday night services later I am now where she once was as an upper senior. I too would do anything to be a lower junior again with so much time as camper left ahead of me. But I would like to think that I took her advice, that I truly appreciated every moment spent here. I now know the importance of stepping back and appreciating every stunning sunset over the lake, every memory made and every one of the 35 girls in my division that I now call family but were once strangers when I was a junior. I don’t know what I would do without them. It’s important to take notice to how much Starlight helps us grow and mature. To appreciate that camp changes us all for the better.

I am now going to give you all the same advice that my sister once gave me. Though you don’t need to be a junior to hear it. Whether you have many years left here or just a few weeks, appreciate every moment spent here. Appreciate the laughs, the smiles and especially all of the people that make this place so amazing. The friendships you make with these people, they will last much longer than the summers spent here. I truly believe that Starlight is a special and one of kind place and that is something to be appreciated.

I, for one, appreciate the opportunity for being asked to speak in front of you all this evening. Thank you again and have a great Friday night. Thank you.


Counselor Spotlight: Ronan B.

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Hailing all the way from Ireland, 21 year old and first time counselor Ronan B. has taken the Lower Plebe division by storm! His campers Reece S. and Jake K. love his accent and his ability to make them laugh all the time. At home, Ronan plays golf and rugby and is a golf specialist and a lifeguard here at camp! While he loves his sports, Ronan’s favorite Camp Starlight activity by far is watching the sunset over Perch Pond. He came across Camp Starlight online through Camp America and he’s so happy he did. His campers Sawyer W., Drew S., Shai A., and Jacob G., love his respectful, funny, nice, and cool attitude. Sitting outside the Starlight Farmhouse, everyone enthusiastically offered several examples of why Ronan is simply awesome. Catch Ronan at the driving range hitting holes in one or by the waterfront making a splash! Thanks for tuning into this counselor profile!

Sharing at Camp Starlight

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Sharing is a value heavily instilled in Starlight campers from the moment they arrive at camp. When you step off the bus you join a community of people who look out for one another as family. Not only is this important during the summer, sharing is a skill that campers carry with them beyond the conclusion of camp. Sharing makes others feel good and in return, you also feel valued and warm inside.

Sharing can be spotted around the corners of campus in many forms. Junior girls sharing tutus and stickers. Inter boys sharing diabolos and decks of cards. Senior girls sharing speakers and jibbets. The list is varied and endless!

Additionally, our bunks are shared spaces for campers and counselors alike, and throughout the summer everyone learns the importance of working together within this area. The real demonstration of our Starlighters’ fantastic sharing capabilities are proven during inspection when everyone shares the responsibility for taking care of their bunk.

Many physical items are shared at camp, although perhaps the most important things shared here can not be touched or held. Time, laughter, friendship, advice and fun are all shared between both campers and staff daily and these things when experienced together at Starlight are magical.


The Junior Show

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Just as another week has come and gone, so has another beautiful and fun production in the Starlight Playhouse. For many of the Juniors, this performance was their first on the Starlight stage—and it was awesome! From the sing banners on the walls and ceiling, to the 50 year legend and Starlight staple Jeff Moss himself, the Playhouse is a place of tradition and family. Adding to the tradition experienced by generations of Starlighters, the Juniors left their first footprint of many to come in the Rec Hall during last night’s production.

Just a few short hours before curtain call, Seniors received their parts for the upcoming senior show. Watching from the long awaited bleacher seats, the Seniors were revelling in the bittersweet approach of their final appearance on the Starlight stage as they watched the Juniors in their first. The oldest Starlighters and Youngest wrapped their arms around each other singing Friends and the Alma Mater. As the Juniors had a beautiful and first time view of the camp joining together as one from onstage, camp had an even better view of the newest generation of Starlighters beginning their career onstage at the Playhouse, as well as their love for all the tradition and family that lives inside.