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Playing Outside at Camp Starlight

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.44.21 PMAttention kids: if you’re still trying to find ways to convince your parents to send you to one summer camp, you’re in the right place! You’ve worked hard in school; maintained good grades, stayed out of trouble (for the most part) picked up extra chores around the house, and have left pictures of camp all over the house as subtle reminders. But if you really want to spend next summer at camp, you have to think like a parent. Parents care about your health and safety (boring, we know) but they are very concerned about you being healthy and productive people. So….if going to camp was actually good for your health, they couldn’t say no, right?!

Present them with this scientifically proven information about how playing outside is good for your health, and that if you spend next summer at camp, you promise to spend most of your time outside!

It’s Good For Your Eyes- A study by Optometry and Vision Science found that kids who play outside have better vision that kids who spend a lot of time staring at TV, cell phone and computer screens

It’s Great For Socialization– (Use the word socialization, it sounds impressive!) When you play outside, you have to learn to take turns and communicate with others in a way that is healthy and productive. It also allows you to exercise your imagination! Playing outside gives you the chance to interact with your peers and learn socially acceptable behavior.

Pay Attention- Do your parents seem to tell you to “pay attention!” all the time? Explain that if you went to summer camp and played outside, you would also be working on increasing your attention span. Studies show playing outside in natural settings has been effective in reducing attention deficit symptoms in children. Explain to your parent that you’re not just going to camp for you, but also so you can be a more attentive child to them. 

Reduce Stress– Studies also show playing outdoors lowers stress levels. You’ve spent the last ten months studying, working, learning, testing, reading, writing and doing math formulas. That is a lot of stress on a developing brain. Spending the summer at camp involve a lot of outdoor play, and also serves as a stress reliever. (Throw in there what a stress free summer your parents could have if they knew you were having the time of your life in a safe and fun place, AND improving your health at the same time!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.43.57 PMPlaying Outdoors is Like Taking Vitamins!- Remind your parents about how the doctor recommended that you take your vitamins, and then remind them that natural sunlight provides vitamin D, a vitamin responsible for preventing future bone problems, diabetes and heart disease. Going to camp and swimming, boating, biking, climbing and running outside is just what the doctor ordered!

Exercise– All of the activity you will be doing at camp is incredible exercise, and is a great way to keep your body weight down, heart rate up and muscles tone. It’s good for your lungs and heart to play outside. Staying active outside is great for your immune system. Expose to natural elements outside reduces the chances you’ll develop autoimmune disorders and allergies. Being outside keeps you from getting sick!

Armed with this information, you are now ready to present your parents with professional, realistic and scientifically proven reasons why , as responsible and loving parents, they really have to let you go to camp!

Good luck, and see you at camp!

Cooking at Camp Starlight

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.17.52 AMOne of the perks about sending your child to Camp Starlight that nobody mentions to parents is that it is very realistic to send your child away for the summer and get a private chef when they return. Your child who only knew how to make a sandwich or had no idea how to boil water could come back as a baking, sautéing, mixing foodie who has a newfound appreciation for seasonings, sauces and the magic that can happen in the kitchen. This transformation begins when kids take advantage of the cooking programs at camp.

The cooking program is taught by specialists with a wide range of experiences. The state-of-the-art facility gives kids the tools, appliances and space to create their favorite dishes and learn a few new ones.

Encouraging your child to explore their culinary side not only ensures your get to try some of their creations once they return home, but also teaches them valuable life skills. Cooking is not just throwing ingredients together and waiting until it’s edible. Cooking is an art, and a way for students to express themselves. The thought, preparation, and emotion that goes into cooking is something many children find challenging but rewarding. They also learn valuable skills such as time management, following directions, and communication, and cooking also perfects math and science skills in a way that is fun and different.

When your child is able to start and finish a project in the kitchen, their self confidence grows and they become more self assured and willing to try new things that seem out of their comfort zone. When they are active in the kitchen and learn about the things that go into their food, they are also learning about making healthy choices when it comes to what they eat.

Cooking also gives kids a sense of purpose, and gives them something they feel they can contribute to the family. Once the family takes a bite of their famous mac and cheese or savory French Onion soup and can’t get enough, they’ll feel accomplished and that they have a valuable quality to contribute to family functions. Even if they just learn basic cooking skills, the importance of cleaning up after yourself, and how to measure properly, they will be ahead of most of their microwave dinner eating peers.

Whether your child is a chef in the making, or is just starting to show interest in the kitchen, cooking at camp is a great way for kids to explore the culinary arts.


5 Ways Kids Can Stay Healthy At Camp

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.13.10 AMParents want to make sure their kids have fun and stay safe at camp, but a main concern for many parents while their kids are away is how to help them stay as healthy as possible. Before you send your kids off to experience the summer of a lifetime, get them in the habit of these 5 things so they can enjoy everything camp has to offer and not spend their time in bed with a runny nose, grumbly tummy or annoying cough.

Eat Well

Camp Starlight knows that kids need to stay well nourished in order to have the energy it takes to swim, climb, dance and play all day long. Healthy choices are available, and getting your kids into the habit of picking something nutritious over something salty or sweet is a great way to boost their immune system and fight off germs. Healthy foods also give your kids the energy they need to be as active as possible, where fatty foods will make them feel sluggish and lazy and may lead to missing out on some great fun with other campers.

Stay Hydrated

Encourage your kids to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Get them excited about it by having them pick out their own water bottle the next time you go to the store. Have a friendly competition within the family to see who can fill up and drink their water bottles the most throughout the day. At camp, kids who stay hydrated stay healthy!

Hand Washing

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.13.50 AMKids are going to be shaking hands and high fiving a lot at camp, and this is a very easy way for germs to spread. Get your kids in the habit of washing their hands after they use the bathroom, before they eat and after spending a lot of time outdoors.


There’s something always a little off when it comes to sleeping and kids. A teenager’s biological clock is set to stay up later and sleep in late (so it’s not totally their fault when you have to go in at noon and wake them up!) Sleep is vital in maintaining a healthy mind and body, and kids who get the recommended amount of sleep for their age group perform better than kids who don’t. Getting enough ZZZ’s also helps the immune system stay strong, and keeps their memory sharp. Kids who get enough sleep report lower stress levels than those who can’t get enough sleep, and lower stress is better for the brain and heart. A well-rested kid can focus on their creativity, concentration and athletic performance, and can fully enjoy everything camp has to offer


Before you send your child to camp, get them in the routine of applying sunscreen before they go outside. Help them understand the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, and assure them they can still get a tan while protecting their skin. Nobody likes to spend 3-4 days of camp walking around like a lobster, flinching every time someone brushes up against his or her fried skin. Over exposure to the sun during childhood has been linked with skin cancers in adulthood. Encourage your child to take the extra two minutes to apply sunscreen and remind them how great they’ll feel if they go home without being burnt!

A healthy camper is a happy camper, and by introducing these easy steps to your child before they get to camp, you’ll rest easy knowing they’re not only having the time of their life in a safe environment, but they are staying healthy as well.

Outside Play at Camp Starlight

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 12.53.49 PMA recent phenomenon child psychologists have been focusing on is environmental recreation. What is environmental recreation? It’s as simple as getting children into the great outdoors! Playing outside improves vision, promotes social skills, increases attention span, produces vitamin D, prevents future bone damage and reduces the chance of heart related diseases, diabetes and stress. Playing outside not only improves a child’s physical abilities, but improves their mind and spirit as well.

It’s no secret that today’s kids don’t spend nearly as much time playing outside as their parents did growing up. There are fewer kickball games with the neighborhood kids and more video games. There are fewer kids racing home when the streetlights come on, sweaty and dirty from hours running and playing outside. As we all know, many kids today are glued to a TV or computer screen until bedtime. The benefits for kids who play outside are endless, and when your child spends their summer at camp, they will develop a love and appreciation for the great outdoors.

When campers are participating in adventure activities, they are stepping out of their comfort zone AND surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature. When they are waterskiing, wakeboarding, sailing or swimming, they are keeping their minds and bodies active and breathing in fresh air. When they are playing team sports like soccer, basketball, football and tennis, they are working up a sweat, becoming fit, and improving their vision. Studies show that kids who play outdoors have better distance vision than kids who spend a lot of time inside. With such great vision, maybe they should try archery!
ZQ1B4eko-aELXBpuV9pxSzTg0kdCE5op-7ddLrBczJ0,rOfiYDnybC7ox78CNoLRi1j4ljoBhIK-HYaSd1REtQk,UNmZOXyvC1Qk0JDEgmThqWBGt8PL_-sAxDmgM-YWkm0When kids are playing outside, they are interacting with other kids, which is a great way to develop social skills. Taking turns, sharing, being part of a team and other important rules learned on a playground (or in this case, on a field, on a boat, or flying through the ropes course) are vital for developing children’s social skills, and will transfer over into how they interact with people in the outside world. Kids who play alone and inside all the time don’t get a chance to learn these important skills.

Spending time outside may also improve the time your child spends inside. By spending time outside and releasing all of that energy, kids are able to focus when it is time to come inside for structured time. Being outside also brings out the curious and investigative side of children, as they are naturally compelled to look, learn, touch and try new things they discover outside.

Kids these days are busy, and can find themselves stressed out and pulled in many different directions before they even hit high school. With the pressure of grades, sports, friends and other responsibilities, a little time outside can really help reduce stress. Time spent swinging, sliding, running, jumping, swimming, competing and discovering outside is fun and even therapeutic for kids who have a lot on their plate.

Research shows many kids these days are vitamin D deficient. You could run to the drugstore and pick up some vitamins, or you could encourage your kids to play outside and get it for free: from the sun! Getting enough vitamin D has been proven to prevent bone problems, diabetes and heart problems.

Because of these (and hundreds of other) reasons, summer camps have countless outdoor activities for kids to try. And, camps cater to all types of kids: a child focused on drama or dance will have just as many opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air as a camper who is focused on athletics or watersports. This is the beauty of summer camp: campers growing appreciation for nature and the health benefits that go along with playing outdoors. Camp is good – actually, great – for all types of kids. The benefits are limitless!