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Sharing at Camp Starlight

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Sharing is a value heavily instilled in Starlight campers from the moment they arrive at camp. When you step off the bus you join a community of people who look out for one another as family. Not only is this important during the summer, sharing is a skill that campers carry with them beyond the conclusion of camp. Sharing makes others feel good and in return, you also feel valued and warm inside.

Sharing can be spotted around the corners of campus in many forms. Junior girls sharing tutus and stickers. Inter boys sharing diabolos and decks of cards. Senior girls sharing speakers and jibbets. The list is varied and endless!

Additionally, our bunks are shared spaces for campers and counselors alike, and throughout the summer everyone learns the importance of working together within this area. The real demonstration of our Starlighters’ fantastic sharing capabilities are proven during inspection when everyone shares the responsibility for taking care of their bunk.

Many physical items are shared at camp, although perhaps the most important things shared here can not be touched or held. Time, laughter, friendship, advice and fun are all shared between both campers and staff daily and these things when experienced together at Starlight are magical.


Visiting Day at Camp Starlight

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

This past weekend was the day that everyone was talking about and waiting for: Visiting Day! At just about 11AM, the large crowd of excited parents and family members eagerly waiting by the Rec Hall ran across the field into the arms of their campers. Campers were thrilled to show their families their visiting-day-ready bunks, beds, and cubbies and introduce them to their counselors and friends. Families went to get their traditional and favorite spots in front of the lake to picnic. While some walked around campus or hiked to Oz, our beautiful waterfall, others took advantage of the many activities offered throughout the afternoon: boat rides, tennis, Home Run Derby, and more. Whatever the activity, everyone spent the day exactly how they wished: with their awesome campers!!! As the day came to a close, hugs, kisses, and excited memories from 2018’s visiting day were exchanged. It was a great day at camp for all Starlighters to be with their loved ones. Now for the next four weeks of fun!

SWF 2018

Monday, July 16th, 2018

SWF 2018 Highlights from Camp Starlight on Vimeo.

Friday Night Speech- Appreciation

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

I am sure many of you can relate that being a younger sibling has its challenges. I had a personal rule that when something great was happening for my older brother, I learned to share in his joy and make it our own. I have continued with this by always reminding my children that all Weiner events are meant to be shared. We all celebrate the joyous events as a family in our house. So a few weeks ago when my daughter, Hannah, had her 8th grade graduation ceremony it was a Weiner event that called for celebration. I made sure our seats were perfect, the cameras were charged, the phones had the proper wifi. Now, having the last name Weiner meant we had a long time to be ready. I started to get ready after I heard Silverman and then I was at the edge of my aisle seat after Wasserman. I had my camera zoomed into the stage and I made every other member of my family capture the moment in a different way. J.J. was to take still pictures on his phone and my daughter Andie would take an iphone video so that we could immediately post the news on Facebook. So as Hannah excitedly crossed the stage to receive her handshakes and certificate, the only thing I captured was me on the video, saying “Oh, darn it, I missed it!” Did that just happen, did anyone else get the video for me?   Did I miss it? I never stopped to appreciate the moment.

Living in the moment is a tricky thing in the year 2018. There are so many things that take us away from the things we need to focus on. Now at camp we are lucky, we can remove about half of our distractions, but how do we really appreciate Camp Starlight? Last Monday the Junior Girls had an opportunity to learn about appreciating what is here at Camp Starlight. They learned how to listen to the many sounds that exist on our way to Oz. They closed their eyes and heard, birds, some buzzing insects, the crunch of the leaves on the ground and even some wind blowing through the trees. Girls, would you all agree it was easier to hear with our eyes closed? Well, I am asking everyone here not just the Junior Girls to listen closely and remember to appreciate what we have, but remember to also keep your eyes open. Wide open. Look for the beautiful sights too; the lake, the shale lined paths and if you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of a bird, a fish or even a field mouse. Because if you are too busy just walking you might miss something cool. Appreciation is like that, we can miss it.

When you get to be my age, you realize that appreciation can often come when it’s too late. I spent the first half of my life traveling the world. My grandparents lived in Europe and we often took a jaunt to France, or a flight to Spain on our way to visit them. I had seen some of the most amazing wonders of the world, by the time I was 13. Places like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Dorek Temples of Sicily. I swam in the Great Barrier Reef and I climbed to the top of Ayers Rock. But now I wish I could have those same experiences again so this time I could truly appreciate them. I never really appreciated what was in front of me. I was too busy complaining about the heat and the long drive to “another ancient ruin”. Missing chances to appreciate what is in front of you can be little things too, like when your band aid falls off at Outdoor adventure and you wish you had it on your hand as your climbing up the rock wall. Or a bunk mate is trying to ask you to be a swim buddy or sit next to you at dinner and you are too busy trying to be friends with someone else, you could miss those moments too. You could spend your whole summer trying to make one best friend and not appreciate the experience of making 9 best friends in one room. There are people and places to appreciate all around us. So remember to listen deeply with your ears, open your eyes wide and most importantly open your hearts and minds to the people who you will share the summer with.

So how do we slow ourselves down to appreciate CAMP STARLIGHT? We can always get a new band aid, but we cannot always mend the feelings of a friendship we never worked on or miss an opportunity to try a new activity. We are lucky we don’t have cameras or Facebook to distract us here. If you open your ears, you’ll hear the loudest birds in Pennsylvania. If you open your eyes, you’ll see one of the most incredible sunsets in the world. Most importantly, if you open your hearts, you’ll have a community of people who will always love you. I appreciate every day that I get to spend here, I appreciate all my wonderful counselors who I get to work with, I appreciate all the staff that supports me in my daily endeavors and I appreciate the fun loving Juniors who remind me about the unbridled joy of being at camp.

Friday Night Speech

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Once, a farmer decided to sell his farm. He had lived there a long time and thought there might him be something better waiting for him. So, he decided to ask his friend – who was a poet – to write the description of his farm for the advertisement. This is what the poet wrote:

“A beautiful property where birds sing at dawn, extensive woodland that’s bisected by the brilliant and sparkling waters of a large stream. The farmhouse is bathed in the light of the rising sun in the morning. During the evening there is plenty of tranquil shade to enjoy on the beautiful veranda”

Several weeks later, the poet met the farmer and asked him if he had sold his farm yet? “No”, the farmer replied. “After I read your description of my farm, I decided not to sell. I had never seen what you described. I guess I didn’t appreciate what I had…”

Since this year’s service theme is “appreciation”, I decided to look it up in the dictionary. This is what it said:

“A feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude.”

But, for me it is more than just a “thank you”…for me it

is acknowledging and giving acceptance to something or someone.

It seems to me that sometimes we don’t appreciate all the good things around us…Just like the farmer who didn’t appreciate his farm. Sometimes our eyes are closed to great things and great people that are right in front of our eyes. People we can listen to and learn from.

And, I’ve discovered, you don’t have necessarily like someone or something to appreciate it…to be able to take advantage of the gifts they can bring us.

Even more importantly, we need to appreciate everyone ‘s right to “be”; everyone’s right to share this world with us…no matter how different they may be from us. Yes, they may look different from us…. they may think differently from us…indeed…. they may be very different from us. But we need to respect their rights as a person…as much as they need to respect ours.

Appreciation begins as mutual respect…it can lead to friendship…and, yes, even love.

Look around this amazing scene tonight.

Starlight is filled with people and opportunities waiting to be appreciated by the campers who are lucky enough to be here…and who appreciate that they are lucky enough to be here.

They can give you gifts that you can take home with you and treasure forever.

Life is funny, you know.

In the beginning there is birth.

In the end there is death.

Everything in between is a ”gift”.

That’s why we call it the “present”.

So, appreciate everything that is here for you in the “present”.






10 From 10: The Top Ten Favorite Things from the First 10 days at Starlight

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Today marks the tenth day at our beautiful summer home. To celebrate, some of our Junior campers were happy to share their favorite part about Camp Starlight so far! Here’s our top ten list:

  1.  Meeting new people

Abby F. from Bunk 4 is enjoying her very first summer at camp and is so happy to be meeting all the new, wonderful people here. She has already made so many new friends and loves all her counselors!

  1. Rock Garage

This creative space in The Starlight Studios hits the top spot for Isaac O. from Bunk 1. He loves learning to play guitar and is getting better with each visit!

  1. Sports

Hudson S. and Mason G. from Bunk 6 both especially love golf. It’s their favorite sport to play at home with their family, and they love it even more when they get to play at camp with their best friends.The boys are getting lots of practice with their swings and our Golf Specialists are helping them improve their skills. Brandon M. from Bunk 6 prefers hockey. He loves rollerblading and thinks it’s the best sport in the world!

  1. Evening Activities

Emily M. from Bunk 6 said her favorite part of camp so far has been the fun things she gets to do as the sun sets for the day. She thinks it’s great to spend time with her bunk at the awesome evening activities.

  1. Bunk friends

Belle S. from Bunk 4 said it’s the best feeling to have turned her whole bunk into sisters already. She’s so excited for rest of summer with her new family!

  1. Trying new activities

Abby P. and Jordyn L. from Bunk 2 both agree all the new activities they are trying at camp are the coolest. From Outdoor Adventure and the swimming toys in the lake, to Polar Bear Club and Basketball, these girls are trying it all.

  1. The lake

Emma S. from Bunk 4 loves cooling off in the lake each day! She loves to cheer and sing songs with her friends and counselors while she swims. Caden S. and Teddy S. love tubing the most. They love getting splashed by the water on a hot day and think it is fun when the staff drive the boat really fast.

  1. Camp siblings

Lila W. from Bunk 6 thinks her camp sisters are the best! She loves spending time with them and the sibling sundae lunch was a highlight. Eve F. from Bunk 4 said her older camp siblings are her new role models!

  1. Free play time

Ari B. from Boy’s Bunk 6 picks free time after dinner as his favorite part of the day. He loves having the opportunity to explore different areas of camp with all his friends from the other bunks!


Ethan S. from Bunk 1 thinks it’s too difficult to pick the best part about camp so far because EVERYTHING is simply amazing!

At Camp Starlight, we have something to engage everyone’s interests making this the very best place to spend a summer!

Camp Starlight Opening Day Video

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Friendships Growing Between New Campers As The Days Go By

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Many things inevitably grow over the course of the summer: the grass, your height, and of course, everyone’s love for Camp Starlight skyrockets to new levels. As the days roll by, the most noticeable growth and developments are the prospering friendships between new campers.

First introductions are made by playing games where campers can discover and bond over their similarities. As you spend more time together you become comfortable sharing your story with your friends and bunkmates who become (like) family.

Whether you’ve spent the morning on the soccer field or paddling on the lake, you learn to work as a team and it’s clear that respect, appreciation and admiration are forming between friends.

Cheers and chants can be heard around every corner. Over the dinner table the events of the day are retold in perfect detail with the campers laughing all over again like it was really happening for the second time.

Back in the bunk over flashlight time, conversations jump from the serious to the silly within moments leading to the inevitable progression of camp friends becoming forever friends.

Everyone Loves a Cookout

Friday, June 29th, 2018

Break out the anywhere chairs— it’s time for a cookout! Hearing their division called on the loudspeaker summons a crowd of hungry and eager campers to the cookout site. While the Seniors serve the chef’s best knishes, hot dogs, hamburgers, and watermelon, they also serve up some hilarious tactics to get the campers enticed by lettuce, pickles, and onions to top their burgers. From lower juniors to CA’s and staff, there is not a knish left to spare. Campers and staff laugh, eat, play games and throw footballs in front of the scenic Pocono mountains.

Not only is the food delicious and the view unbelievable, but like most things at camp, it’s clearly all about the people. Camp siblings, relatives, friends, counselors, department heads, key staff, and day-campers all join together to enjoy the meal. Starlight is truly one big family, and it shows. It’s almost impossible to find people by bunk at a cookout because everyone is together, interacting with all members of the Starlight family. At a Camp Starlight cookout, everyone is part of the empty-plate club and leaves with full stomachs and full hearts excited for the evening activity. Everyone loves a cookout!

Singin in Starlight Studios

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

The Rec Hall is a special place on camp that is home to both the Starlight Playhouse, known for its incredible performances, sing-alongs, and talent; and its newest creative spot: “The Basement”

The Starlight Studios was already a musician and maker’s dream with its radio broadcasting, video production, garage band, and makerspace; and the addition of “The Basement” takes it up another notch. With a piano, stage, stools, microphones, and sound equipment, “The Basement” is a singer’s oasis. Whether you are a trained singer or a diamond in the rough, “The Basement” is a space for all campers to hone their craft.

Kirstin G., the voice specialist at Starlight for the summer of 2018, is pumped. After just one full day of activities and having campers in the studio she said, “It has been so much fun!” From our Juniors to our Seniors, campers have been singing, dancing, and getting Footloose in “The Basement.”

The Lower Debs recently visited this awesome new area to let out their camp excitement at the top of their lungs– quite literally. Receiving compliments from other Starlight Studio staff and nearby campers, these girls knew how to bring the fun.

Kirstin is so excited for other age groups to experience “The Basement” for the first time and they can’t wait to be there! The perfect den to rock out with friends, this newest space in The Starlight Studios should expect lots of visitors and awesome times this summer!