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Looking Forward to Summer Camp

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014
As we head into the colder winter months, children are settled into their school routines and deep into schoolwork, homework and after school schedules. This is also the time of year for children to look forward to the carefree summer months ahead at sleepaway camp. For Starlight campers – and camp staff too, by the way – summer camp is a magical experience that is difficult to capture in words. Camp is a place to enjoy powerful experiences for a lifetime of memories and lasting friendships.
Reconnecting with Nature Being a camper means unplugging from electronics and connecting to the natural environment. Camp Starlight is a delightful spot surrounded by mountain views, acres and acres of woodlands and two private spring-fed lakes. Children discover the joys of activity in the greenery of the countryside by day, and gathering under the starlit sky at night. Returning campers look forward to shedding the constraints of winter clothing, schedules and schoolwork. At camp, they can take advantage of spontaneous learning opportunities as they pursue activities in a gorgeous piece of paradise on camp grounds. Summer camp gives children back their opportunity to explore the outdoors and reconnect with nature. Face-to-Face Relationships In today’s world of social media, too many young people communicate with friends through texting and posting. When children look forward to summer camp, a large part of the excitement is the anticipation of picking up relationships with established camp friends and making new ones. Just spotting a former bunkmate and saying hello can conjure up wonderful memories of athletics activities, outdoor adventures, fine arts and crafts projects, water sports, performances and Olympics enjoyed together. Over and over again, you hear campers and camp staff describe the camp experience as being a part of an extended family. And it is within that Camp Starlight family that campers share their joys, work out their problems and hone interpersonal skills that will last a lifetime.
The Freedom to Explore Campers look forward to the opportunity to build on current interests and explore new ones at camp. From the moment reveille sounds in the morning until the end of the evening program and Taps, campers join their camp friends for a full day of engaging activities. Whether it is perfecting the butterfly stroke or learning to kayak, meeting the challenges of overnight outdoor camping or participating in musical theater performances, campers look forward to participating in stimulating scheduled activities while enjoying the freedom to explore new options within the structure of the camp day. Two daily elective periods insure that campers can choose from an extensive roster of activities, providing the space to grow as an individual by pursuing personal interests. Now is the time that many campers start renewing camp friendships and look forward to the excitement of the summer ahead.

The Anatomy of a S’mores

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

At Camp Starlight, everyone looks forward to getting in on the action and making s’mores. But what is it about s’mores that gets us asking for – you guessed it – some more?

The sticky, ooey, gooey, utterly delicious ingredients, that’s what!

People say there is a National S’mores Day celebrated on August 10 every year, but you don’t have to wait until then to eat s’mores. To make s’mores, you start when the sun goes down. Everyone gathers around the roaring camp fire hungry for an after dinner sweet treat. Bring along chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows. It doesn’t matter if the chocolate is milk chocolate or dark chocolate – you pick. And don’t forget the skewers, unless you are planning to use twigs like the old days.

Very carefully, break the graham crackers and chocolate into squares. A half of a regular sized chocolate bar and two attached graham crackers will do nicely. Remember, you are kind of making a chocolate and marshmallow sandwich, so you will need two squares of graham crackers.

Now for the best part. Stick your skewer, or twig, right through the center of the marshmallow so it doesn’t fall off. Then roast the marshmallow over the fire until the outside is brown, not burnt, and the inside is really, really gooey. If the marshmallow does fall off into the fire, don’t worry! Just take another one and start over.

When the marshmallow is done, it is time to put together your s’mores. Use one piece of graham cracker as the base, then place the chocolate on top, and then put the hot marshmallow on top of that. Be careful not to burn your fingers! Then add the last layer, the other piece of graham cracker.

But the s’mores is not ready for eating yet!

Just wait a minute or two so the hot marshmallow melts the chocolate just a little bit. Now, take a bite and enjoy your sticky, ooey, gooey, oh so good chocolate marshmallow graham cracker treat!