Bunk Specialist

Bunk Specialists spend their entire day traveling with their bunk of campers. Bunk Specialists are role models who utilize their high energy and sense of empathy to help campers learn a new skill or tackle a new challenge. Throughout the day Bunk Specialists oversee and participate in all of their camper's activities. To be a Bunk Specialist you must be patient, prioritize safety, be flexible, and value the development of children.

Activity Specialist

Activity specialists instruct campers of all ages in their specialty area for the six-period day. Activity Specialists also live in a bunk with campers, have bunk responsibilities, and serve as role models for their campers.

We hire activity specialists in the following areas:

  • Athletics (Basketball, Baseball, Fitness, Flag Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey and Figure Skating, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball).
  • Creative Arts (Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, Cooking, Glass Fusion, Jewelry Making, Leather Making, Painting, and Woodworking).
  • Options (Broadcasting, Chess, Digital Photography, Eco-Science, Rocketry, Robotics, 3D Printing, and Video Production).
  • Outdoor Adventure (Archery, Fishing, High and Low Ropes, Hiking, and Outdoor Living Skills).
  • Waterfront (Lifeguarding, Swim Instructing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Waterskiing and Wakeboarding).
  • Performing Arts (Circus, Dance, Guitar, Magic, Music Production, Piano, Rock Band, and Theater Improvisation).

Department Head

Department Heads lead, teach, supervise, and ensure safety in your specialty area. Department Heads must be able to teach and work with children from the ages 7-15 years old, have in-depth knowledge of the area and teaching mechanic, extensive background in coaching or teaching (college or high school), the ability to run and facilitate a daily program for multiple levels of experience, and be able to manage college-aged students. These roles include: Athletic Director, Head of Basketball, Head of Baseball, Head of Hockey, Head of Soccer, Head of Lacrosse, Head of Tennis, Head of Outdoor Adventure, Head of Waterfront, Head of Gymnastics, Head of Dance, Head of Arts and Crafts, and Head of Cooking.

Support Staff

Support Staff work behind the scenes to help camp run as smooth as possible. Jobs in this department include working in Food Service, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Health Center, and Office.

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