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Miss Starlight 2014

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

One of the best parts of working at summer camp is that one frequently has the opportunity to participate in activities and events in which one wouldn’t necessarily engage at home. One such “opportunity” for male counselors at Camp Starlight is the Miss Starlight Pageant. Yes…You read that correctly: MISS Starlight Pageant. For anyone who has ever wondered what would happen if roughly a dozen girls were unleashed onto a male staff member–makeup, wigs, costumes, and props in hand to transform into the best looking semblance (kind of) of a female beauty contestant that they can, the Miss Starlight Pageant would definitely be a “can’t miss” activity at camp.

The remainder of this blog should probably be prefaced with a disclosure that nomale staff members were–or are ever–harmed in the making of the Miss Starlight Pageant. In fact, they volunteer…happily. Being crowned Miss Starlight is a BIG deal for both the girls bunks and their adopted “contestants.”

Once the contestants are beautified (term used loosely…very loosely), they take the stage to compete in a series of rounds to convince a panel of judges, as in traditional beauty pageants, why they should be crowned Miss Starlight. Following the initial Evening Wear round, the contestants are whittled first to ten and then finally to five before the winner is crowned. The first runner-up, of course, has big shoes to fill in the event that Miss Starlight cannot fulfill her–er–his role.

Unlike traditional beauty pageants, however, the Miss Starlight pageant is not reserved for the young. All ages, nationalities, and races are represented and competitive. In fact, one of this year’s semi-finalists was a granny who required a walking stick. Celebrities and pseudo-celebrities are also drawn to the Miss Starlight pageant. “Ellen Degeneres” danced her way across the Miss Starlight stage and into the semi-finals in this year’s competition…and she didn’t even have to wear a dress to do it.

Bamela Anderson–not to be confused with Pamela Anderson, though as similar in appearance to Pamela Anderson as a 20 something male lifeguard wearing a long blonde wig and a red Baywatch style swimsuit can be–was a pseudo-celeb who clearly showed up to win. Though her CPR talent demonstration was easily one of the most CPR demonstrations ever presented and elevated her to the status as the one to beat, she faced some tough competition from “Berica,” a purple loving weight lifter.  In the end, however, Bamela’s fun loving attitude and passion for her life as a lifeguard secured her the crown and the title of Miss Starlight. As for the Lakehouse, her sponsoring bunk, well…they get the bragging rights of having “created” Miss Starlight 2014.

Name That Tune Camp Siblings

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

S-Days are already special days, but when one concludes with music, excitement and ice cream (for the winners), they’re extra special. And an extra special occasion the most recent S-Day was. A special Camp Starlight edition of Name That Tune brought camp siblings together to test their knowledge of all things  Starlight in categories such as Dining Room Songs, Starlight Playhouse and Sports Anthems.

For anyone wondering who–or what–a camp sibling is, campers are brought together in groups of threes at the beginning of camp and attend designated sibling activities throughout the summer as brothers and sisters. Older “siblings” function as mentors for younger campers.

At Name That Tune, siblings were given a snippet of a song and had to guess the song name and artist. Hearing songs like “I’m a Believer” from the recent all camp show Shrek the Musical brought campers to their feet for lots of dancing. The theme of teamwork echoed throughout the night. “It felt good to win because I was working with my friends and camp sisters,” said Junior Lindsay S. And there was an extra special surprise for campers at the conclusion of the competition: The two teams with the highest scores were whisked off to everyone’s favorite ice cream shop, Alice’s Cow Palace.

Let me take a selfie…

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

What’s better than a Camp Starlight dance party? A Camp Starlight dance party with a photo booth, that’s what!

Mustache Bash

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

By now, most people know that mustaches are a “thing” here at Camp Starlight. In fact, mustaches are such a thing here that we held a bash in their honor appropriately called “The Mustache Bash.” Campers put on their best mustache gear, wigs, and tutus (of course) and danced the night away with their counselors. We decided that we “mustache” a few of our campers for the inside scoop on all things Mustache Bash. Click on the photo below to hear what they had to say.

OMG!…Oh My Girls Visits Camp Starlight

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Have you ever heard of a vision board? Do you know how to make a healthy smoothie?  When you want to relax, do you know how? Much of Girls Camp got the opportunity to learn the answers to all of these questions during special workshops conducted by Oh My Girls this past S Day. Oh My Girls, according to its website, is the “first ever health club designed exclusively for girls ages 8-18,” and teaming up with Camp Starlight to present the Upper Inter Girls and Debs with such a uniquely fun and constructive day was their first venture into the world of residential summer camp.

Claire Liever-Saul, Oh My Girls Vice President, helped the Upper Inter Girls andLower Debs learn some techniques for de-stressing, including proper breathing during the Meditation and Stress Management workshop. Sydney M., one of the Upper Inters who was eager to share her experience, particularly enjoyed the lavender and Hershey Kiss exercise. “She put lavender in the window, and told us to smell it and think about how calm it made us. Then, she told us to suck on a Hershey Kiss and think about good things.” Says fellow Upper Inter Jamie F., “It worked really well!”

After learning how to relax, the girls made vision boards during the Design Your Life session with Life Coach Christine Judge. Vision boards are collages that encourage you to envision your lifestyle at a certain point in your life, whether it be in a year or ten. The idea is that creating a vision board helps literally helps you visualize your own success and enables you to focus on the steps you must take in order to achieve it, and the project scored very highly with virtually all of the girls. “The vision boards were really cool!” Jamie said, “not just doing your own but seeing other people’s goals as well.” Charlotte S. said that she enjoyed making a vision board because it got her thinking about what she really wanted. “It was a lot of fun to think about the things that I wanted to put on my board.”

Some of the girls found the Spinach Challenge the most interesting part of the day. As part of a demonstration that eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad, the girls were encouraged to add one leaf of spinach to their berry smoothies during a smoothie making session. Although many were skeptical and a bit skittish at first, those who accepted the challenge were pleasantly surprised to learn that they couldn’t taste the spinach at all. Says Lily H., “I put in four big leaves, and it was delicious!” The Spinach Challenge was also part of a session entitled Not Just Any Body, Your Body conducted by LCSW Randi Zimmerman. “We learned that it’s really important to love yourself however you are, and that being fit and healthy doesn’t mean you have to look a certain way.” said Jamie F.  Added Charlotte S., “She used an example of not liking your nose. She told us to think about all of the things we do with our nose, like smell, and to ask ourselves what we would do without our nose. She told us that when there is a part of our body that we don’t like, we should say to ourselves, ‘My_______makes me unique.’”

The day also included a circuit training fitness session with Camp Starlight’s own very popular and much beloved Head of Fitness Richelle, which also scored high marks with the girls. It wasn’t just the campers who gave the day two enthusiastic thumbs up either. “I think it’s great that they [Oh My Girls] came,” Upper Inters Division Leader Janelle said, “It was a fun, informative day for the girls, and I think they really enjoyed it. Many of them had never done anything like that before.”

Later in the day, the Upper Deb Girls enjoyed a panel with all three of the Oh My Girls Specialists during which many of the ideas presented to the Upper Inter and Lower Deb Girls were discussed in an open forum.

Oh My Girls was founded by Lisa Rosen and Claire Lieber-Saul, both professional mothers of young girls, in order to “create an environment that aims to put the fun back in girlhood while guiding its members toward healthful and successful living in a most challenging time.”  In addition to workshops, All My Girls also offers cooking and fitness classes as well as party packages for birthdays and special events. If you would like to learn more about Oh My Girls and the services they offer, visit their website

Silent Storm Silent Disco Comes to Camp Starlight

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

It could have been a scene from Big Bang Theory or Impractical Jokers: Camp Starlight campers and staff dancing to…silence.  But it was actually one of the newest up and coming party trends called silent disco powered by Silent Storm Sound System.  Yes, you heard us correctly.  Silent disco.  No, it’s not a sacred ritual in memoriam to what some might call John Travolta’s best years.  It’s a way to make sure that no one thinks the playlist is bad.  Everyone was given a headset that allowed them to choose their own tunes and dance the night away without decibel levels to cause vibrations which measure on the Richter scale throughout Starlight, Pennsylvania.

We won’t lie.  Silent disco is not only tremendous fun but it’s a bit comical, too.  Watching a roomful of people each dancing without hearing the sounds behind the moves made for a night of hilarity and awesome times!  It was a huge hit with everyone.  In fact, it was still the subject of conversation at breakfast the next morning for many of our campers and staff.  The general consensus is that everyone can’t wait to try it again!  We definitely raised the roof…but this time we didn’t have to crank up a few amplifiers as high as they could go.

yaD sdrawkcaB – Backwards Day

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Something strange has been going on at camp today – everything is backwards!

We all awoke to the sound of Taps this morning, and Jason announcing that it was, “yaD sdrawkcaB.”  Our counselors had all got their staff shirts on backwards and some had gone to extremes and were wearing everything backwards!  If that wasn’t enough to confuse us, we then had Taps and Night Bites before having evening activity.  Junior girls were playing Panic which is great to play any time of day, but even the division leaders had switched around so it all just felt a little peculiar. 

We were then called to the dining hall for dinner – some people were even walking backwards to get there.  Straight after we had flag lowering which was very odd as we were pretty sure we had lowered it the night before.  The bunk of the day skipped backwards round the flagpole and the campers all lined up the wrong way round.  We then got to sign up for Super Sixth and then the activities for the day started in reverse order.

Polar Bear Club ran at 5pm, just before shower hour and breakfast and then something happened and everything went back to normal again.  Well, kind of.  We went to sleep to the sound of reveille……….

Crazy Days and Whacky Nights

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Parents, do you ever log onto your computer to check out the camp photos for the day, see your child painted in blue from head to toe or maybe wearing a crazy wig and big nerdy glasses and wonder, ‘What in the world?’  The answer probably has something to do with your summer camp’s special events and evening activities.  For fifty plus nights (and some days) summer camps entertain your children with some of the zaniest games and wackiest contests that they can come up with.  Why?  Because it’s fun to be painted in blue from head to toe…seriously.  Or at least it is when your bunk is performing a dance to the Smurfs theme in front of the entire camp and you’re Papa Smurf—or Smurfette.  And seeing images of your children and their counselors slipping, sliding, and splashing around in what appears to be multi-colored goo…it’s a camp thing…a really fun camp thing.  Eye patches are always fun.  So is spending a day pretending to be pirates and searching for buried treasure.   Becoming a secret agent and collecting clues to decode a message or pretending to be wild animals is also a great way to spend that occasional non-program day.  From trivia contests to talent contests and everything in between, some of the greatest moments of summer camp happen during the crazy days and wacky nights!