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Past the Post Camp Lull

Monday, November 5th, 2012

It’s here.  The lull.  The point at which the reality has set in that summer is over but next summer isn’t quite real enough.  By now, most of us have shared our favorite memories of camp at least a half dozen times with anyone who will listen  and we’ve actually started to settle into our fall habits, even if we still catch ourselves humming camp songs in that off moment while riding in the car or doing homework.  There is a peacefulness about this time of year, though, because it’s the point at which we really begin to grasp the summer couple of months, reflect on them, and embrace the memories of them.  Believe us!  We’re not joking when we say that for those of us at camp, the summer passes with lightning speed.  Blink more than once and miss it speed, in fact.

It’s hard to really take it all in in the moment.  But one of the best things about camp is that it is something that can be savored.  Henry David csluThoreau wrote, “But the place which you have selected for your camp, though never so rough and grim, begins at once to have its attractions, and becomes a very centre of civilization to you.”  And he was right.  Camp is as much a mindset as it is a place.  For the next ten months, things will regularly happen that will remind us of something that happened at camp.  Whether it was a heart to heart with a counselor, a favorite activity, or even just the adventurous spirit that comes with discovering something new, each summer at camp is full of about a million opportunities to learn just a little bit more about life, some of them impossible to realize until well after the original moment has passed but each of them capable of taking campers and staff back to that “place.”

Take Me–Or Lower Camp–Out to the Ballgame

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

One trip to which each division looks forward every year is a trip to see one of the local professional baseball teams.  This year, everyone enjoyed the Binghamton Mets.  The Binghamton Mets are the Minor League affiliate of a slightly better known team of Mets…The New York Mets.  Most campers enjoy the time at the Mets game socializing with their friends and (frequently) visiting the concession stand.  But, hey, we have baseball fans here at Camp Starlight.  So we set out to find out, out of sheer curiosity, who won the game the night that Camp Starlight Lower Camp paid a visit.  First we asked the Junior Girls, who were happy to report that Camp Starlight was captured by the candid cam on the stadium’s jumbo screen, which was SO COOL.  But weren’t really sure who’d won the game.  Next, we tried the Inter Girls, who thought the ice cream was awesome.  They had a lot of fun with their friends.  No word about the score.

Well, baseball is really more of a boys sport anyway, isn’t it?  So we headed over to boys camp.  The Junior Boys could tell us that the Mets lost. Yay! (Yay that the Junior Boys knew that the Mets lost not yay that the Mets lost.) They couldn’t tell us the score.  How about who they played?  No dice.  Okay, did they have fun?  Yes!  On to the Inter Boys…Someone ate an entire tub of popcorn.  Someone else thought the hot dogs were awesome.  The Mets had played a team that started with an H.  They didn’t know the Mets lost, and they’d forgotten the score.  But it was SO MUCH fun!  We finally checked the website to get to the bottom of mystery…The Mets did lose.  They also played a team that started with an H.  Harrisburg, to be exact.  The score was 3-2.  The Mets may not have scored big, but our Lower Camp’s scored HUGE fun for the evening!

Lower Camp Rules the Roost!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Two of the most special days for Lower Camp each summer are Junior and Inter Day.  For two whole days Upper Camp is away, and our Lower Camp divisions each get a turn to rule the camp on opposite days respectively.  Even more special than having virtually the entire camp to themselves, they get to engage in a day of specially planned themed activities.  From Intergalactic and international events to a rahoo festival, the Inters had an action packed day filled with fun, a little competition, and a lot of bonding.  Meanwhile, the Juniors are having a blast with their Junior Aquarium and Karate Kid themes.  For both Inters and Juniors there has been lots of water activities—including, yes, lots of tubing and paddle boarding.  There have also scavenger hunts, games, string webs, and everyone’s favorite dinners, cookout for the Inters and spaghetti tacos for the Juniors.  As for the rest of camp, everyone returns from their trips on Wednesday and the buses will barely be out of camp before we start hearing that familiar cheer…”1,3, 5, 6.  We want Olympics!”  It’s surreal that we’re already this far into the summer.

SWF: A Recap

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

For all of this year’s SWF teams, it was a night of romping around in a wrestling ring filled with…something slimy and orange.  The first match pit team Niko against Team Lachlyn and it wasn’t a match to determine which one was the cutest.  Honestly, could we really declare a winner in that battle?  It was a down and dirty showdown to see which team would emerge victorious—until next year.   The match was a close one but Team Lachlyn nudged Team Niko to come out on top.  The kitchen staff took on the maintenance staff in the next round.  It seems working in maintenance builds more muscle than working in the kitchen…at least for Omar.  Other battles included: The Avengers Battle Royal (The Incredible Hulk still knows how to take out his opponents!); a fight amongst the seven dwarfs for Snow White (Prince who?  This match was a charm for Sneezy.); the Camp Starlight Winter Staff versus—well—“other” camps (Let’s hear it for A. Lee, LJ, and Patrick!); and a Battle of the Bands with Lady Gaga coming out on top of One Direction, Justin Bieber, the Spice Girls, Nicki Minaj, and Kei$ha (Are we really surprised that the victor was someone who wears costumes made of meat?).  In the grand showdown, Jason was unable to hold onto his title for another year as Evan emerged the new SWF champion…And that’s your SWF 2012 recap!