Lower Camp Rules the Roost!

Two of the most special days for Lower Camp each summer are Junior and Inter Day.  For two whole days Upper Camp is away, and our Lower Camp divisions each get a turn to rule the camp on opposite days respectively.  Even more special than having virtually the entire camp to themselves, they get to engage in a day of specially planned themed activities.  From Intergalactic and international events to a rahoo festival, the Inters had an action packed day filled with fun, a little competition, and a lot of bonding.  Meanwhile, the Juniors are having a blast with their Junior Aquarium and Karate Kid themes.  For both Inters and Juniors there has been lots of water activities—including, yes, lots of tubing and paddle boarding.  There have also scavenger hunts, games, string webs, and everyone’s favorite dinners, cookout for the Inters and spaghetti tacos for the Juniors.  As for the rest of camp, everyone returns from their trips on Wednesday and the buses will barely be out of camp before we start hearing that familiar cheer…”1,3, 5, 6.  We want Olympics!”  It’s surreal that we’re already this far into the summer.

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