SWF: A Recap

For all of this year’s SWF teams, it was a night of romping around in a wrestling ring filled with…something slimy and orange.  The first match pit team Niko against Team Lachlyn and it wasn’t a match to determine which one was the cutest.  Honestly, could we really declare a winner in that battle?  It was a down and dirty showdown to see which team would emerge victorious—until next year.   The match was a close one but Team Lachlyn nudged Team Niko to come out on top.  The kitchen staff took on the maintenance staff in the next round.  It seems working in maintenance builds more muscle than working in the kitchen…at least for Omar.  Other battles included: The Avengers Battle Royal (The Incredible Hulk still knows how to take out his opponents!); a fight amongst the seven dwarfs for Snow White (Prince who?  This match was a charm for Sneezy.); the Camp Starlight Winter Staff versus—well—“other” camps (Let’s hear it for A. Lee, LJ, and Patrick!); and a Battle of the Bands with Lady Gaga coming out on top of One Direction, Justin Bieber, the Spice Girls, Nicki Minaj, and Kei$ha (Are we really surprised that the victor was someone who wears costumes made of meat?).  In the grand showdown, Jason was unable to hold onto his title for another year as Evan emerged the new SWF champion…And that’s your SWF 2012 recap!

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