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10 for 2!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Who lives ten for two? Need we ask? It is funny how to the outside world this question has no meaning. However, to us Starlighters, it has become our motto, what we live for, those 2 months of camp. For the next “10” months, we will be busy working on more wonderful additions to our program and facility, hiring another amazing staff and planning a summer full of more exciting activities and fun. We are so fortunate to do what we do and be part of camp all year round. But we know that for you waiting these ten months until we are together again in the “18461” is the hardest. So we hope that you will continue to feel connected this winter by reading The Starlighters, watching the video yearbook, checking out new promotional video, joining us at the Summer of 2010 reunion, and reading the Starlight Blog. We also suggest that when you have a moment when you are just plain old missing camp that you reach out – give us a call, shoot us an e-mail or write us a blog, because we understand how hard it is to live 10 for 2.

David and Allison

Invite to a Fairy Tale Party – Part 2

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Dear Fairytale Friends

I am cordially inviting you to my fantabulous party. The following people will be coming: bunk 19 and many fairytale friends. Please wear wands/wings, if you are a fancy fairy–or your costume from your movie. It will be held at four o’clock on Sunday in Never Land, which is located on the second star to the right. The entertainment will be songs from your movies, karaoke. We will also make magic wands and decorate wings. I will provide food like soup, noodles, meat, salad, peanut butter, apples, cake, cupcakes, milkshakes and candy. I would love to see you there.

Love, Ally Fairy

Please respond by Saturday

Call: (888) NEVERLAND


Many thanks to Loren Javier for the wonderful photo.

Invite to a Fairy Tale Party – Part 1

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Dear Tinkerbelle,

Come join me and all of my friends at my fairytale bat mitzvah on May 27th, 2011. Meet me at the dragon’s castle in Camp Starlight. We will provide food, drinks, and lots of entertainment. (Don’t worry. I have fulfilled everyone’s eating needs). The dress code for the party is black tie or cultural clothing. You will be picked up by a horse drawn or pumpkin carriage.

Please, RSVP at (888) FAIRYTALE

I’ll be waiting!!

Thanks to Realtor Susan for the Tink pic!

Letter from Camp

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Dear Lord Pickles,

Here I am at camp, lying on my magic carpet during beauty sleep hour. I am sharing our castle with Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty!! They are so pretty and really nice! Today, guess who I met? The Beast from Beauty and the Beast! He tried to eat me but don’t worry I got away. It was a close one. They didn’t mention he ate people in the movie. I also met the genie from Aladdin! He kind of messed up my wish… I wished for a hamburger but he turned me into a hamburger instead! I looked pretty good if I do say so myself. My counselors are Princess Fiona and Ursala. Ursala is so mean! Guess you can’t get the best one every time. Well I have to go. I miss you and I can’t wait for fairytale camp’s visiting day!


Flutters (a.k.a. Jessica)