10 for 2!

Who lives ten for two? Need we ask? It is funny how to the outside world this question has no meaning. However, to us Starlighters, it has become our motto, what we live for, those 2 months of camp. For the next “10” months, we will be busy working on more wonderful additions to our program and facility, hiring another amazing staff and planning a summer full of more exciting activities and fun. We are so fortunate to do what we do and be part of camp all year round. But we know that for you waiting these ten months until we are together again in the “18461” is the hardest. So we hope that you will continue to feel connected this winter by reading The Starlighters, watching the video yearbook, checking out new promotional video, joining us at the Summer of 2010 reunion, and reading the Starlight Blog. We also suggest that when you have a moment when you are just plain old missing camp that you reach out – give us a call, shoot us an e-mail or write us a blog, because we understand how hard it is to live 10 for 2.

David and Allison

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