Letter from Camp

Dear Lord Pickles,

Here I am at camp, lying on my magic carpet during beauty sleep hour. I am sharing our castle with Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty!! They are so pretty and really nice! Today, guess who I met? The Beast from Beauty and the Beast! He tried to eat me but don’t worry I got away. It was a close one. They didn’t mention he ate people in the movie. I also met the genie from Aladdin! He kind of messed up my wish… I wished for a hamburger but he turned me into a hamburger instead! I looked pretty good if I do say so myself. My counselors are Princess Fiona and Ursala. Ursala is so mean! Guess you can’t get the best one every time. Well I have to go. I miss you and I can’t wait for fairytale camp’s visiting day!


Flutters (a.k.a. Jessica)

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