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Two Times the Lacrosse

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

As campers advance throughout their Camp Starlight careers, there are lots of rites and privileges to which they look forward. In addition to annual traditions, however, there are those “once in a camp lifetime” opportunities that happen when campers are at the right age at the right time. The Camp Starlight boys’ 8th and 9th grade lacrosse team now has the bragging rights of saying that they were a part of the first match ever to be played on Camp Starlight’s new Elite Field.

The lacrosse program here at Camp Starlight has exploded in popularity over the past several years, with boys and girls demonstrating equal enthusiasm for the sport. It became obvious during the summer of 2013 that one lacrosse field could no longer accommodate campers’ love of lacrosse. Elite Field will be the new home of the Boys Lacrosse program at Camp Starlight, while Varsity Field (the existing field) will remain home to the Girls Lacrosse program. Elite Field, along with the adjacent (and also new) flag football field, also significantly expands the Camp Starlight campus.

As for the game, the 8th and 9th grade boys were amazing hosts for the inaugural match, which took place against Camp Wayne.  The July 4th holiday may have been over, but the boys of Camp Starlight had some fireworks for Camp Wayne. Wayne took an early lead, but goals from Ethan E. kept the match close. A time out was all it took to really get the sparks going and turn things around. Camp Starlight was up 13-7 at the half, thanks to hat tricks by FOUR different players—Owen B., Josh B. (also 2 assists), Griffin S. (also 1 assist), and Spencer G. During the second half of the game, Ethan E. (also 1 assist) and Sam S. both put two goals in the back of the cage. Jake M. was a force with which to be reckoned in the cage with an incredible 11 saves and plenty of assistance from his defensive team of Jordan K., Justin S., and Sam S., which effectively shut down the Wayne offense. The final score of 19-9 not only helped Starlight advance closer to the Wayne County Championship, but was an exhilarating initiation of the brand new Elite Field.

Wayne County Score Update

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Starlight Baseball

It’s been quite exciting for all of us this year at Camp Starlight! Baseball students have played hard while picking up some crucial pointers to improve their game at all levels. Our main objective is to keep it fun, do the best we can and teach the students key skills to help in their development as athletes. Our first week has been focused on skilled development and practice games. In our first games, 2 of our 3 teams have been victorious over Camp Poyntelle with outstanding performance from our players. Thank you for your great efforts, Starlight campers!

Coach Bob Gunnarsson

Starlight vs. Camp Tioga Tennis, July 9

Starlight’s 6th grade boys won their first Wayne County away match. Milo K. had a test at first singles in winning 8-6 and Blake S. came back to win 8-6 as well. Aidan C. won 8-0. Both Starlight doubles teams of Spencer B. and Jacob P. and Justin H. and Alex E. won 8-0 and 8-1 respectively. Congrats on their first win and moving forward with confidence!

Coaches Craig Cooper and Ben Tolliday

Final Score 5-0, W

Starlight vs. Bryn-Mawr Tennis, July 10

The Starlight 10th and 11th grade girls were shorthanded without their CA teammates, but fought hard in defeat to a very strong Bryn-Mawr squad. Andie S. won a tight match at #1 singles and Meredith N. played a fine match in defeat and played some great points in losing 8-1. Zoe T. was outmatched and fell 8-0 while the doubles pairs of Lauren R. and Brooke L. along with Emma K and Lauren P. played hard in an 8-2 defeat. Great sportsmanship was on display.

Coach Gabby Samkova

Final Score 4-1, L

Wayne County Scores Update

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Starlight vs. Westmont Boys Basketball, July 5

Starlight 8th grade boys had a great first game. Dylan T. led the team in scoring with 22 points. The boys forced turnovers after turnover, which allowed them to score a lot of fast break points. The team moved the ball very well and crafted a lot of open shots. The Starlight boys beat Westmont 58-46. The 8th grade boys are playing well as a team and looking forward to their next game.

Coaches: Dan Mutz and Kyle G.

Starlight vs. Island Lake Girls Tennis, July 6

The 5th grade girls had a smooth time capturing a 5-0 win over Island Lake. In the singles, Heather G., Emerson P. and Hannah S. clinched the match for starlight with straight set wins. The girls were backed up by strong performances in doubles by Hannah J., Hannah W., and Samantha S. and Danielle A. Congrats to Starlight lower inter girls, moving on to their next Wayne County game!

Coach: Craig Cooper and Alice Towney

Starlight vs. Island Lake Boys Tennis, July 8

It was a runaway victory for the talented 7th grade boys over Island Lake 5-0. The team was led by Abe W.  Cooper G. and Josh M. in singles all winning. Both doubles teams also came away with victories by 8-1, 8-1.

Head Coach: Craig Cooper

Starlight vs. Camp Weequahic Girls Tennis, July 8

The girls 9th grade/lower seniors had a dominating win over Weequahic in their first Wayne County match. Gabriella S. won handedly 8-0 with awesome shot making while Julia K. and Dani S contributed withconvincing wins 8-1 and 8-3, respectively. Madison K. and Allison M. dominated with their great new play in winning 8-3. Brooke H. and Amanda L. contributed with a strong 8-0 victory.

Coaches: Craig Cooper and Gabby Samkova

Starlight vs. Camp Wayne Girls Tennis, July 9

The 6th grade upper inter girls team won convincingly 5-0 led by Kylie M. Olivia S. and Emily C. Kylie fought back down 5-6 to force a tie break and win the breaker 7-5. Olivia won 8-0 and Emily defeated her opponent 8-3. Both doubles team carried out the winning ways 8-4 and 8-2 to clinch the match. Great communication between partners in doubled helped land the tam to victor. Congrats, moving forward!

Coaches: Amanda Gilberg and Dani Rothstein

Starlight vs. Chen-a-Wanda Softball

The upper senior started their Wayne County league white hot. The girls opened up their season against Chen-a-Wanda scoring an 17 impressive runs, while Chen-a-Wanda only put up 7. Sam B. had an amazing day on the mound pitching 6 complete innings. Arli M. also stepped up and made her first appearance on the mound pitching one inning. Hallie H. crushed the ball and went a solid 3 for 4 at the plate and Andie S. hit her first home run of the season. The girls played extremely well as a team and represented Camp Starlight well, even making friends with a particular Chen-a-Wanda player, exchanged shirts with her and have decided to cut a piece of each other’s shirts and place it in their scrapbook, showing true sportsmanship!

Wayne County July 3rd & 4th Re-Cap

Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Starlight vs. Weequahic Boys 8th Grade Tennis

Owen B. showed great character to defeat his opponent 8-6. Jack S. won his match 8-4. Max K. lost 1 close singles match. Both doubles teams played well in defeat. Overall, the boys tennis team played a very strong match and displayed good sportsmanship. Final Score 3-2, L

Head Coach Jack Pritchard

Starlight vs. Chen-a-Wanda 6th grade Boys Basketball

The game started out with a Starlight basket to set the tone. By half  Chen-a-Wanda had stepped up their game to gain a 7-point lead. Both teams proved equally hungry for the win during the third quarter. Starlight upped the pressure and guarded Chen-a-Wanda in a full court press and trap which resulted to a 1 possession game heading down to the last 40 seconds. However, a missed opportunity for Starlight to convert a basket meant victory for Chen-a-Wanda when the final whistle blew. Final Score 37-31, L Head Coach Travis Cleveland

Top scorers: Justin H. 5, Justin G. 4, Elkin 6, Lucas C. 8, Jake B. 2, Chase M. 4, Teringer, 2

Starlight vs. Chen-a-Wanda 8th Grade Girls Tennis

Overall, it was a very well played, close match with Emily S. winning at 2 singles 8-0 and Alex I. fighting back to a close 9-7 loss in the first singles match. Jamie C. lost 8- 6 at 3 singles and played strong. At the double sport Starlight shined brightly at 2 doubles with Julie W. and Emily L.coming away with an 8- 5 victory. At the double, Bailey P. and Jessica V. fought hard in a defeat of 8-5.  Final Score 3-2, L Head Coach Craig Cooper

Starlight vs. Chestnut Lake 8th/9th Grade Girls Lacrosse

The crisp morning air and fresh dew were upon Camp Starlight as the 8th and 9th grade team faced off against Chestnut Lake. Starlight came out firing on all cylinders with early goals by Olivia R. and Cheesy G. Abby S. The team was a force to be reckoned with, allowing only a single goal and ending the game with 8 saves. The girls did a great job defensively and allowed a mere 9 shots on goal. The ladies from Starlight played with class and showed incredible sportsmanship in this dominating effort. When the day came to an end, Starlight had lit up the scoreboard with a final score of 17-1. Coaches: Daniela Delgado Devon Himelman Jason Robinson

Top scorers: Cheesy G. 3, Olivia R. 4, Jamie C. 2, Elle B. 2, Brook H.  1, Jess. V. 1, Marni K. 1, Sammy B. 1, Sydney P. 1, Hayley S. 1

Starlight vs. Westmont Girls 4th Grade Girls Basketball

The girls put up a good fight despite a 10-16 loss. Jordyn N. had two baskets and Jamie I. Charlotte C. and Giselle S. each had one basket.  Sloane. S. played great defense. Elle S. let the team in rebounds. Coaches  Erica Perchick Kendall Minta

Which Field is Which?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Intense League Action on Alumni Field

Alumni. Elite. Varsity. Main. Clinic. To veteran Starlighters, these are well known terms. Of course, these are the names of the Starlight athletic fields. For those who are new to Starlight, however, figuring out which field is which can be a bit tricky—especially with the latest addition to the Starlight athletic facilities, Elite Field. So here’s a breakdown of the Starlight athletic fields and just what sport(s) we play on them.

Alumni Field: Alumni Field is Camp Starlight’s main soccer field (or collection

Mid Game on Main Field

of fields, rather). We do a lot of other things on Alumni Field too. Sometimes we hold evening activities there. We’ve also had our anniversary party on Alumni Field and, of course, plenty of SFL action takes place there.

Main Field: Main Field is the home of Starlight Baseball. Starlighters hit plenty

of homeruns on the Main Field.

Clinic Field: The Clinic Field is so called because it’s in front of the clinic. Clinic Field is a multi-purpose field on which everything

Arrival Day on Clinic Field

from soccer to decathlon activities are played. Clinic Field is also a special place at camp because it’s where all of the campers first step off the buses on arrival day.

Varsity Field: Varsity Field was previously the sole Lacrosse Field. Now it’s

Varsity Field is Now Ground Zero for Girls Lacrosse

exclusively the Girls Lacrosse Field.

Elite Field: Last, but certainly not least, we’re proud to debut Elite Field this summer. Elite Field will add an additional field to our ever growing and extremely popular Lacrosse program. Right next to Elite Field is also our new flag football field.

And that’s which field is which!

Camp Starlight Basketball

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Camp Starlight Basketball is having a landmark year.  Several of our teams have either won or are playing in championships of the Wayne County Camp League.  So we sat down with Head of Basketball Diego McCoy to talk about the program.

Diego credits the success of the basketball program to his three year plan.  “I work off a three year plan,” he says.  “I spend the first two summers implementing my system and getting to know the campers.  By the third year, I should having winning teams, and this year it’s happening.” Diego’s three year plan was also part of his strategy in implementing more advanced drills for Upper Camp this summer.  “This is my third year at Camp Starlight.  I know the kids now.”

Diego came into his third summer feeling it was important to establish a style of play that would extend beyond camp in helping campers be better players.  Diego says it’s important for players to understand the discipline of the game as well improve their skills.  He also wanted to see players have even more fun.  Diego has worked hard to make the Camp Starlight Basketball program, as a cohesive whole, reflect his motto: “Play hard.  Play together.  Play to get better.” In fact, his teams come together to recite their motto at the beginning and end of each game.  He’s very proud to see campers excited about the coming to basketball to learn and not just mess around without working on their skills.

As proud as he is to finally see his three year plan coming together, he says his proudest moment as a Program Head so far this summer was StarCamp.  Diego ran the Basketball StarCamp this year, and he was very happy see campers really participating in advanced drills and really improving their skills.  For him, seeing campers finally get some of the skills they hadn’t been able to get during regular basketball sessions made all of his and their hard work worthwhile.

The Basketball staff has been wonderful as well, according to Diego, especially considering that this is the 1st summer for all five of the Basketball Specialists.  In particular, Diego says his Girls staff has really stepped up.  “In the beginning, they were nervous that they were in over their heads.  But they’re not afraid to ask questions, and I love that.  They’re also on time, and they push the girls to be better.”  Diego says the summer has been challenging for his Boys Camp Specialists.  Boys Basketball is extremely popular and attracts high numbers of campers.  He says the Specialists weren’t prepared for the immense popularity of Camp Starlight Basketball at the beginning of the summer, but that they’ve adjusted nicely.

Diego himself played basketball at West Virginia State University before playingprofessionally in Argentina, Mozambique, and Australia.  Currently, he calls Washington D.C. home, where he works for 1 on 1 Basketball coordinating after school programs, private parties, and basketball leagues.  He hopes to bring away new and lasting friendships from his Camp Starlight career.  Congratulations, Camp Starlight Basketball, on an amazing summer!

Wayne County League Scores for 8/2

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012
Sport Win/Loss
6th Grade Girls Softball (semifinal) Win
6th Grade Girls Soccer (semifinal) Win
5th Grade Boys Baseball (Championship) Win
9th Grade Girls Tennis (Championship) Win

Wayne County League Scores for 7/26 (as of Lunchtime)

Thursday, July 26th, 2012
Sport Score Win/Loss
7th Grade Boys Hockey (played 7/25) 11-0 Win
9th Grade Boys Tennis (played 7/25) ??? Win
10th/11th Grade Girs Lacrosse 14-11 Win

Wayne County League Scores for 7/25 (as of lunchtime)

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012
Sport Score Win/Loss
7th Grade and Under Girls Lacrosse (played 7/24) 20-6 Win
5th Grade Boys Hockey 10-3 Win
6th Grade Boys Basketball ??? Loss

Wayne County Leagues Results for Tuesday, 7/24 (as of lunchtime)

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
Sport Score Win/Loss
Boys 6th Grade Soccer 11-0 Win
Boys 8th/9th Grade Hockey 5-2 Loss
Girls 8th 9th Grade Lacrosse 19-17 OT Win