Which Field is Which?

Intense League Action on Alumni Field

Alumni. Elite. Varsity. Main. Clinic. To veteran Starlighters, these are well known terms. Of course, these are the names of the Starlight athletic fields. For those who are new to Starlight, however, figuring out which field is which can be a bit tricky—especially with the latest addition to the Starlight athletic facilities, Elite Field. So here’s a breakdown of the Starlight athletic fields and just what sport(s) we play on them.

Alumni Field: Alumni Field is Camp Starlight’s main soccer field (or collection

Mid Game on Main Field

of fields, rather). We do a lot of other things on Alumni Field too. Sometimes we hold evening activities there. We’ve also had our anniversary party on Alumni Field and, of course, plenty of SFL action takes place there.

Main Field: Main Field is the home of Starlight Baseball. Starlighters hit plenty

of homeruns on the Main Field.

Clinic Field: The Clinic Field is so called because it’s in front of the clinic. Clinic Field is a multi-purpose field on which everything

Arrival Day on Clinic Field

from soccer to decathlon activities are played. Clinic Field is also a special place at camp because it’s where all of the campers first step off the buses on arrival day.

Varsity Field: Varsity Field was previously the sole Lacrosse Field. Now it’s

Varsity Field is Now Ground Zero for Girls Lacrosse

exclusively the Girls Lacrosse Field.

Elite Field: Last, but certainly not least, we’re proud to debut Elite Field this summer. Elite Field will add an additional field to our ever growing and extremely popular Lacrosse program. Right next to Elite Field is also our new flag football field.

And that’s which field is which!

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