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Gymnastics at Camp

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 4.23.58 PMWhile having fun learning interesting cartwheels and handstands during gymnastics activities at camp, your child also benefits in development areas that will help them become a better person and student. To know more about how your child can benefit from gymnastic activities at camp, read on.

Healthy Lifestyle

The number of obese children in the US is increasing at an alarming state. This increases the need for parents to teach and encourage children to lead an active life, which is exactly what participation in gymnastic activities can do for your child. They get to enjoy physical activity at camp and are also encouraged to be active when they return home. So, don’t be surprised if you see your child engaging more in physical activities instead of sitting on the couch with their iPads.

Social Skills

Your child has the perfect opportunity to build social skills. During gymnastic activities, there will be loads of other campers and experienced coaches whom your child will work with, due to which they learn how be respectful, taking turns, following directions, thinking and working as a team, as well as enquiring when they have difficulty in understanding the way a certain exercise is done.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 4.25.11 PMOvercoming Fears

If your child has never done something like gymnastics before, it could be a little scary for them, which is why the camp management set attainable goals, so that campers can overcome their fears. This in turn, helps your child develop confidence that there is absolutely nothing they cannot do or achieve.

Self- Confidence & Self-Esteem

Learning gymnastic skills can be challenging and since they are taught through progression, your child gains confidence with each step they take. This enhanced self-confidence transfers to other areas and aspects of your child’s life, including school.


Flexibility is an extremely important aspect, vital for injury prevention as well as to prevent the daily pains and aches one can face from tiredness or exertion. If you didn’t know, there isn’t any other activity that boosts flexibility quite like gymnastics. This improved flexibility not only proves to be effective in gymnastics, but it also helps in the development of several other sports that interest your child.

As you can see, gymnastic activities at camp can prove to be extremely useful for your child. Hopefully, you will find this article insightful and helpful as it highlights all the major benefits your child can gain from gymnastics at camp.


Flipping and Twisting in Gymnastics

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

One of the most popular programs at Camp Starlight is our amazing gymnastics program.  Boys and girls alike enjoy flipping and twisting in Camp Starlight’s state of the art facility.  Gymnastics Program Head John and his staff are impressed by how good the Camp Starlight campers have maintained their skills over the past winter and can’t wait to teach some new tricks this summer.  John is always excited to see how much everyone has improved between summers and this year is no exception.

Campers have been warming up the Camp Starlight gymnastics apparatuses since the first day at camp and, already, everyone is looking forward to another summer of gymnastics competitions.  Last year, Camp Starlight held it’s very first gymnastics competition ever.  This year, we expect to hold our second annual competition, the Tropical Twist, an island themed competition that attracts camps from all over Wayne County.

Camp Starlight takes great pride in its Gymnastics program and 2012 looks to be our best summer yet!

Gymnastics at Camp Starlight

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Nobody can deny the great facilities available at Camp Starlight, but one of our most outstanding areas has to be gymnastics, situated in the stunning Carriage House.  Built in 2009, the facility has a sprung floor, vaulting area, asymmetric bars, three beams and a tumble track.  Fully enclosed but with full height sliding doors for hot days, gymnastics is an all-weather activity here.

Gymnastics at Starlight is going from strength to strength.  We have participated in three gymnastics invitationals this year, including the Tropical Twist meet held right here.  Both our senior and junior teams won second place team overall at the Wayne County meets, and we came first at our in-house competition.  Full reports for each meet can be found in the JayZ sports blogs.

These outstanding results are down to, of course, the talent of the girls we have here, but also because we can offer them the opportunity to compete in our recreational meet, regardless of their age or ability.  This helps to build confidence in a non-pressurized environment, and also serves as a showcase for our girls to demonstrate the fabulous routines they have been working on.  When the girls are ready for the competitive meets they are already well versed in what to expect and perform extremely well.

Our gymnastics department is headed by John L.  John was a member of the Brazilian national gymnastics team from 1978 to 1985 and was an alternate for his country in the 1980 Olympic games.  When he’s not at camp, John runs pre-school gymnastics classes in Southern Florida.  John believes we have some seriously talented young ladies here at Starlight and thinks that we just get better every year.  Bring on 2012!