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Flipping and Twisting in Gymnastics

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

One of the most popular programs at Camp Starlight is our amazing gymnastics program.  Boys and girls alike enjoy flipping and twisting in Camp Starlight’s state of the art facility.  Gymnastics Program Head John and his staff are impressed by how good the Camp Starlight campers have maintained their skills over the past winter and can’t wait to teach some new tricks this summer.  John is always excited to see how much everyone has improved between summers and this year is no exception.

Campers have been warming up the Camp Starlight gymnastics apparatuses since the first day at camp and, already, everyone is looking forward to another summer of gymnastics competitions.  Last year, Camp Starlight held it’s very first gymnastics competition ever.  This year, we expect to hold our second annual competition, the Tropical Twist, an island themed competition that attracts camps from all over Wayne County.

Camp Starlight takes great pride in its Gymnastics program and 2012 looks to be our best summer yet!