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My First Summer at Camp

Monday, September 4th, 2017

I was very excited and nervous for my first day of summer camp at Camp Starlight. I did not now what to expect when coming to camp and was nervous about what would happen. When I came to camp and came off the bus I exploded with happiness, camp seemed so cool and fun.

Campus is so pretty with the giant lake and there are so many great snacks to eat. I quickly made a lot of friends and had so much fun with the dance specialists. The dance staff is so nice and fun to dance with, dance is my favorite activity at camp. When I grow up I want to be a counselor and a dance specialist at Camp Starlight.

I made so many memories at my first summer but my favorite memory of the summer was making it to the finals for MTV night, my counselors really pushed me to work hard and it payed off.

I also learned a lot of fun things, like how to waterski for the first time. Every day is fun and full of adventure. I love all my new friends at camp and even though I was nervous at first, Camp Starlight easily became my summer home. I love how much fun I get to have every day at Camp Starlight and can’t wait for next summer already.

– Molly M., Camper

New Camper Day 2014

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

On Sunday, June 8th, our newest Starlighters and their families got a taste of what is to come this summer during new camper day, and we can tell you that they’re a VERY enthusiastic group! Campers got to know one another while engaging in such activities as stacking cups and maneuvering balls around cones with brooms before David called everyone to the flag pole for staff introductions and the raising of the flag…and, of course, our sole birthday camper skipped around the pole.

The day also included an Option period and a team scavenger hunt that challenged campers to learn as much as they could about Camp Starlight by traveling to different locations around camp. All of the new campers were quick studies and the scores were close, but in the end, the Lower Junior Boys proved that they may be the newest and youngest campers at Camp Starlight, but they’re also some of the cleverest.

The day wrapped up with an indoor cookout. We were sad to see everyone go so soon. One day just isn’t enough. But we’re counting down the days until ALL of our campers arrive for the summer. ONLY 19 MORE DAYS!

New Camper Day 2011

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Excitement was in the air on Sunday, June 12th as a host of enthusiastic new campers and their parents got to sample the fun that awaits them at Camp Starlight this summer.  Following some introductory games, everyone assembled at the flagpole for an official greeting from David and Allison.  Before some ice breakers that had campers, parents, and staff laughing, several members of the Key Staff were also introduced.  Then it was off for a small group tour, during which lifelong memories and friendships were already being formed.  From the Main Field to the Carriage house and everything in between, campers got a glimpse of all the places where they will have great times as Starlighters over the next several summers.  The day culminated with an option period during which campers actually got to choose and participate in the very first activity of their Starlight careers.  Finally, everyone came together for an indoor cookout before reluctantly getting in their cars and going home to anxiously count down the days until they return for the official start of Summer 2011.  We’re delighted to have such awesome group of campers spending their first summer with us during our 65th!  We can’t wait to see everyone again in a couple of weeks!

New Camper Day

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Nearly 100 excited new campers and their families got New Camper Day 2010 off to a fun start with a “mini apache” followed by a game of Lumberjacks and Farmers. The girls took the first round while the boys won the second. The third and final round was a draw, tying the game. After David wished everyone a great day at lineup, as he does every day of camp, it was time for the Starlight Search and Challenge, which both Junior Boys and Girls unanimously agreed was their favorite activity of the day. Following an optional period during which campers got to sample a several popular Starlight programs such as Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Musical Theater, and Gymnastics, everyone enjoyed an indoor cookout before the final results of the Search and Challenge were announced: 3rd Place went to “Team Awesome”, “Team Michelle” took 2nd place, and “Team Lindsay” claimed victory. The day was a winner for everyone, though, as excited children and parents left saying they can’t wait to come back in a couple of weeks. We can’t wait to see everyone—new campers and returners—soon!

10 Things for First Time Campers to be Excited About

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010
  1. New Camper Day!
    Will this be your first summer at Camp Starlight? If so, you already share something in common with almost 100 other campers. We invite you to come to New Camper Day on June 13th to meet other first timers and find out what other things you might have in common. You’ll also be introduced to several of our staff members and get to try some of the fun activities you’ll be enjoying all summer long at camp.
  2. Meeting your new bunk mates and counselors for the first time
    Do you have butterflies in your belly about that? Betcha they do, too! Don’t worry. As soon as you meet them, the butterflies go away and you’ll forget you ever even had them.
  3. The Opening Night Show and Sing-Alongs
    Every year, we open camp with an awesome show. We sing, we act silly, and we laugh a lot.
  4. More of 50 of the funnest activities in camping!
    Sports, crafts, dance, science, nature, outdoor adventure, swimming, water-skiing, tubing, cooking, and a WHOLE LOT MORE! Everyday is different and even more exciting than the one before it.
  5. Your camp sibling
    Every new camper gets two camp “siblings”, an older and a middle camper who have been coming to Camp Starlight for several summers and who were once first time campers like you. Your camp siblings are special friends. The three of you can talk to each other, attend special camp sibling events together, and cheer each other on during camp activities like Olympics.
  6. Awesome evening activities and special events
    Singing, dancing, games, cooking, sleepovers, Wrestling (in jello!), square dancing, concerts, carnival, slip ‘n’ slide…you name it. If it’s fun, we do it at Camp Starlight!
  7. Jason Glick and Barrie Dratch
    Our two Lower Camp Head Counselors also happen to be two of the coolest, funnest, most adored people in camp. Along with the Lower Camp Division Leaders, ADLs, and counselor staff, they go out of their way during the summer to make sure that our Juniors and Inters have the most spectacular time of their lives.
  8. Trips
    Bowling, the movies, baseball games, and more!
  9. Junior and Inter Day
    A special day at camp dedicated to just your division. Need we say more!
  10. New friends
    Friends, friends, and more friends. Camp Starlight is full of friends. In fact, there are so many friends at Camp Starlight that we made it our camp song.