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Creative writing – a new camp song?

Friday, July 29th, 2011

In creative writing option today, the girls were asked to write new words to a song.  Alyssa M and Arie C from Bunk 11 wrote the following, to be sung to the tune of, “Wave your Flag.”

Ooooooo give me stuffed shells

Give me wacky mac

Give me canteen, everyday

Now see the counselors

Up and cheering now

As we get up on


In the bunks our

Friendships get higher

As we get a ten

On inspection

Fun at camp


We never want to


On the camp road

Hearts are pounding

As we pull into

Our home

Celebration is around us

Every bunk all around us

Me forever, at Camp Starlight

We all say

When I get older

I’ll be a CA then

Become a counselor!

Camp Starlight is…

Monday, July 18th, 2011

According to Hannah in her creative writing class:










We couldn’t agree more!

Today I found a dinosaur…..

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Amanda K wrote this fantastic short story in her creative writing class about finding a dinosaur.  We thought it was so great that you would like to read it too.

Today I found a dinosaur in my backyard.  I screamed so loud it broke a glass in the kitchen!  I asked the dinosaur what his name was.  He said it was Wolly.  He was green and spotted.  I asked him where he came from.  “I come from Spotted Dino-land,” said Wolly.  He said to me, “May I please have some plants to eat?” I said, “Sure!”  I gave him some tomato plants.  My mom saw me and she said, “Amanda, don’t pick those!”

I asked Wolly if I could get on his back.  He said, “Sure”, so I did.  We rode around in circles all around my backyard.  We rode for two hours.  Then my mom called for dinner – it was salad.  Wolly said, “Can I come?”  I said, “Come on in” and then we ate salad together.