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Photo of the Day!

Monday, August 16th, 2010

A great photo by Senior Zach!

A Home for Our Memories

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

As one enters Starlight’s revered Dining Room, bunk plaques, created by campers new and old since 1947, swarm the ceiling. Bunk plaques are a time honored tradition at Camp Starlight. The words, the designs, and the feelings inscribed help campers appreciate the traditions and camaraderie that came before them. The memories that campers mark on these plaques showcase unity, adding upon the foundation of the plaques.

Bunk plaques allow campers to pay reverence to the tradition and realize how these plaques shape Starlight’s past, present, and future. As campers look across the Dining Room ceiling, they travel through time via plaques of different decades, representing the rich history of our camp. One realizes that although Starlight has changed, bunk plaques have remained a constant tradition that began in 1947 and pays homage to the camp founders. Seeing the plaques helps current campers understand how Starlight has shaped the lives of those who came before them.

Each bunk plaque has a different story to tell. There is an array of plaques each with a different story, a different set of campers, and a different memory. Although some plaques make little or no sense to those who view them in retrospect, they seal a place in history for some of mine and my bunkmates’ most defining camp moments. In order to create these plaques, campers have to come together as a unified bunk to capture the most significant moments. The time campers spend creating the message, painting the interface, and presenting their plaque are some of their final moments of the summer together. When campers depart from Starlight every summer, they leave a part of the laughter, the smiles, and the tears they shared with their bunk plaques. This is part of the thematic glue that holds this community together, and that campers old and new have come to cherish. The Dining Room, which is the center of Starlight’s campus, is the home for these plaques. They are a way to insure that, as time flies by and campers grow from Juniors to Upper Seniors, their time at Starlight will never end. The flame they’ve ignited due to their intricate role in our community can never die. Campers and counselors live on forever at Starlight, and they can always call this place their second home because a part of who they are will always be present in Starlight’s Dining Room.

By Blake

Our Miss Starlight Experience

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Year after year at Camp Starlight, Miss Starlight takes place. Every bunk on girls’ side is assigned a male counselor to compete in the beauty pageant. During “free play” they have about forty-five minutes to dress up their boy counselor as a girl and prepare him to compete in Miss Starlight. As soon as the pageant begins, the models walk down the runway. Then, they perform a dance all together. The best eight models are chosen to show their talent. Then, the top three are chosen to answer questions. Finally, a person is crowned Miss Starlight. We think Miss Starlight is hilarious and entertaining to everyone at camp, including the Miss Starlight contestants.

By Kendall and Emily

Photo of the Day

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

This Photo of the Day was taken by Jackie, an upper senior girl. The picture was taken on the floor in the carriage house. The use of the angle makes it an interesting photo. Great job Jackie!

Photo of the Day!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Great day of fishing at Camp Starlight!

By Camper Zach Wolff

Focus on Golf at Starlight!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Golf at Starlight offers every camper a great level of coaching from counselors who play golf at a high level all around the world. This year, the golf staff hail from Ireland, Australia and the U.S.A. During the recent Starcamp, golfers made a trip to Lake Lorain Golf Club, where the kids played 9 holes. The golf coaches have already observed much improvement amongst the players this summer. Chris, the Irish golf coach has mentioned that the returning campers’ games have improved from the year before, as well. He credits much of the success of the current program to the solid instructions the campers received in 2009.


Invite to a Fairy Tale Party – Part 2

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Dear Fairytale Friends

I am cordially inviting you to my fantabulous party. The following people will be coming: bunk 19 and many fairytale friends. Please wear wands/wings, if you are a fancy fairy–or your costume from your movie. It will be held at four o’clock on Sunday in Never Land, which is located on the second star to the right. The entertainment will be songs from your movies, karaoke. We will also make magic wands and decorate wings. I will provide food like soup, noodles, meat, salad, peanut butter, apples, cake, cupcakes, milkshakes and candy. I would love to see you there.

Love, Ally Fairy

Please respond by Saturday

Call: (888) NEVERLAND


Many thanks to Loren Javier for the wonderful photo.

Invite to a Fairy Tale Party – Part 1

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Dear Tinkerbelle,

Come join me and all of my friends at my fairytale bat mitzvah on May 27th, 2011. Meet me at the dragon’s castle in Camp Starlight. We will provide food, drinks, and lots of entertainment. (Don’t worry. I have fulfilled everyone’s eating needs). The dress code for the party is black tie or cultural clothing. You will be picked up by a horse drawn or pumpkin carriage.

Please, RSVP at (888) FAIRYTALE

I’ll be waiting!!

Thanks to Realtor Susan for the Tink pic!

Camp Siblings: Family at Camp Starlight

Monday, July 19th, 2010

As the sun sets on Perch Pond the second night of camp, Camp Starlight campers divide and gather by the lake for a traditional campfire. While Upper Seniors recollect their time spent here, campfire songs unite the campers and ignite the spirit of Starlight. The unity evident on this night is because campers, both old and new, have just met their camp siblings. In Jonah’s eyes, his camp brother is “smart, fun, and cool.” The camp sibling program allows for campers to experience a sense of unity and family between their siblings, while older siblings feel like role models to their younger siblings. These qualities elevate the spirit of Starlight throughout the summer.

The camp sibling program instills family and unity through young and old, who are given the opportunity to make a difference in one another’s lives. Zach looks up to his camp brother and believes, “He’s nice and it’s like having a family member at camp.” Through sibling activities such as lunches, dinners, and camp fires, older and younger campers can articulate to one another about the interests they share. A bond begins to grow that cannot be broken even years after campers receive new siblings. Reed reminisces on the bracelet his “brother” Reid created for him when he was a Junior in Bunk 3. Eight years later, Reed still believes that bracelet helped. “link the friendship” between them. In addition, they are campers who don’t have a blood related sibling at camp. The camp sibling program partners old and new campers, and allows them to feel like they have a family member at camp. Unity and family are two aspects of camp siblings that elevate the community Starlight campers have treasured for years.

Feeling like a role model for a younger sibling is another attribute of the camp sibling program. Adam has been here for seven summers and has always developed lasting friendships with his camp siblings. “The best feeling is when you tell your younger sibling to come to you when he needs someone, and they actually do it.” The establishment of a new camp sibling allows older campers to demonstrate maturity as well as leadership. “Some of my best experiences have been with my camp brothers.” Older campers become responsible in a time of maturity when they grow out of their childhood and become young adults. Stephanie Rubenfeld (Counselor) likes to watch her younger siblings grow; in fact, she was a counselor for campers that were once her camp siblings when she was a camper here. Her choice to return to camp has given her the outlet to watch her campers grow, and they still look up to her long past her last goodbye as a camper.

The Starlight World is driven by the community that enthralls campers to cherish the time they spend together. The camp sibling program assists in elevating unity and a sense of family among campers, while older campers become role models for their younger campers. Michael Strauss (counselor) enjoys watching campers grow up and be the big brothers for other campers that he was for them. This cycle of growth leads him as well as other campers and counselors to return to Starlight summer after summer.

Blake Turner

Keeping Fit at Camp Starlight!

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

The new Carriage House offers many different types of classes to keep fit. Some classes are kick boxing, zumba, spin, step, and all other forms of aerobics. Not only are their fitness rooms in the carriage house, but in the Field House there is a nice sized room with weight machines and treadmills. I like the fitness room because I enjoy keeping in shape and makes me feel relaxed. My favorite activity is spin because it works on all parts of your body.


By Mollie (Lower Senior)