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The Junior Show at Camp Starlight

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Sunday night marked the fourth production in the Starlight Playhouse, The Jungle Book. This family-oriented musical tells the story of Mowgli (Simon B), and his journey through the jungle. He is guided by Bagheera the Panther (Mikayla T) and Baloo the Bear (Rory M) as he learns valuable lessons about life and about himself. Crowd favorite songs included the beloved classic, “The Bare Necessities” as well as “Trust in Me” and “Overture”. The hard work of the juniors surely showed when the audience was offering a standing ovation to congratulate them on a job well done. An honorable mention is also in order for the adorable elephants, played by our very own day campers!

The juniors gave an unforgettable performance and all campers and counselors are very proud of all of their hard work. Coming soon to the Starlight Playhouse is our all-camp show, Frozen, which will be performed this upcoming Sunday.

Learning from the Starlight Program

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Each summer the Starlight program gives campers the chance to be individuals, build confidence, as well as promote teamwork. By providing a well-rounded experience and offering so many activities, campers are able to learn in different environments.

Our staff members encourage campers to push themselves to try new things. From climbing the rock wall to zipping down the zip line to hosting their own radio show and calling play by play for an inter-camp game, campers are gaining self-confidence in many ways. Starlight Athletics allows campers to increase their skill-set through great instruction, practice, and drills. Campers also get swim lessons, boating lessons, and have the chance to waterski all throughout the summer. Seeing their kids grow and get better throughout the summer is one of the most rewarding memories a staff member can tell you about camp.

One of the greatest aspects about being at camp is the ability to perform at the Starlight Playhouse. This is something campers may or may not pursue at home, but each and every camper is involved with a show. Everyone has the chance to get up on stage and perform in front of the entire camp audience.

All campers have different and individual experiences, some love playing the guitar, directing movies, while others enjoy creating new moves at dance, building a model rocket or conquering a fear of riding a mountain bike around the lake. Even if it is as simple as shooting an arrow for the first time at archery, trying new things at camp is always a great thing.

Not only do we want our campers to have fun and enjoy activities, but we hope that they learn from the well-rounded program Starlight offers. There is truly nothing better than seeing campers grow throughout the summer and then transfer those skills to their daily lives once they leave.

-Patrick Francis

The Starlight Playhouse

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

As the summer of 2011 approaches, the Starlight Playhouse will soon come alive. There are images of the Rec Hall lights dimming while a hush rolls over the roar of the crowd running through my mind.  I hear Jeff Moss announcing “Ladies and gentleman and children of all ages, the Starlight Playhouse proudly presents…” At that moment, electricity ignites the lights, speakers, and microphones and the red velvet curtains open, displaying the talented and dedicated actors and performers that deliver once in a lifetime performances that the socks off the delighted audience.

As we wait to find out what the 2011 show production line-up has in store for us, we are excited to announce the return of the Starlight Playhouse staff. The one and only, master of ceremonies, Jeffery B. Moss will be returning for his 44th summer at Camp Starlight as Theater Director. Denes Van Parys, better known as DVP, will be tickling the ivories and striking up the band all summer as Musical Director. Behind the scenes, you will find Lindsay Jennings meticulously creating new and exciting costumes, while Stephanie Rubenfeld works hard as Jeff’s right hand woman, helping the campers learn their lines while encouraging them from start to finish. We are very thrilled to introduce the new Technical Director, Christopher Goslin. He is a Technical Director and Adjunct Professor at Miami Dade College with an abundance of knowledge and experience that he looks forward to sharing with us this summer.