Unplugged at Camp Starlight

January 26th, 2015

10532376_10152221993496960_1396692894280105569_nIf your child is like most, they “tweet” their way through breakfast, text at lunch, “like” and “comment” all day long, Snap Chat through dinner, post selfies to Instagram around bedtime and wake up and do it all again the next day. No wonder they stay up to late and want to sleep until noon, they’re busy!

Research has shown kids spend up to 7.5 hours A DAY with their eyes glued to a screen and their fingers frantically pecking away at keyboards. Kids growing up in an age of such accessible and socially acceptable technology can sometimes get lost in the sea of text messages and status updates. Social media can be a hunting ground for bullies, as it is easy to become detached from empathy and consequences when you’re behind a screen. Kids do and say things they would not normally do or say when they’re plugged in, and that can be detrimental to their actual social development. When kids only speak their mind when they are anonymous, or when they try to be someone they aren’t to impress others, they are lacking opportunities to develop self-confidence and character. They may have 1000 “friends” on social media, but are slowly loosing the ability to walk up to someone and shake their hand, introduce themselves, or settle conflict in a responsible and socially acceptable way. Social media isn’t bad in itself, but when we let it take the place of our child’s actual social development, we are doing them a huge disservice.

Which is why, at Camp Starlight, we’re unplugged. Campers leave their cellphones at home, and enjoy a summer without texting, emailing or using social media. At first, potential campers many find this kind of “torture” unbearable, but as they dive deep into the activities that the camp has to offer, they will reevaluate their role online. They will interact with others in a meaningful, personal and relational way. They will improve their written communication skills by writing letters back home to loved ones, and feel the excitement of receiving a handwritten note from people back home, a feeling you just don’t get when you check your inbox. Without a phone in their back pocket to tempt them, they will be able to really focus and listen to what other campers are saying. In turn, when they are sharing a story or experience, they will not be looking out into a crowd of people staring down onto a screen. Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.44.25 PM

Campers who arrive shy and a little reserved will leave with a newfound confidence, based on the things accomplished during their stay. They will be able to look back on the summer when they learned to swim, conquered their stage fright, made new friends or discovered their love of magic and apply that self-confidence into their life back home. They will no longer need to hide behind a screen in order to communicate with their peers or feel heard.

As a parent, you can find comfort in the fact that while your child is away, they will be learning valuable life skills that don’t involve how many words they can text a minute, or how many “likes” they can get on their Instagram picture. The skills they learned while they are unplugged will stay with them for a lifetime, and that is better than being retweeted by a celebrity.

Healthy at Camp Starlight

January 19th, 2015

10383035_10152267869246960_185213069933294672_nWhen you combine the ease and affordability of fast food with the ability to literally record days worth of TV to be accessed at any time, your result is kids who are eating junk while watching junk. They are spending more time in front of a screen than they are playing outside. Sometimes the only body part getting a workout is their thumbs from playing video games or their index finger from pointing and clicking all over a computer screen for hours at a time. Lack of exercise and accessibility to unhealthy foods is what has caused childhood obesity to skyrocket in the last 30 years.

According to the Center of Disease Control, more than a third of kids and teenagers were overweight or obese in 2012. The physical risks of childhood obesity are endless; joint problems, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and it leaves them vulnerable to various types of cancers as they get older. Not only can early obesity lead to a lifetime of bad habits that are very hard to break, but the effects on a child’s already very fragile self esteem and body image are devastating. Children who are overweight and self-conscious are less likely to participate in team events or sports, try out for a new sport or activity, or be proactive in making new friends. This is can be a lonely and scary time for kids and teens, and it is absolutely preventable.

At Camp Starlight, we take the health of each camper very seriously. We have been known to sneak exercise into the daily lives of campers by giving it a new name: FUN. We’ve also found a top secret, patented way to keep campers from eating unhealthy foods all the time: We don’t give them access to calorie filled foods all throughout the day. It’s novel concept, we’re very aware.

The menu at Camp Starlight varies by the day. There is always fruit available, and a salad bar is always an option at lunch and dinner. Piping hot soups, vegetarian options and plenty of healthy options are always available. Whether your child needs a menu that is gluten, dairy, soy, or nut free, or they have other specific food allergies, a menu of delicious options can be created for them so they can enjoy everything camp has to offer with a full belly and no annoying or even worse, life threatening allergic reactions. Parents are encouraged to contact the specific camp your child is attending in order to discuss his/her dietary restrictions.Day 2 3

Even if campers do splurge on mac and cheese, shaved steak sandwiches or get creative at the pasta bar, they will easily work off all of those delicious calories in the endless physical activities the camp has to offer. A game of flag football, an afternoon of kayaking (talk about an arm work out!) an early morning mountain biking adventure, an impromptu basketball game vs. the neighboring cabin or an hour dancing away in a fitness class are just a few ways campers can keep their heart rates up while having fun with new friends. Exercise disguised as fun means campers stay active all the time! When campers are so busy running (sometimes literally) from activity to activity, they don’t have time to mindlessly munch on snacks.

Camp Starlight does not offer soda as a daily drink choice, which is a major culprit in the childhood obesity epidemic in our country. Plenty of water keeps campers hydrated as they tackle another day of go, go go!

Although Camp Starlight is not specifically targeted towards weight loss, it is a common benefit that occurs naturally when campers spend the summer here. If weight loss is not a concern for your child, they will still benefit tremendously from the constant activity and plenty of healthy food options provided at camp.

Camp Starlight wants the best for each camper on every level, including their physical health, which is why we are focused on instilling positive attitude towards healthy decisions. A mindset focused on healthy food choices and staying active is an excellent core value to instill in children, and could literally save their lives. By encouraging them to eat right and exercise daily, they are creating habits that will benefit them as they grow, and allow them to live long and healthy lives.


Creativity at Camp Starlight

January 12th, 2015

A wise old man named Albert with crazy hair and a mustache once said “Creativity is contagious; pass it on”

10806209_10152478498061960_8407983869405076248_nAt Camp Starlight, we are serious about creativity, and are focused on following the advice of Mr. Einstein by passing the love and excitement of creativity onto every camper that arrives here. By giving campers an opportunity to express themselves through art, music, dance and theatre, we are uncovering hidden talents and gifts that some campers had no idea that they had. In a world where kids are trying so hard to be “cool” they can quickly lose their sense of wonder and imagination, and their creative side can be tragically stunted. These days, we see younger and younger children trading coloring books for Ipads, or choosing to create an Instagram account over creating a dance in the living room. What a plain, boring world we would live in if the imaginations and creativity of our children is not encouraged and embraced!

At Camp Starlight, we give campers a wide range of activities and options to explore their inner artist. Campers can try their hand at watercolors or drawing, ceramics or comic book illustration. For those who have already discovered their creative strengths, these activities can help improve their skill and allow them to spend time doing something that they love. For campers who feel that they’ve never been good at a particular art form, this is a safe place to try without fear of failure or embarrassment. It is also great for their self-esteem to try something new and succeed. There are many other forms of creative expression, such as hip-hop, jazz or modern dance. These options combine music, physical movement and artistic expression, and allow campers to conquer stage fright by preforming in front of other people. Class clowns may find a creative outlet by trying improv and comedy, while the more techy, behind the scenes kids will enjoy working in lighting, stage make-up and stage construction and design. Each of these inner-arts activities combines the unique, personal and intimate aspects of creative arts, while also encouraging campers to work together as a team and as a support system for each other.

Future rappers or singers of America can get an idea of how the music industry works by participating in music production or getting involved in the radio station. Regardless of how each camper expresses themselves, there is a creative outlet on site for them to flourish in. Kids who are encouraged to express their creativity tend to preform better in more structured and formal environments, like the classroom. Creativity also improves a child’s problem solving skills, and builds confidence to explore new and innovative ideas.

When a camper makes something from nothing, whether is a ceramic mug, a poem or a new dance, they gain self-confidence and feel a sense of empowerment that is hard to find anywhere else. It is possible that the strengths and gifts they discover within themselves at camp can launch them into a hobby or even a profession that they enjoy for the rest of their lives. They also learn how to appreciate the unique creativity in other people, which results in more accepting, well rounded and open minded individuals, which we can all agree that the world needs more of.

Discovering, understanding, and expressing creativity does wonders for the growing character and sense of self in a young camper. When campers realize that it is cool to be creative and expressive, a whole world of opportunities is open to them. We can only hope that once campers tap into their own creative side, they pass it along to their friends and peers in the outside world, causing a chain reaction of imagination, artistic expression and creativity; just as good ‘ol Albert suggested.

Things Which Are Quintessentially Summer Camp

January 1st, 2015

Summer camp is a fun and exciting experience and time simply flies by. There are several things and activities to do, which makes it impossible not to miss some of them. However, it doesn’t matter how chaotic, busy, or crazy things get, there are a few things that will always remind you about camp:

1.    Arts & Crafts

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.07.09 AMAccording to the American Camp Association (ACA), Arts and Crafts is amongst the five most popular activities at summer camp, and why wouldn’t it? Kids simply love spending a part of their day in a place filled with glitter, paint, scissors, beads, and other craft items. With arts and craft, the possibilities are endless, as the atmosphere not only gives campers the opportunity to relax, reflect, use their creative side and time to socialize with fellow campers and friends.

2.    Campfires

A campfire is a mainstay at every camp. The activities, songs and traditions differ from camp to camp. However, one thing remains consistent and that’s the sacred relevance the campfire holds. The fire symbolizes camp life, and the odor of burning wood serves as a reminder of picturesque settings where camps are situated.

3.    Sing Alongs

Karaoke may be a popular activity for a get-together, but, when it comes to summer camps, there is nothing more melodious than the whole camp singing tunes together. The sing-along are not just about singing songs together, it’s a way of bringing each and everyone together to celebrate the thing which has brought everybody together as one, and that thing is camp.

4.    S’mores

A summer is incomplete without s’mores. And besides, it’s quite hard to resist the pleasure of melted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between two crackers. Just one bite is enough to bring instant memories of camp.

5.    Bunks

Now, you might get thinking that what’s so special about bunks. Well, they are much more than places where counselors and campers sleep. It’s where everyone becomes families, memories are made and friendships are nurtured.

6.    Bugle Calls

Bugle Calls guide campers through their day at camp. It doesn’t matter if they are bells or bugles only one sound is enough for campers to know what they have to do. Whether it’s showing up for waterskiing, tennis, or even closing the lights at nighttime, these sounds will let campers know about everything.Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.06.33 AM

7.    Crazy Wardrobe Preferences

Camp is perhaps the only place where you will get complemented for wearing bright colors, body paint, hats, wigs and other funny clothing to a camp function. Funny isn’t it? But, it’s an experience that will always bring back good memories.

Why Every Child Should Go To Summer Camp

December 25th, 2014

Summer camps are undeniably a fun experience. But what makes it so important that families send their children to summer camps each year? Well, there is more to camping than just singing crazy songs or playing games. Camping is known to provide a lot of positive effects that will matter to your child as they grow up, which is a major reason why so many parents commit to sending them to camp each year. Still not convinced?

Here are a few reasons why you should send your children to summer camp:

Builds Self-Reliance

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.00.23 AMSending your child away to summer camps gives them the opportunity to be more self-reliant and independent. Since you won’t be there to do everything for them, they have to do more for themselves, and learn a lot in the process. However, don’t worry. They won’t be left entirely alone, as highly trained camping staff is present throughout the time they are at the camp.

They Make New Buddies

Your child gets to meet new people who they might become friends with. Summer camp provides an environment that is relaxing and pressure free, encouraging your child to make friends with new people. Who knows the friendship may last for a lifetime? After all, that’s what summer camps do: create friendships.

They Will Try New Things

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.59.31 AMThere are loads of interesting activities to do in summer camps, such as archery, rock-climbing, swimming and much more. Sending your child to camp would allow them to discover interests and talents even they or you didn’t know they had.

Builds Self-Esteem

Summer camps will make a major difference to the self-esteem of your child, as they are given the chance to find out who they exactly are outside the pre-conceived notions of their family. This makes them less clingy, more confident and higher in self-esteem.

They Will Appreciate Nature

Most of the activities at summer camps are focused on the outdoors, which means your child has more exposure to nature. This makes them kinder to animals and plants, and environmentally aware. Notice how your child will carry on what they learnt from their small expeditions and nature hikes.

It’s Better than a Summer Spent In front Of the TV

A break from cell phones, internet, and TV gives your child more time to engage in the real world. Eventually they realize there are far better things to do than sitting and texting or watching TV all day.

So, as you can see, sending your child to summer camp provides several benefits. If you want the same for your child, don’t forget to sign them up for summer camp.


Can Camp Prepare Your Child For College?

December 18th, 2014

As your child grows, the time for college comes closer, and when the moment finally comes by, there are several questions that begin to pour through a parent’s mind. Questions like will they make friends? Will they work hard? And, where are they going to be heading after this? The thing is that it’s natural to worry as a parent. However, these fears and doubts can be lessened, and all you need to do is send your child to camp. Believe it or not, a good summer camp can really prepare your child for college. Not convinced? Read on as we further elaborate.

The Challenges of Going to College

There are several challenges that going to college presents to your child, but there are three which stand out:

  • Academic rigor increases.
  • There is considerable uncertainty (will I be able to fit in socially? Can I adjust with this roommate?)
  • Being away from home, friends, and family.

How Camp Prepares Children for College?

Kids Learn New Skills

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.56.17 AMUndoubtedly, camp covers a little when it comes to the first challenge, but it does quite a lot in preparing your child for it. How? Well, your child learns a lot in camp. They develop different skills in the process, as it pushes them out of their comfort zone, so that they can try things they haven’t before. The scenario is pretty much the same in college. Coping up with the difficult studies, working hard to maintain it, can be difficult, but if your child has already been to camp, they will work hard and out of their comfort zone to achieve the results they desire.

Kids Learn Who They Really Are at Camp

Camp allows kids to try new and exciting activities, as well as meet new people. This can prove to be quite conductive for the growth of your child. They are given the opportunity to be comfortable in their own skin, which is essential in college.

Kids Learn to Face Competition

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.54.30 AMCompetition is everywhere and same is the case when it comes to college. Kids learn to both succeed and fail at camp, which is a crucial part of their growth process. There is a lot at stake in college and fearing the competition can be harmful for the progress of your child. Sending your child to a good camp can help them to learn a healthy level of competition.

Kids Learn to Take Care of Themselves

In camp, there are no parents or family around to do stuff for them, and kids have more time to do things for themselves. They take care of their own things, make their own bed, and so on. This along the way helps them to learn to take care of themselves, and that too, in an extremely fun way. Since your child will be spending more time in college than at home, this is something that will certainly help them in college.

So, find a good camp and send your child to it now, as it would help them to develop the essential shock-absorbers for the bumps of college life.

Holidays – Starlight Style

December 16th, 2014

As 2015 gets closer and closer, the weather transformation around us is in full swing. The holidays are rapidly approaching and many different things come to mind such as food, celebration, home, and even some of the words that embody Starlight…

As we look forward to the holiday season, looking at the founding principles of Starlight can be a great way to tie together our experiences at camp.

TRADITON. Much like the tradition at camp, every year we are all gathered to celebrate the times we have had and enjoy one another’s company. Every family might have it’s own tradition just like Starlight has it’s own traditions, all of which are surely fantastic.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.24.02 AMFAMILY. Similar to tradition, even when we are away from camp and with our families at home, we are constantly remembering the togetherness of the Starlight family. Recalling the times with our camp brothers and sisters and the great bonds created during summers at camp.

FRIENDSHIP. When coming together for the holidays it’s always exciting to see friends to catch up, share stories, and create new memories. We always have our camp friends, too. We share our amazing summers together but it is also a remarkable feeling to have reunions, see each other at school, or maybe even share a holiday together!

FUN. At the heart of things when it comes to combining theses principles at camp and during the Holidays, is fun. Fun at home with your family and friends can be simple yet the some of the most cherished memories. Whether it’s at camp or at home we will always be thankful for the times we’ve had.

SPIRIT. It’s a great feeling to get in the holiday spirit and rejoice with everyone around us. The holiday season only comes once a year just like camp and we cherish every moment of it. The smiles, laughter, and satisfaction that take place at camp are easily comparable to the moments ahead of us.

ADVENTURE. Much like the trip we take to camp every summer, celebrations we have with our friends and families can be the experience of a lifetime. Travelling to see loved ones can be a journey, but we live in the moment just like we do at camp. Our time at camp is limited during the summer, but we are sure to make every second count!Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.26.00 AM

 And as we draw closer to joining as one next summer, we’d like to think of the Starlighters (past and present) and hope they can take themselves back to those moments and remember how much the Camp Starlight family truly has to be thankful for. We thank you for the memories we have created and for so many more to come!


We wish you all the best during your Holiday season!

Unique Opportunities at Camp Starlight

December 11th, 2014

When your child heads back to school after a summer at Camp Starlight, they will hear a lot of their classmates talking about what they did over the summer:

“I went swimming in my pool. Every day.”

“I played baseball with my friends.”

“I visited my Grandma in Oklahoma.”

But when your child stands up to share his or her experience, it might sound something like:

“I don’t even know where to start! I tried archery and gymnastics, I learned to bake INCREDIBLE French pastries, I crafted my mom a necklace in arts and crafts. I swam a lot, but I also went water skiing and sailing! I went camping and learned important outdoor skills. I was in a musical. I even went down a zipline!” 

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.50.28 AMThe great thing about Camp Starlight is that it’s not a place to send your kids where they’ll do the same ol’ thing they’ve always done. Once they step foot onto camp, they’ll be surrounded by new activities. A camper may discover their love for archery or sailing, but would have never had the opportunity to try it back home.

At camp, your child has a hands-on opportunity to learn outdoor skills such as navigating a hiking trail, learning to make a fire, cruising through an outdoor fitness trail and getting pro-level instruction in tennis, lacrosse or basketball. These are things they would rarely have the chance to learn outside of a summer spent at camp. These skills prepare campers with a sense of confidence and self–sufficiency that can be carried over into many other aspects of their lives.

The lessons campers learn while trying out new activities at camp are invaluable. Learning to work together as a team, whether in flag football or during a mountaineering adventure, is an essential character trait built upon at summer camp. Campers learn to trust themselves and step out of their comfort zone, while also learning to trust their peers and building lifelong friendships in the process.

Campers can explore their creative side, and try new artistic outlets not found in their typical English class or art elective. Jewelry making, cartooning, ceramics, music production, jazz dance and cooking are just a few activities geared toward right-brained campers. When was the last time your child had the opportunity to really get their hands dirty and create a piece of ceramic art? Or learn first-hand what beautiful art can be created out of a piece of scrap metal? At summer camp, giving each camper a once in a lifetime experience is our goal, and we strive to make sure there are unique opportunities for everyone to take part in. Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.49.54 AM

Your child could go back to school with thrilling adventures of playing Bingo with grandma in Oklahoma or delight the class with play-by-plays of their neighborhood baseball games. Or they could teach their class a thing or two about archery, French pastries, sailing, outdoor skills, jazz dance, flag football, ceramics and what is involved in training for a triathlon, just to summarize their first couple weeks at camp.

Give your child the gift of brand new experiences by sending them to a camp where they can do it all. It’ll be a life changing experience for the both of you.


Interning at Camp: The Ultimate Summer Job

December 9th, 2014

In today’s society of college students there is an underlying pressure to get the coveted internship or summer job to boost your career. According to dictionary.com, an internship is defined as “any official or formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession.” The experiences our staff endure and take away from working at camp are limitless, but the idea of a camp internship can easily translate to many fields in the workplace.

Connor Lange, a recent graduate of Iowa State University completed an Exercise Science internship while working at camp as a Fitness Specialist. Lange shared what he learned from his experience, “I learned how to effectively manage my time, coordinate events for a variety of age groups, communicate with both facility and the kids, work as a strong team, and manage my work life and personal life in an effective way.”
10526136_10152177443296960_5570309213981646310_nWhile working at camp is indefinitely a fun experience, being able to take away real skills and knowledge for future careers is a translatable yet rewarding experience. There are thousands of options of companies; an organization to intern with, but camp does offer something special. Lange went on to mention, “I would recommend Camp Starlight over a traditional internship because I learned more about the aspects and skills needed to be successful in my work field. Also, during my summer at camp, I learned more about myself than I ever thought I would. I learned more about myself this summer than I did in my four years at college.”

Austin Nelson, a Senior at Ohio Northern University studying Business Management recently completed his internship working as apart of our Programming and Operations Department. Nelson eventually would like to work in the sports industry and shared his experience about this past summer, “Coming from a non-camp background, it was interesting to see how Starlight operates and runs as effectively as it does. I learned how to meet deadlines effectively, work with all different kinds of people, and balance the idea of work and play at camp.”

Another huge benefit of working at camp is the ability to have so many co-workers and learn from all different personalities. With staff coming from all over the world, the culture and diversity at camp is unlike any other. “I cannot think of any internship or even study abroad program that offers the same level of diversity that a summer camp does. I learned so much about other cultures. I would not have learned this in a typical internship position,” Nelson added. Rather than being a typical intern, our summer staff are growing, learning, and enjoying the summer as the best two months of their lives.

“The camp atmosphere is truly evident because of how passionate all the staff members are about making the summer the best summer of their entire life for not only the kids but for everyone else in the camp, said Lange.”

While some may not think of camp as a place to intern, Starlight offers internships for all majors and works with many colleges and universities to create distinguished, one of a kind internships for our staff. Even with the stress of getting that sought-after internship, sometimes the simplest things like camp can provide the most gratifying experiences.

Leap Of Faith

December 4th, 2014

She wasn’t sure what was going to happen first: either her heart was going to beat itself right out of her chest, or the butterflies, no, eagles that were soaring around in her stomach were going to somehow find their way out.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.42.45 AMNervous didn’t even begin to explain how she was feeling as she looked up the gigantic rock wall. She knew all she had to do was put her feet, which were now firmly planted on the ground, on one of those colorful rocks, reach up with one hand and grab another one, and she would be officially off the ground. As her sweaty palms met the first rock, her counselor spoke quietly right behind her, whispering words of encouragement and support. As she took the next step and inched her way up the rock wall, she had to remind herself to breathe. Then she heard her friends, encouraging her and cheering her on. Left foot, right hand, right foot, left hand, she said to herself. The further she got from the ground, the louder the cheers became. She was actually doing it! She was climbing the rock wall that she said from the moment she stepped foot onto camp that she would never do. She wanted to look down to see the crowd of people cheering her on, but she decided she’d just focus on getting to the top.


As she stopped to take a breath, she looked around and marveled at the sheer beauty the camp was enclosed in. The tall trees, the blue waters, the sprawling green lawns; she had never seen camp from this viewpoint before. She knew she was halfway there because her friends’ chants told her so, and she suddenly got a boost of energy and continued her trek up the rock wall. Just a few more rocks to climb and she will be at the top. She wasn’t sure when her nervousness turned to excitement, but as she reached for the top of the wall, she felt a power and a confidence she had never felt before. The entire camp erupted in applause and she screamed “I DID IT!” at the top. As she propelled down to the crowd of supporters, she walked away with a new sense of self-confidence and accomplishment.


The rock wall symbolized everything she was afraid of, and she had conquered it. She grew closer to her friends and counselors because of their unwavering support, and she went home with a fresh perspective on obstacles and challenges. “Now, when something is hard or scary, I say to myself ‘I climbed the rock wall at camp. I got this.”


The rock wall, ropes courses, rope swing and zip line are all vital parts of the Adventure Program at Camp Starlight. These thrilling activities push campers out of their comfort zone, and they emerge a little different than they were when they started. Whether they are climbing the rock wall on their own, or working as a team to maneuver through the high or low ropes courses, these adventures help campers excel in areas such as teamwork, leadership, goal setting, cooperation, positive risk taking and trust. These vital characteristics are taken from camp and built upon in the outside world, creating well rounded, brave individuals who work well in group settings, set goals and meet them, and can trust others as well as themselves. Who would have thought soaring down a zip line or flying through the air on a giant swing could be so important for a child’s emotional well-being? Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 10.41.06 AM

Inner strength, confidence and accomplishment aren’t only gained through climbing great heights. Overnight camping trips are available for older campers via the Adventures Program, and offer a wide range of benefits for those to take part in it. The survival skills the campers will learn will give them a peace of mind that they have the tools they need to make it should they ever get lost in the woods. This also teaches them self-sufficiency, trusting their instincts and being in touch with their surroundings. The over night camping experience helps campers develop a strong sense of teamwork, as they work together to set up tents, build fires, and explore the woods.


What some campers accomplish on two feet, others can accomplish on two wheels! Mountain biking is another popular feature of Adventures Camp, and is an exhilarating way for campers to experience the outdoors. They will learn bike safety, get a great workout and experience the thrill of positive risk taking.


As campers climb, camp and cycle their way through camp, they are creating lasting memories and experience adventure in a safe and supervised environment.


Campers often write home about taking the “Leap of Faith” a favorite camp tradition that involves climbing to the top of the star jump taking a deep breath and jumping off, placing all of your trust in the ropes and harnesses that are attached to you. The scariest part is making your feet leave the platform, but once you do, you’re in the air and everything that was scary and impossible about making the jump is far behind.


Campers will come home from camp different than from when they arrived. They will come home more self assure, confident, brave and strong; thanks to all of the amazing activities like the Adventure Program that Camp Starlight has to offer.