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21 Thoughts that Run Through a First Time Counselors Mind During the First Week of Camp

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016


  1. Hi. It’s me, your counselor. Hello. I’m over here.
  2. I don’t think these campers will ever remember my name.
  4. What is with all of these Adidas shoes that my dad wore when playing basketball in the 70’s? Maybe I should get those. Yeah, my cool days are over.
  5. *While campers sing all their camp songs* “Fa la la I don’t know the words, I don’t know the words, maybe one day I will know the words
  6. I’m sweating so much. I. Didn’t. Know. I. Could. Sweat. So. Much.
  7. Long-time camp staff where do you get all of this energy from?? Teach me your ways.
  8. It’s 7:55 a.m. Is that taps or tattoos?
  9. Campers, pleeeeeeease just help clean the bunk. It’s not fair, I know.. but life’s not fair.
  10. You’re telling me that the whole camp eats lunch at the same time??
  11. I can’t climb to the top bunk, someone let me sit on your bed forseconds.
  12. Yay! You finally know my name.
  13. 48 more days of this?? How am I going to survive?
  14. Kids…. for the 1500th time. Please go to bed!!
  15. Ahhh!! Tomorrow is a new day.
  16. Wow today was much better!
  17. Yay! The campers wrote their parents and said they liked their counselors… cha-ching!
  18. I’m getting the hang of this.. I kinda like it. Okay I like it a LOT.
  19. Aww… a camper just offered me to sit on her bed.
  20. I got it! The first bugle call is Reveille.
  21. One week down already? That went by so fast. I’m so excited for the rest of the summer and all of the memories that my bunk is going to make. These next six weeks need to slooooooooowwww down.