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“Get to Know” Kim–Upper Debs Division Leader

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

For another “Get to know…”, a couple of our Deb girls interviewed Upper Debs Division Leader Kim Schwartz.  Here’s the word from Kim:

This is her fifth summer at Camp Starlight. Her role here at camp has always been the Upper Debs Division Leader—“Mama Eagle”–and she can’t believe that some of her campers from her first summer are now counselors.

Her most memorable moment at Camp Starlight was in 2008, when she had her Bat Mitzvah here.

Some other interesting facts about Kim…

She was pregnant her first summer

She loves that her entire family gets to come to camp together every summer (hubby Evan is also a Division Leader on the boys side, son Ben is a camper, and daughter Maddie looks forward to being a camper in a couple more years).

Speaking of family, she also loves that her children will grow up at camp.

During the ten months she’s not at Camp Starlight, she teaches upper elementary school.

She says that if she wasn’t a Division Leader at camp, then she’d definitely be a Bunk Specialist.

Faves list…

Color: blue

Camp Meal: whacky mac & matzah ball soup

Evening Activity: Spirit of Starlight

And there you have our “Get to know…” with Kim Schwartz!

“Get to Know” Jackie, Senior Girls Division Leader

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

This week for their “Get to know…” challenge, the Senior girls got to know, Jackie, the Senior girls Division Leader.  Here is what they learned:

She is a former Camp Starlight camper and has been at camp for twelve years.  She took a few years off, though.  Had she not, this would be her fifteenth year.
Her first bunk as a camper was Bunk 4, which is now Bunk 5.  She was an Upper Junior.

Faves list…

Camp Meal: Chicken Pitas

Thing About Camp: The environment.  She likes the seclusion and that camp is a safe place.  She also likes that people learn and do things that they wouldn’t anywhere else.

Get to Know…Conor N.

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Yesterday, we challenged some of our Lower Senior girls to “get to know” someone here on the Starlight campus.  Julia S. rose to the challenge by getting to know Camp Starlight Track and Field Specialist Conor N.  Here’s the 4-1-1 on Conor:

Bunk: 23

Birthday: August 4th….That makes him a Leo, for anyone who’s into astrology.

From: Long Island, New York

Attends University of Pennsylvania; Political Science major.

Interesting Facts: He studied for nine months for his SATs!  He’s also a self-professed germaphobe.  He went all the way through high school without touching a single door knob.  When you see him around campus, he can tell you how he managed to do it (HINT: CONVERSATION STARTER).

Parents: Don and Maureen

Siblings: Chris, Dan, and Brian.  Conor is the youngest of a family of high achievers.  His brother Chris attended Cornell University and the University of Louisville and will be working in Kenya for the summer.  Dan graduated from Princeton and spent last year teaching in Vietnam.  Brian is a Columbia grad and works at a trading firm.  Conor is considering a career in law but is still undecided.  One job he knows he definitely doesn’t want:  President of the United States.  He admits that he can’t understand why anyone would want to take on that job.

Pets: 1 dog.  A wheaten terrier named Gary (after Spongebob’s beloved pet snail)

Loves: Public Speaking

Doesn’t Love: Flying.  It hurts his ears.

Faves List…

Food—bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese bagel on a toasted everything bagel with ketchp from Rolf’s Deli, Grilled Cheese with bacon, and veal parmesan heroes from Frank’s Gourmet

Dessert—Blizzards from Dairy Queen (although he’s only had them once while visiting a friend in Ohio)



Flower—white lilac

Camp Starlight Ghost Story—The Gray Lady

It’s a Small World after All

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

As we go about our everyday, it is easy to think that the world is made up of just our friends, family and the people we see on a regular basis. We associate and spend time with people from similar places, cultures and backgrounds and can sometimes even forget there is a big world outside our own.  Whether you are a camper or a staff member, going to camp makes you see the world differently! Camp gives you the benefit of coming into contact with people from different schools, communities, countries and cultures from around the world. We make it a point of hiring counselors from across the globe for this reason.

After traveling around the world to meet our counselors, we know that everyone loves to see that some of our soccer coaches are from England and it’s great to be out of the lake with our mates from Australia! They bring so much to the camp experience. Not only are they fun, and we love hearing their lovely accents (we love trying to repeat them too!) They share stories about growing up in places we may have never been. They also teach us new activities, create new interests and help us see the world differently. And what happens is that even though many of our international staff live far away, and talk funny, we realize we are not all that different. These relationships help us to grow and force us all to learn about getting along with others and not just the people we see as like ourselves. Camp teaches you that there is so much more out there, and campers and staff walk away with a greater understanding of themselves and others.


Working at Summer Camp is Like…Watching YouTube

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Have you ever done this?  Gone to YouTube in search of a specific video, you know exactly what you want and why you want it—or so you think.  After you find it, you are drawn to the videos on the sidebar.  You’re intrigued by some of them and begin clicking through to them.  Some of the videos are mildly amusing.  Some of them you don’t really love.  Sometimes they even make you tear up a little, while others still have you laughing days — even weeks — later.  At some point you start reading the comments, too.  You’re hooked now.  You realize that you’ve already become much more involved than you intended, a lot of time has passed, but you’re now invested.  You’re on a mission.  It may not even be related to the reason you originally typed in the URL.  But you know that you’ve found something that interests you.  You find other videos mentioned in some of the comments and begin doing searches for those.  Inevitably, you eventually find that special series of videos that you could watch forever if time were of no consequence.  And you leave satisfied.

Working at summer camp is like that visit to YouTube.  For most people, the intentions start small.  They need a summer job…it sounds interesting…and they want to do something fun.  During an internet search, they come across a few websites advertising camp jobs.  The photos look awesome.  Sometimes they had a friend who worked at a camp who recommended the experience.  Others were campers themselves.  Whatever the reason, for many, it starts out as just a summer job.  Maybe they’re majoring in education and want to gain some experience for their resume or are looking for an alternative to the traditional internship.  Then they get to camp and the experience starts to grow.  It’s chaotic.  The action only stops for sleep at night.  Most days are awesome.  Some are challenging.   Still, others are the kind of which lifelong memories are made.  They start to realize that there is so much more to working at summer camp than they originally thought.  They become engulfed in the experience–their campers, fellow staff members, and the spirits and traditions of the camp.  They want to get everything out of it that they possibly can.  Before they know it, the summer is over—and they leave wishing that summer could go on forever. hiring right now!

Camp Starlight is hiring now!  So instead of going to YouTube after reading this, log on to their website for further information.

Who Works at Summer Camp?

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Spring is just around the corner and summer will be here before you know it, which makes now the time to start thinking about how you’re going to spend your summer.  If you’re a college student, you could toil away as a server or cook at the local pizza joint or operate rides or peddle souvenirs at the local amusement or sports park.  Interning in a local office may even be an option you’re considering.  But if you want summer employment that promises a summer full of fun and adventure while also helping you develop valuable lifelong skills that employers view favorably, consider working at Camp Starlight.  Just because your college days are behind you doesn’t mean that there isn’t a role at summer camp for you too, particularly if you are a teacher or high school or college athletics coach looking for a fun way to earn some extra money over the summer.  In fact, the ages and backgrounds of the people who make up the typical summer camp staff are about as diverse as summer camps themselves.

If you don’t think being a counselor is really your thing or your pretty sure you’ve aged out of that option, don’t sweat it.  There are a multitude of positions besides counselors that we must fill each summer.  For starters, our office requires personnel to run it.  If answering the phone and administrative tasks are more to your liking, perhaps working in the Camp Starlight office might be the ideal option for you.  Additionally, we need people to help with daily scheduling as well as planning and executing special activities during the evenings and on special days.

If you like the idea of spending time with children and are an athlete or hobbyist who would rather focus on your passion, we hire specialists to teach skills in specific sports and hobbies to campers.  If your passion is photography or videography, as the camp photographer responsible for capturing the fun every day, your role is one of the most integral at camp. In fact, if you can think of an activity, there is probably a staffing need for it at camp, and sometimes some of the hardest positions to fill are ones most people just don’t think of when they think of summer camp, such as creative writing, cooking, robotix, eco science, animation, media, or magic.

Most hospitality positions such as kitchen, maintenance, and housekeeping are usually filled with international applicants.  If you are an international student who would love to earn some money by working in the U.S. before or after traveling, one of these summer camp roles may be the perfect option for you…as well as a lot of fun and a chance to make a lot of new friends from around the world!

If you’re a more mature individual with more education and/or work history, camps also have a need to fill key roles that require more foundational knowledge and experience.  Aside from counselors, Camp Starlight also employs division leaders, people who lead a specific age group and supervise all of the counselors within that group.  Although we usually fill all or most division leader roles with individuals who have several years of successful camp experience because these types of roles require a more intricate knowledge of summer camp, occasionally we will search outside of camp, typically for teachers or other professionals who work with children.  In addition to division leaders, we also hire program or activity heads.  These are typically college coaches and current or former professionals in their area of expertise, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, etc.  However, since almost all activities require people to run them, those with interest and expertise in hobbies or arts related programs can often find a summer home at camp as well in areas such as arts and crafts, dance, theater, etc. Those who manage offices, act as campus administrators, or arrange transportation are typically individuals with some type of related work experience.  Most camps also employ camp moms or parent liaisons during the summer.  These are individuals, often mothers themselves, who monitor the well being of younger campers to insure they are eating properly, staying well groomed, and having a fantastic summer.

So if you’re thinking of trying something new this summer, fill out an employment application to see if Camp Starlight might be the right summer home for you!

Are You One in a Million?

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

According to the American Camp Association (ACA), nearly 1.2 million people take on the adventure of working at camp each summer.  They come from all over the world and all walks of life.  Some of them are former campers while others have never experienced summer camp at all.  Their educations are as diverse as their backgrounds and many of them choose summer camp over a traditional internship because of the unique, well-rounded work experience it provides.   Whether the winter weather already has you thinking about what you’ll be doing this summer or you’re just browsing summer employment opportunities, it’s worth asking yourself, “Am I  one in a million?” :

  • Summer camp staff come from all over the world.  Increasingly, as summer camps recognize their unique position to promote a global community in a fun, relaxed environment, they are recruiting staff from near and far.   The ACA reports that within the last decade “there has been an increase in the use of international staff to expose campers to different cultures.”  If you live outside of the U.S. and you’ve been wanting to travel to the USA, summer camp is a great way to earn some cash while getting to intimately experience life here.  If you’re an American and a trip abroad just isn’t quite in the budget, you need go no further than a residential summer camp to make new friends from all over the world—and pad your bank account while doing it!
    If you think that being a former camper is a pre-requisite to being a great camp counselor, think again.  Many camp staff members who return to camp year after year never even set foot on a summer camp campus prior to working at one.  Like many of their colleagues, that one step was all it took.  They were won over and continue to return each season.
    Summer camp employment isn’t just for education majors and coaches.  Increasingly, those with majors in the social sciences, sciences, math, engineering, and even medicine and nursing are finding a summer home at camp as an alternative to the traditional internship.  Summer camp provides many unique experiences that one can gain nowhere else, such as a 24/7 commitment and the opportunity to simultaneously work with children and adults in a close-knit family type community.  Summer camp also develops a diverse range of core skills valued by employers today.  As a camp staff member, one must make split second decisions, be an efficient negotiator, use creativity to sell ideas and concepts, resolve conflict, solve problems, be an effective leader, know how to prioritize, be extremely flexible, accept change, and be awesome when it comes to multi-tasking.  If it sounds like a big order, it is.  But almost all who take on the challenge report that it’s also one of the most fun and rewarding experiences upon which they’ve ever embarked.
    If you are an education major or a coach, have you thought of summer camp as an opportunity to build experience working with children ages 7-15?  Working at summer camp develops many of the same skills that are often used in the classroom or on the field.  Many educational institutions view summer camp experience as some of the  most valuable on a potential educator’s resume.
  • How many traditional internships pay you AND provide you with room and board?  In addition to a stipend for the summer, almost all residential summer camp positions offer room and board as part of their employment packages.  What this means to you is that, potentially, everything you earn throughout the summer goes straight into your pocket…or your bank account, as the case may be.  Even if you allow yourself a bit to splurge on sightseeing around the local area (many of America’s finest summer camps are located in some of the most beautiful parts of the country), it’s still possible to take home a substantial amount of cash at the end of the summer.  This is particularly appealing when one considers how much rent and food can add up to over a summer.

If you’re looking for the summer job to beat all summer jobs, summer camp may definitely be your cup of tea.  At summer camp, everyday will be a new adventure that takes you both indoors and out from sunrise to sunset.  There are no cubicles, no computers (aside from computers available for staff to use on their free time), and no time clocks.  And…there are beautiful surroundings, a camp full of campers who depend on you, a slew of challenges you never knew you’d face (and enjoy), and a circle of lifetime friends waiting to meet you.  If you’re one in a million, what are you waiting for?  If you are a college or university student, check your college’s upcoming career fair lineups.  Many summer camps travel to universities to recruit this time of year.  It may be possible to meet the first member of your future camp family in person.  If your college days are behind you or there are no summer camps scheduled to visit your university, you can apply directly through Camp Starlight’s web page.