Get to Know…Conor N.

Yesterday, we challenged some of our Lower Senior girls to “get to know” someone here on the Starlight campus.  Julia S. rose to the challenge by getting to know Camp Starlight Track and Field Specialist Conor N.  Here’s the 4-1-1 on Conor:

Bunk: 23

Birthday: August 4th….That makes him a Leo, for anyone who’s into astrology.

From: Long Island, New York

Attends University of Pennsylvania; Political Science major.

Interesting Facts: He studied for nine months for his SATs!  He’s also a self-professed germaphobe.  He went all the way through high school without touching a single door knob.  When you see him around campus, he can tell you how he managed to do it (HINT: CONVERSATION STARTER).

Parents: Don and Maureen

Siblings: Chris, Dan, and Brian.  Conor is the youngest of a family of high achievers.  His brother Chris attended Cornell University and the University of Louisville and will be working in Kenya for the summer.  Dan graduated from Princeton and spent last year teaching in Vietnam.  Brian is a Columbia grad and works at a trading firm.  Conor is considering a career in law but is still undecided.  One job he knows he definitely doesn’t want:  President of the United States.  He admits that he can’t understand why anyone would want to take on that job.

Pets: 1 dog.  A wheaten terrier named Gary (after Spongebob’s beloved pet snail)

Loves: Public Speaking

Doesn’t Love: Flying.  It hurts his ears.

Faves List…

Food—bacon, egg, and cheddar cheese bagel on a toasted everything bagel with ketchp from Rolf’s Deli, Grilled Cheese with bacon, and veal parmesan heroes from Frank’s Gourmet

Dessert—Blizzards from Dairy Queen (although he’s only had them once while visiting a friend in Ohio)



Flower—white lilac

Camp Starlight Ghost Story—The Gray Lady

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