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Try Something New This Summer!

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

It’s afternoon at Camp Starlight.  Some campers are busy with the usual summer camp fare-arts and crafts, soccer, roller hockey, theater, etc–others are learning how give back through the new Community Service program.

Everyone knows about the traditional fun stuff that summer camp offers—but more and more, non traditional activities are gaining popularity with campers. No doubt, summer camp is a world steeped in tradition, but it’s also a world of innovation, offering children a chance to think outside the box and reach beyond the everyday through their imaginations.  At summer camp, children can be magicians, ga-ga pros, robot enthusiasts, rocket makers and aspiring chefs.  The summer camp environment no doubt contributes to the ability of campers to try new activities.  After all, part of the “spirit” of summer camp, as reported by the American Camp Association, is “play”.  Camp is the perfect place for children to place themselves in new situations without feeling threatened or judged.  Maybe this is why so many campers have reported first trying an activity that eventually became a passion at summer camp.

The fact that summer camps have the resources to offer new, exciting activities to children is another benefit.  Constructing a ga-ga pit in the backyard or a lab for building robots can be costly.  But at summer camp, such programs allow many children the benefit of being able to explore new areas.  So this summer, be sure to encourage your children to try something new.