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1,3,5,6 We Want Olympics!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Over several decades, across many miles, and in the heart of campers of all ages lies the excitement of arguably the most anticipated event of the summer. When will it happen? Who will be our leadership? What team will I be on? These questions echo in the minds of campers and counselors alike throughout the school year, and they only grow more intense as the summer progresses. So what is this hallowed event that has everyone’s attention? And what is it about this event that has everyone so excited?

Well, at Camp Starlight we call this thrilling week of spirit and competition Olympics! Our campers and staff pass many a spare moment over the year thinking about what the team names will be, who will be the officers and captains, and what the theme for Sing will be. Once the summer kicks off, and the weeks begin to pass, whispers about when it will break can be heard around camp.

But as anyone who has spent a summer at Starlight will tell you, Olympics is an exhilarating week of athletic, strategic, and academic competition. Whether your strength is playing on the soccer field, catching cheese balls on your shaving cream laden head, or having the fastest buzzer pressing thumb in Wayne County, your team will be depending on your contribution! From the second Olympics breaks to the moment your feet hit the lake after the final scores are announced, the electrifying spirit of the Blue and the White can be felt in the air. At Starlight, there is no doubt that we truly do justice to the time honored tradition shared by summer camps around the country and passed down over many years.

So the next time you catch yourself daydreaming of smearing on your face paint or spraying your hair in your team’s shade, know that there is another Starlighter somewhere sharing in your excitement and anticipation. So until we’re back together facing off on the fields, dodging gigs in our seats, and handing off the baton, make sure to keep “B-L-U-E, we got the spirit!” and “We are the white team! Couldn’t be prouder!” fresh in your thoughts!

2010 Camp Starlight Olympics!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

White Wonder and Blue Crunch took over Camp Starlight for five days of intense but friendly competition during the 2010 Camp Starlight Olympics. White Generals Nikki Jones and Zach Malis, along with Blue Generals Lois O’Neil and Patrick Zisko led their teams in one of the closest Olympics ever to take place at Camp Starlight. The teams virtually split day-to-day athletic competitions while the White dominated the Upper Senior Rope Burn and Apache Relay with both the girls and boys teams coming up with the win. An exciting sing resulted in a win for Blue and, going into the final day of competition, less than 300 points separated the two girls teams while the boys were virtually tied with only two (YES that’s 2!) points benefitting one team over the other.

Such evenly matched teams not only set the stage for some great competition, but highlighted what Olympics at Camp Starlight are all about; working together as a unit to encourage each other in exhibiting the very best of what has been learned during the summer and making every point count through sportsmanship, spirit, and camaraderie. Olympic contests are not merely about athleticism, but approaching challenges with dignity and diligence. That the scores were so close in the 2010 Olympics is a testament to the fact that both teams were winners in understanding that every person and every action counts and that a contest isn’t won or lost until the final whistle blows!