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Catching up with the Junior Girls

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

The Junior girls have had a very exciting year so far.  In addition to Wayne County and Camp Starlight leagues, they’ve also had Spirit of Starlight, their camp show as well as the all camp show, a gymnastics meet, a dance competition, and more incredible evening activity and S-Day fun than we can mention in this blog.  This year’s Junior girls are a spirited group who showcased their Junior pride very well when Junior girls bunk 6 won the 2012 MTV Night competition.  They’re a spunky crew, lead by Division Leader Dena, that is always ready for a new day’s adventures and can’t wait to try everything! We recently spoke with one of them about her experience so far.  She was happy to give us some insight into an exciting summer.  Here is what Danielle S. of girls bunk 4 shared with us:

CS: What is your favorite camp activity?

Danielle: Dance.  It’s so much fun and we learn a lot of cool dances.

CS:  What has been your favorite S-Day so far?

Danielle: Alice in Wonderland.  I liked square dancing with Lou & Sue, swimming, and making shrinky dinks.  It was a really fun day.

CS: What has been your favorite evening activity so far?

Danielle: SWF and the Fourth of July fireworks.

CS: What is your favorite Option and Super 6th activity at Camp Starlight?

Danielle: Creative Writing for Option.  I’ve gone three times.  And Tie-dying for Super 6th.  I really like tie-dying things.

CS: Do you have a favorite camp meal?

Danielle: Chicken nuggets and fries and cookout.

CS: What is your favorite part of camp?

Danielle:  The first day because you have the WHOLE summer!

CS: Are there any activities that you tried for the first time at camp and now LOOOVE?

Danielle: Yes!  Tubing, waterskiing, and paddle boarding.  They’re all awesome!

CS:  Are you on any Wayne County teams?

Danielle: Yes, I’m on the dance team and also the soccer team.  The Starlight dance competition was so much fun.  There were so many dances.

CS: To what are you most looking forward during the last few weeks of camp?

Danielle:  The pickle ceremony cookout (aka “The Anniversary Party”), banquet night, Skate Estate with all of my friends, the dance competition on Wednesday, and making smoothie recipe cookbooks in Creative Writing.

Danielle also assured us that even though she’s had an amazing time at camp so far, she’s really excited about everything coming up within the next couple of weeks.  She said that she’s sure her least favorite day of camp is going to be the last day because that means there aren’t any more days of camp left.  We agree, Dani!