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Olympic Rewind

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

The Camp Starlight Olympics is over, but so much happens in just a few short days that it’s hard to keep up with it all in real time.  So here is an Olympic rewind; everything that happened in reverse.  Closing ceremonies, Planet Blue Boys won, White Controllers Girls won, track meet—Olympic victory came down to the final tug of war for boys camp, Sing—one point gave Planet Blue the victory, the Apache—White Controllers claimed the win for the girls while it was a draw for the boys, Senior Rope Burn, hockey, soccer, gaga, swim meets, gymnastics meet, dance competition, lacrosse, trangle ball, newcombe, volleyball, boating, basketball, synchronized swimming, baseball, softball, cooking, eco-science, water polo, soccer shots, flag football, tennis, newcomb, Trivia Bowl—a boys camp tie decided by a gig, opening ceremonies, clown break.  In short, it was several very busy days.

In the end, if there is one word to describe these Olympics, it would be “intense.”  Both teams came to every event hungry for a win and it showed in the scores, which were so close throughout the competition that victory came down to the final day of competition for girls and, quite literally, to the final tug-of-war for the boys.   The teams played hard from the beginning to the end of the competition yet never forgot to have fun while demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship.  The Senior Rope Burn was one of the best Camp Starlight has seen in years.  The apache relay was neck and neck throughout and a single point determined the Sing winner.  In other words, the 2013 Camp Starlight Olympics was an excellent exhibition, on behalf of the campers and Officers, of what Olympics is all about.  It’s a time to bring everything you’ve got to a game, but to remember that when all is said and done, everyone, including the members of the other team, are your fellow campers, colleagues, and friends.

2013 Olympic Break

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Today started out as carnival morning.  That alone was enough for the camp to begin buzzing.  But soon after lineup started, it became obvious that this wasn’t just any carnival day.  A fire appeared to break out as the Upper Seniors attempted to convince the entire camp that Olympics had broken.  Campers and staff alike were concerned…until a clown troop showed up to put out the fire.  Following some comical antics on the ground, a frantic “woman” appeared on the roof of the Dining Room asking for help for her “baby.” The clown troop was happy to oblige and, keystone style, held a blanket to safely catch the infant.  It took a bit of convincing, but the woman finally dropped her baby, a toy pig.  After the “baby” was safely caught, the Olympic banner fell, backups (a couple dozen more clowns) arrived on a fire truck and it rained silly string for several minutes.

After the excitement of the moment died down enough for David to end the suspense, this year’s teams and officers were formallyintroduced.  Leading Planet Blue are Generals Heath S. and Amanda F. The White Controllers will be led by Generals Kyle H. and Meredith P.  Sing Leaders Banner W. and Dana R. are sure to put a creative spin on the earth theme of Planet Blue while White Sing Leaders Matthew P. and Katie. B. will almost certainly place lots of techno references to the White Controllers’ video game theme in their Sing tunes.  With such contrasting themes and so many possibilities for each them, this year’s Sing competition is bound to be as amazing as always!  Other Leaders of Blue Planet include Lieutenants Kurt P., Adam F., David W., Alex B., Elliott O., Tana M., Chloe N., Hannah P., Debbie K., and Karina G.  White Controllers Lieutenants are Michael F., Robert W., Scott V., Alex G., Miles K., Emily S., Rachel S., Hayley M., Jamie L., and Renny M.  Good luck to Blue and White in what is sure to be some great competition over the next several days!

The 2012 Camp Starlight Olympics Close…Banquet Tonight!

Friday, August 10th, 2012

The Blue Wave boys and girls took the early lead and managed to maintain it throughout the competition.  However, White Crusaders, led by Generals Nate S. and Rebecca C. with the help of Lieutenants Justin J, Greg I., Matt N., Banner W., James M., Cody J., Sabrina J., Sami M., Katie M., Becky A., Katie B., and Jasmin H., demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship, determination, and perseverance right down to the final contest during the track and field meet.

At the 63rd Annual Sing, Blue Wave Generals Kyle P. and Gwen G. turned the reigns over to Sing Leaders Hayley M. and Robert W., who sailed to victory with wins in all but one of the categories with their very detailed set, creative costumes, rousing march, and a moving alma mater that nearly drew tears from the entire audience.  White Crusaders Sing Leaders Sarah P. and Solomon S., stopped the blue tidal wave with their Entrance, however, belonged to white, which commanded the stage with a performance that rang throughout the rec hall.

Generals Gwen and Kyle, along with the remainder of the blue leadership, Jodie F., Sarah M., Miranda S., Meredith P., Whitney W., Karina G., Steven M., Kurt P., Brandon C., Bryan L., Heath S., and Bryan H., kept their teams afloat at the final events of the Olympics, the annual boys and girls track and field meets to give blue the final overall victory.

After a week of being on teams, the entire camp comes together to remember the summer and honor our staff members who commit a lot of hearts and summer to making Camp Starlight the amazing camp that it is.