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It’s Definitely Summer When You Know This is About to Happen…

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

School is FINALLY over! The weather is warm. It’s summer. But as a camper, you know that it’s never REALLY summer until you get to camp, and in just one more day, you’ll be there. Right about now, you start to play what you know is about to happen in your head. There are little signs every year that mark that day to which you’ve been counting down for several LOOOONNNNGGG months. But it’s most definitely summer when you know this is about to happen…

Your parents will take you to a meeting place for a bus or plane ride to camp, or maybe they’re driving you to camp themselves. The trip to camp will seem 10X longer than it actually is because you just want to get there. Your mom will most definitely cry when she says goodbye and assures you she’ll see you on Visiting Day. You’re so excited you can hardly stand it, but maybe you’ll cry a little too just so that she doesn’t feel bad.

As soon as you pull into camp, you’ll start looking for your camp friends. Maybe they’ll spot you first. No matter who finds whom,you’ll run and hug. After hugs all around with your friends, you’ll also huryofavorite rertunist counselors and staff members.

You’ll meet your bunk or cabin mates (if you don’t already know them) and your new counselors, who are every bit as excited that you’re finally at camp!

You’ll go into your new bunk or cabin with your friends and realize that you really ARE at camp. Another summer has begun! Bring on the FUN!

You’ll spend the rest of the day cheering, singing and laughing with your friends. This is just day 1 and the entire summer is ahead of you. But it’s definitely summer because all of this happened, just as you knew it would.

A Recap of Day One…

Monday, June 24th, 2013

What do the seasons, Les Miserables, and Camp Starlight have in common? They were all part of the 2013 Opening Night Show last night at Camp Starlight. Following a musical opening showcasing the Camp Starlight leadership team, everyone’s favorite summer camp theater director, Jeff Moss, led the camp in a sing along that included all of the traditional favorites.

Riding a successful opening day and night, the flag rose over Camp Starlight this morning for the first full day of camp.  Already the buzz is spreading about league breaks and Wayne County tryouts are underway.

Until the next update, enjoy a few photos from yesterday’s arrival and opening night show…