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Camp Starlight Waterfront and Outdoor Adventure

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

The Starlight Waterfront and Outdoor Adventure are two of the most popular program areas at Camp Starlight and for good reason. Camp Starlight Outdoor Adventure includes a climbing wall, high and low ropes courses, a brand NEW zipline and, of course, the Star Jump. Outdoor Adventure also includes outdoor living skills, mountain biking, and fishing activities. The Camp Starlight Waterfront includes separate boys and girls waterfronts, a swimming pool, water trampolines, rope swings, rock-its, paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, waterski, tubing, and wakeboarding.

Camp Starlight takes a lot of pride that both areas improve campers’ self-confidence and builds courage through fun. Reaching the top of the climbing wall for the first time, taking that first ride on the zipline, or leaping from the Star Jump is not only exhilarating, it leaves campers with a great sense of accomplishment. They have just completed something difficult that required them to be a little bit daring. The same can be said of the Camp Starlight Waterfront. That first leap from the water trampoline or balancing on a paddle board for the first time is always extra special after having passed the swim test. Of course, it takes the bravery of campers and the willingness to try something that may be new or difficult, but with the encouragement of a well-trained camp staff as well as one’s counselors and camp friends, it’s much easier to be willing to try. That’s why it’s important for our staff in these areas to be the best in camping.

The Summer 2014 Waterfront and Outdoor Adventure staff have arrived and are in the midst of the training that perennially makes these areas two of the most amazing and safe on camp. When campers arrive in about a week in a half, they’ll recognize some familiar faces in both areas this year as well as some new ones who are excited to be spending the summer with our Camp Starlight campers, and who are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Adventure Abound

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

The outdoors and adventure are both synonymous with camp, so it’s no wonder that some of the most popular activities at camp involve outdoor adventure. Summer camp outdoor adventure programs of today have transcended the traditional nature walk (although those still occasionally happen). Outdoor adventure at camp truly incorporates “adventure” into the activities. Campers have the opportunity to scale 50 foot walls or fly over camp on a zip line. They maneuver their way across high and low ropes courses. Using GPS trackers, they locate objects hidden throughout camp. On sunny days, they hike through the woods while enjoying waterfalls, mountain views and absorbing the scents of leaves, trees, and grass. They learn valuable outdoor living skills.

Adventure is defined as an “exciting or unusual activity.” Certainly, for most campers, there is very little that is mundane about standing at the top of a 25 foot platform preparing to take a leap of faith. For that matter, even the traditional hike through the woods is less than ordinary for the majority of children today. Campers frequently report feeling “refreshed” or “invigorated” following outdoor adventure activities. A study conducted by the Children & Nature Network suggests those aren’t just adjectives.

Children who spend time in close proximity to the outdoors tend to feel more energetic than children who spend large amounts of time indoors. They’re also less stressed and anxious. That’s because fresh air literally has a calming effect. Another study conducted by The National Recreation and Park Association concluded that, simply put, our brains need oxygen. Oxygen promotes a healthy psychology as well as helps children relax and even improves their immune systems. There is also data to suggest that exposure to the outdoors has a positive effect on attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders. The study concurs with that conducted by the Children & Nature Network; there is a reason parks were built in urban areas to promote good health. They do just that.

Outdoor adventure activities at summer camp provide campers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the outdoors through exciting mediums that aren’t available to them at home. Although climbing walls and even zip lines are being constructed by many suburban recreational centers, a good number of them are indoors. Engaging in adventurous activities outdoors reaches beyond mental and physical health benefits. It helps campers develop an appreciation for the natural environment and a distinct awareness of what separates artificial environments from nature. Sure, several outdoor adventure activities can be recreated indoors, but the sights, sounds, and smells that campers learn to associate with them cannot.