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The Value of Communal Living at a Young Age

Monday, April 10th, 2017

We’ve all heard horror stories of terrible college roommates; the ones who are dirty or irresponsible or rude or have no self-awareness. It raises the question, if these people would have been exposed to more communal living experiences growing up, would they be better roommates as an adult? Living with others is a skill that many children only learn from living with their families. Many children never share a room or living spaces with people other than their family until they go away to college. So it’s no surprise that these children struggle when it comes to etiquette and social norms that come with communal living.

Spending a summer at Camp Starlight is a great way to prepare your child for the realities of living with other people in their adulthood. It helps them become aware of their surroundings and the way they impact the space that they share with others.

Early risers learn to occupy their time quietly and respectfully in the mornings without waking up others. Night owls learn to keep things quiet once it’s time for “lights out.” Children who are used to being disorganized at home learn that their messiness affects others when sharing a cabin, and they begin to learn the importance of organization and cleanliness. Sharing a cabin also teaches campers to respect property that is not theirs, such as the beds in the cabin, the bathrooms, etc. They learn to be aware and careful about how they treat things that are not their own.

From day one, campers are taught about their roles and responsibilities as a member of a specific cabin. Counselors know that this may be a camper’s first time living with others, so they use gentle reminders and guidance to help campers keep their personal spaces tidy, to stay organized, and to respect the other campers around them. Every day at camp is a new opportunity to learn valuable life skills and prepares them to be respectful and responsible roommates in the future.

Living together with 8-10 peers gives campers the chance to learn how to deal with different personality styles. It gives them a chance to practice their communication and conflict management skills.

Nobody goes into parenthood with a goal to raise a nightmare roommate. All parents want to raise kind, considerate, self-aware human beings who others like being around and, eventually, living with. Gifting your child with a summer away at camp is about more than sports and campfires. It is about learning valuable life lessons that will help them become a more productive member of society.

Your child will thank you. And so will his/her future college roommates.

An Ode to Bunk Junk: Less is More.

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Have you ever walked into your child’s room or playroom and thought, “What happened, did a tornado come through here?” So cluttered, so messy that you can’t even think straight?  We try our hardest at Camp Starlight to not let the “Bunk Junk tornado” run through our bunks.

A small amount of Bunk Junk is great! Games to play during rest hour in the bunk, stationary to write home with, books to read, Rainbow looms or friendship bracelet kits.  Each camper has a designated spot for all of these items, and it’s under their bed. At Starlight, all bunk junk must be able to fit into a specific sized “Underbed Box” to keep bunks clean and organized. When campers bring too much Bunk Junk, it becomes an unorganized mess. Inevitably games, toys, and letters can get lost, broken, or accidentally thrown away during a massive clean out of the dark abyss of their underbed.

When you send your campers trunks up, make sure all of their bunk junk can fit, neatly, into the “Underbed Box.” This includes sticker books, rainbow loom/string boxes, stationary sets, and dress up clothes! And don’t forget to think twice about if your child will actually use the items you are sending. In the realm of packing Bunk Junk, use the golden rule: Less is Definitely More.