Wayne County League Information for 7/28 (as of Lunchtime)

We have a lot to report for Wayne County.  First, as of today, we have an amazing 31 teams playing in a Wayne County Final.  That’s more than half of our sports teams!  Also, today was Camp Starlight’s own gymnastics meet.  Both the Upper and Lower Camp teams performed well.  The Camp Starlight Lower Camp team took 2nd and 3rd place and the Upper Camp Team won all three top spots.  The All Around competitions for Upper and Lower Camp were won by Camp Starlight gymnasts Skylar R. and Hannah C. respectively as well.  Congratulations to all of our gymnasts on a job well done!  Other Wayne County League score results as of lunchtime:

Sport Score Win/Loss
10th/11th Grade Girls Soccer (Played 7/27) 7-0 Win
10th/11th Grade Boys Basketball (Played 7/27) 57-47 Win
6th Grade and Younger Girls Lacrosse 14-11 Win