Thumb Wrestling Federation

There is a very special showdown that takes place at Camp Starlight for which you must be a Junior boy in order to be eligible to compete. Athletic prowess is not necessary nor are any special skills required in order to have a chance at emerging victorious. Flexible thumbs help, however.  We’re speaking, of course, of the annual Junior Boys Thumb Wrestling competition.  That’s right…TWF.

The rules are quite simple—two thumbs duel until one manages to hold another down for several seconds—but referees keep the contest fair. The competition is light and good spirited, but there are bragging rights at stake. Not just any boy can call himself the Camp Starlight TWF Champion. Many thumbs enter the thumb wrestling ring, but only one may be the champion in the end. Flexible thumbs must defeat others in several elimination rounds before the final two thumbs face off for the title.

This year’s competition was fierce but in the end the thumb of Ryan S. emerged victorious.

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