The Adventures of WAKA FLAKA (the Lower Debs Mascot)

Anyone even remotely familiar with Camp Starlight knows that our Lower Debs are some of the most spirited campers.  Their enthusiasm is driven by their love of Camp Starlight and Megan, the Lower Debs Division leader.  One of the ways Megan promotes Camp Starlight spirit amongst the girls is through the use of a mascot.  Megan’s mascot has become a Lower Debs tradition and its identity remains a closely guarded secret for which the answer is highly anticipated by all incoming Lower Debs.  This year, Megan chose WAKA FLAKA.  If you’re wondering who or, rather, what a WAKA FLAKA is, then read on and enjoy the following blog written by Lower Debs counselor and blog contest winner Rachael M. of bunk 17.  Well done and congratulations, Rachael!

My journey as a flamingo has not been typical.  I have been on many adventures already in my life.  When I first arrived at camp Starlight, it was a quiet and beautiful place.  I could tell many amazing things had happened here in the past, but I stayed with one lady wearing Canadian clothing and her cute baby for those first days.  Finally, through my window, I saw others arrive.  They all had smiles on their faces and were so energetic!  Everyone was running to each other and hugging, but I was still alone.

One day, the Canadian lady took me out of her room, which made me very confused.  However, before I knew it, she took me out of the bag I was in and what seemed like hundreds of girls were cheering around me!  It was then that I realized I was no ordinary flamingo.  I was WAKA FLAKA, the mascot for the Lower Debs.  I found out that the nice Canadian lady’s name was Megan, their Division Leader.  She explained that I represented their division, and I even have a cheer for me now!  Everyday, the Lower Debs chant the cheer loud and proud, and learn a fun fact about my species.

The best part about being their mascot is that I get to go around with them at camp everyday.  I spend my days at Starlight watching all of the kids play basketball, go swimming, and I get to watch them cook!  I don’t eat that food, though.  I’m fed by camp spirit!  These ladies, like all of the Starlight campers, are awesome, and I can’t wait to see what the best of the summer holds!

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