Songs of Summer

What do Bruce Springsteen, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Katy Perry, Neon Trees, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Flo-Rida all have in common? Well, in the outside world all of them are musicians.  But that’s about the only thing collective about them. This past summer, however, each musician had what we call a “Song of the Summer.”

These Camp Starlight Songs of Summer are the songs that you hear on the radio in the car, during a television commercial, or simply shuffling through you iPod. Once the music starts, wherever you are, you’re instantly taken back to the great memories of camp. You might be in the car driving to school, sitting in class, or hanging out with friends.  Wherever you might be, you’re instantly transported back to those defining moments of camp.

It could be the moment when you stepped off the bus and heard One Direction, or every time you sat down for a meal in the dining room everyone went crazy for “Starships” (even if it wasn’t your song).  It could even be the songs you heard during clean up or heard in the Camp Starlight Week in Review slideshow.  We love to hear our favorite tunes, over and over again.

Music has such a presence at camp that some songs are engraved in our camp memories.  How can we forget “We Take Care of Our Own” and its existence as not only a song of the summer, but the theme for 2012? Every year, we have an amazing time listening, singing, and dancing to the “Songs of the Summer” and it’s truly an awesome feeling when you hear certain songs and they take you back to camp. The memories instantly come back like a flash back and we recall how much fun we had in the Summer of 2012!

What will be the Camp Starlight songs of the summer for 2013?


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