Senior Reflections: Epic Whites

Earlier in the week, we featured some reflections from the Upper Senior Girls of the Blue Invaders. As we wind down our Olympic coverage, we also offer these reflections from the Upper Senior Girls of the Epic Whites…

“Upper Senior Summer is one filled with many traditions that we’ve looked forward to for years. Leading cheers, senior floor hockey and Rope Burn are and what we’ve been waiting for. Last’s night’s Rope Burn was EPIC! The most important thing we did was work as a team and stay calm. It was amazing seeing how well we worked together. A lot was going on, but we managed to keep it all together.  Rope Burn was also about taking a step back and watching it all happen. Not just with rope burn, but with all the Olympic events. We tried our hardest, did our best and left everything on the field. We are proud of the lower seniors for stepping up and leading cheers to encourage us. Senior Rope Burn was hands down the best experience of our lives.”

USG 2014 Epic Whites