Polar Bears Take The Plunge!

What’s better than a dip in the Camp Starlight Lake? An early morning dip, or so the more than 200 campers and counselors who showed up for the first meeting of the Polar Bear Club at reveille on Monday, June 28th will tell you. Started last year by Camp Starlight’s very own Owner/Director, David Miller, and open to staff and campers alike, the Polar Bear Club has one requirement – and one requirement only – for membership: Everyday at reveille, make your way to the lake, jump into the water, and get out. For some it’s a test of wills. For others, it’s a refreshing wake up routine. For everyone who chooses to join, it’s just plain fun. So what’s the reward for fifty-two consecutive days of early morning dips? One awesome end of the summer party and a very special surprise gift to commemorate membership in the club (last year it was a Polar Bear Club embroidered beanie). Everybody in the water!

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