Our Camp Videographer!

Running around campus and never staying in the same spot for too long, videographer Rachel believes she has the best job on campus. Filming by day and editing by night, Rachel is the eye of Camp Starlight, meeting and filming every single camper, counselor and staff member.

“I get to see everything. My work is the representation of Camp Starlight for everyone that is not here at the moment which is so special because I play a part in how the outside world perceives Camp Starlight,” said Rachel. For perspective and current families, campers and alumni, Rachel is able to tell the story of Camp Starlight for all to see.

“On a typical day I wake with my bunk, eat breakfast and then I film for the whole day. I film in the evenings as well and when I have time off I edit footage to create highlights,” said Rachel. As videographer, Rachel captures every sporting event, theatre production, evening activity, dance competition and everything else that goes on at Camp Starlight. Because Camp Starlight is always on the move for the next fun activity, so is Rachel.

“The kids have so much energy and excitement and its so much fun to help draw that out of them because that is where the true essence of Camp Starlight lies,” said Rachel.

Rachel’s ultimate project is creating the Camp Starlight’s yearbook. Summarizing the complete summer in one video is a challenge but Rachel is up for the dare.

“If I could describe my job in one word, it would be ‘magical,’” said Rachel.

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