Opening Day Re-Cap

Summer 2014 has officially begun at Camp Starlight! On Sunday, the buses rolled into Camp Starlight and our campers were greeted by their counselors waving bunk signs. Everyone was definitely feeling “on top of the world.” Campers ran off the buses and reunited with their camp friends from across the country, some of whom they haven’t seen in 10 months.  Throughout the afternoon, new campers were busy touring camp and meeting their bunk mates. In the evening, the entire camp assembled for the Opening Night Show and anxiously anticipated those words for which we wait all winter, “Ladies and gentlemen and children of ALL ages…” The show began with David and Allison leading the staff in a song battle and the Starlight flag passing through the audience.  From singing groups to the first ever Starlight ballet, it was clear that this was going to be a summer full of energy and fun.  WE can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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