Olympics Closes with Track & Field

The last big drive of the Olympics for teams to show what they’ve got is the annual Track & Field competitions, which are the final showdowns—and often deciders—each year. A gray morning gave way to an afternoon of sunshine that made the weather perfect for the meets. With the Olympics close and still within reach for all teams, the matchups were fierce. Broad jumps, softball throws, distance runs and relays were hotly contested as campers fueled all of their energy into securing each and every victory to inch their team just a little closer to victory.

After all was said and done in the relays and races, the divisional tug-o-wars were all that remained. In the end, the point gap was a bit too high for the Epic Whites girls to overtake the Blue Invader girls for the overall win. Epic Whites, however, still had much to be proud of having claimed major victories in the Rope Burn and Sing. Although the Epic Whites boys had found themselves trailing the Blue Invaders earlier in the week, their victory in the Apache proved to be a turning point. A Sing victory the following day punctuated the lead that even a blue invasion at the track meet couldn’t eliminate. For the Blue Invader boys, however, the 2014 Rope Burn victory will always belong to them.

At the end of the day, in true Camp Starlight tradition, everyone rushed the lake, first to celebrate victories and then as friends and bunkmates. With another Olympics behind them and the close of another summer lingering, the moment was emotional, and one that is sure to remain a memory for all for years to come.