My Interview With Megan Panelas.

Sometimes we get so much good stuff over the summer that we can’t publish it all at once. The following is an interview conducted by 2014 Lower Deb Sydney M. during the summer of 2014 with her Division Leader, Meagan Panelas…Recently, I interviewed Megan Panelas, the Lower Deb Division Leader. I’m sure you will learn something new about one of our staff members.The first question I asked Megan was why she wanted to work at a camp. she told me she wanted more experience with kids. she said she specifically chose Camp Starlight because she saw the video yearbook and wanted to join instantly. Megan has been working at Camp Starlight for a long time. Megan has been here for thirteen years. She has been a Division Leader for eleven years in a row.

Megan wanted to be a  Division Leader because she likes special events and she wantedto be more involved in them and what better way to get involved than to be in charge of them? Her favorite thing about being a Lower Deb Division Leader is picking the annual Lower Deb mascot and meeting new campers and counselors every year. Megan says she is from London, Canada and she went to school at the University of Guelph. During the winter, Megan is a pre-school teacher. No wonder why she is so good with kids! Interesting enough, Megan’s first job was as a singing waitress! Megan loves animals, especially unicorns, hippos, dragons and flamingos. Before Megan was a Division Leader, she was a theater specialist and an ADL for the upper inter girls. The thing she likes most about the Lower Deb girls are that they are old enough to do anything on camp and like all evening activities. I asked her if she had any pets and she said she has three cats! Their names are Cringer, Roxy and Marbles. “I love them dearly.” she says about her cats.  She even Skypes with her cats. I had so much fun this year with Megan as my division leader!

-Sydney M.