Meet the Staff…

For this installment of Meet the Staff, Griffin M. of Boys bunk 19 caught up with Rocketry Specialist Michael F.  Here is what Griffin learned about Michael:

Griffin: Where are you from?

Michael: Marlboro, New Jersey

Griffin: What college do you attend?

Michael: Tulane

Griffin: What is your college major?

Michael: Accounting

Griffin: What are your career aspirations?

Michael: Agent

Griffin: How many years have you worked at camp?

Michael: 3

Griffin: Why did you decide to work at a summer camp?

Michael: I loved camp growing up.

Griffin: What made you choose Camp Starlight?

Michael: I grew up as a camper here.

Griffin: What is your favorite things about camp?

Michael: Olympics, FNS, Interfaith

Griffin: What is your favorite evening activity so far?

Michael: FNS

Griffin: What is your favorite camp meal?

Michael: Cookouts

Griffin: What do you hope to bring away from the summer?

Michael: Fun

Griffin: What are the top three things on your bucket list?

Michael: 1.) Go to the Superbowl 2.) Live to be 100 3.) Own a sports team

Griffin: What is your favorite professional sports team?

Michael: Knicks

Griffin: What is something that most people here at camp probably don’t know about you?

Michael: I am color blind

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