Fun Fitness

In a culture that seems to constantly decry the poor diets and health habits of children, it’s somewhat ironic that Fitness has become one of the hottest camp activities for both boys and girls.  Aside from some innovative and creative activities that pair fitness with fun, Camp Starlight’s fitness director Richelle has some pretty good ideas about what makes Fitness so much fun: perseverance, good music, and effort.  During a recent fitness session, she proclaimed to her very enthusiastic campers before beginning a new activity, “We were all given two arms, two legs, and we’re healthy.”  In other words, if there is nothing preventing you from doing otherwise, there’s no excuse for not at least trying.  The message was well received by the campers in the class as they divided into small groups that rotated from one station to another on Richelle’s whistle.  And she wasn’t lying about the good music either…the soundtrack was rockin’ and so were the campers, who were obviously enjoying themselves.  Probably one of the most impressive things about the class was that no camper seemed too self-conscious to give each activity an honest whirl.  Fitness is clearly fun at Camp Starlight, which is no doubt what makes it so popular.  Perhaps, too, campers will go home with renewed enthusiasm for maintaining a regular exercise regimen that will drive them to “persevere” over the winter.

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